[How to cook delicious bayberry]_How to make_How to make

[How to cook delicious bayberry]_How to make_How to make

Bayberry is a fruit that grows on tall trees. When the fruit matures in summer, the red bayberry is dotted with canopies. After the bayberry fruit matures, it can be eaten directly. Its taste is sweet and sour, and the sugar contentHigh, it can add a lot of energy to the body, bayberry is also rich in cellulose, which helps the peristalsis of tandem and promote digestion.

Myrica pulp is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which can supplement the body’s daily needs for vitamins and minerals.

Many people in life have heard that bayberry cooking is particularly good for the body, but what are the benefits? People do n’t know much about it. In fact, there are many benefits after cooking bayberry. It can supplement nutrition, detoxify and sterilize, and nourish the skin.The following is a detailed introduction to its efficacy. You can focus on it. At the same time, I will also tell you how bayberry is best cooked.

The efficacy and role of boiled bayberry1. Supplementing nutrition is one of the important effects of boiled bayberry. Boiling bayberry not only has a sweet and sour taste, it is also rich in glucose and natural fruit acids and rich in cellulose. In addition,Nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and amino acids are also the most important ones in bayberry. These ingredients are easily absorbed and used by the body, which can promote body metabolism and improve body functions.

2. Anti-inflammatory and diarrhea usually eat more boiled bayberry, but also anti-inflammatory and diarrhea. He also has fruit acids and vitamin c which are natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, which can eliminate a variety of pathogenic bacteria from bacteria and flu diseases in the human body.It has certain astringent effects and can relieve diarrhea for a long time. In the summer, when someone has enteritis, pus, and abdominal pain and diarrhea, eating more bayberry can make the symptoms improve quickly.

The effect and function of cooking bayberry is how to cook delicious bayberry, how to cook delicious bayberry 1, soak in salt water and cook normally. When cooking bayberry, it is OK. Fresh bayberry is soaked in salt water before cooking.

Because bayberry is a kind of fruit without peel, it has many short thorns on the surface. It is difficult to clean the remaining eggs and dirt in it with water. It can be deeply cleaned by spray soaking.This way, not only is it delicious when cooked, it is also particularly safe to eat.

2. Marinating bayberry with sugar is particularly delicious when marinated with sugar, because bayberry is rich in fruit juice. If it is directly cooked in a pot, it is difficult to precipitate bayberry juice. Before organization, washPut the bayberry on the plate, add white sugar, mix and marinate for 2 to 3 hours. At this time, a large amount of bayberry juice will precipitate out, and then pour bayberry and juice together and cook in the pot.

[How to make a heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake]_Home-made method of heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake_How to make a heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake_How to make a heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake

[How to make a heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake]_Home-made method of heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake_How to make a heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake_How to make a heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake

Most diseases and cancers are closely related to our diet, so for health, we can improve this aspect of the diet.

For health, don’t eat out often.

For health, I would rather spend more time doing it myself.

In order to make you smoother, I will first introduce the recipe of heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake.


Put the melted grease (outside the components) on the mold brush and put it in the refrigerator until it freezes, set aside 2.

12 Low powder and cocoa powder are mixed and sieved, spare 3.

21 Butter and dark chocolate are placed in the same bowl, heated with water, stirred until completely dissolved uniform liquid, removed and cooled to about 40 degrees for 4th.

1 Whisk at a low speed with a whisk until it becomes slightly white 5.

2 egg yolks 4 add 30 grams of powdered sugar 6.

Pour the chocolate solution into the egg yolk bowl and beat evenly 7.

Add the sifted low powder and cocoa powder and mix with a rubber spatula 8.

12 Take another pot, add 4 grams of egg white in three times to beat 9 to 9 distribution.

21 Take sufficient beaten protein and add 10 to chocolate batter.

1 Add the remaining protein 11.

2 Turn to mix evenly.

Quickly mix by turning from bottom to top.

Pour the batter into the mold, flatten the surface, shake out large bubbles, preheat the oven, heat up and down, 180 degrees, medium, and bake for about 20 minutes 14.

After it is out of the oven, it will be buckled on the plate and air-cooled to cool to 15.

While the cake is drying, remove the pedicles from the strawberries, clean them, and cut them in half.

The whipped cream is passed until the clear lines 17 appear.

Intarsia bag with medium octave 18

Squeeze the cream evenly on the surface of the cake.

Decorate the strawberries in the middle 20.

Finally, sieve on a small amount of powdered sugar and you can see it here. Don’t be intimidated by the heart-shaped chocolate strawberry cake introduced above.

Although the process is a bit more, but it is really very coherent to do it, then take advantage of the freshness of memory, and quickly do it.

[How to cook spicy hot at home_Homemade delicious simple spicy hot]

鍦ㄥ叏鍥藉緢澶氬湴鏂归兘鍙互鍚冨埌楹昏荆鐑紝杩欑缇庨鏈€鍒濊捣婧愪簬宸濇笣鍦板尯锛岀幇鍦ㄦ祦琛屽埌鍏ㄥ浗鍚勫湴锛屽氨鏄仛楹昏荆鐑渶瑕佸緢澶氬師鏉愭枡锛屽仛鍑烘潵鐨勯夯杈g儷棣欏懗淇卞叏锛岃浜虹湅浜嗗氨寰堟兂鍚冿紝鍚冭捣鏉ュ懗閬撲篃鏄潪甯哥埥鐨勶紝鑰屼笖鍙互琛ュ厖铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ瓑涓板瘜鐨勮惀鍏伙紝涓轰簡鍋ュ悍鐫€鎯筹紝澶у鍙互鑷繁鐓夯杈g儷鏉ュ悆锛屼笅闈㈡潵瀛︿範鍏蜂綋鍋氭硶銆傝嚜鍒跺ソ鍚冪畝鍗曢夯杈g儷锛氶夯杈g儷鐩镐俊寰堝浜洪兘鏄枩鐖辩殑锛岀壒鍒槸涓€浜涚埍鍚冭荆鐨勬湅鍙嬶紝瑕佷笉鏄鍚冧細涓婄伀锛屾洿鏄仺涓嶅緱澶╁ぉ鍚冦€備笉杩囧憿涓€涓湴鏂逛笌涓€涓湴鏂圭Sorrowful镙凤纴灏辫繛椋熸潗鐨勬柊椴滅▼搴︿篃涓嶄竴鏍凤紝鎵€浠ヨ繖涔熶护浜哄崄浜虹殑鑻︽伡锛岃鏄崲浜嗕竴涓湴鏂癸紝鎴栬€呮槸浜哄涓嶅嚭鎽婁簡锛岄偅杩樺悆涓嶇潃浜嗭紝杩樻槸鍗佸垎鑻︽伡鐨勪竴浠朵簨鎯呫€傛墍浠ュ憿锛岃繖涓椂鍊欒鏄細鑷繁鍋氶偅灏卞ソ浜嗭紝涓嶄粎骞插噣鍙堝崼鐢燂紝鑰屼笖鍛篃姣斿闈㈢殑瑕佹柟渚匡紝鐗瑰埆鏄笌鏈嬪弸鑱氫細鐨勬椂鍊欙紝杩樺彲浠ヤ笌鏈嬪弸涓€璧峰垎浜紝鐢ㄩ夯杈g儷鏉ユ嫑寰呮湅鍙嬶紝涔熸槸涓€浠剁編浜嬶紝鐩镐俊鏈嬪弸浠篃鏄崄鍒嗗枩鐖辩殑銆備笉杩囧憿杩樻槸寰楄嚜宸卞湪瀹跺厛缁冧範鍋氾紝瑕佹槸鑷繁鍋氬緱濂藉悆浜嗭紝閭f墠鏁㈡湅鍙嬪彨鏉ワ紝涓嶇劧瑕佹槸鍛抽亾澶毦鍚冭嚜宸变篃灏村艾銆傚叾瀹為夯杈g儷骞朵笉闅惧仛锛屼笌鐏攨宸笉澶氾紝鏃犻潪涔熷氨鏄伀閿呯殑浣庨厤鐗堢舰浜嗐€傝€屼笖鍛竴閬撶編鍛崇殑楹昏荆鐑彧瑕佸憿鎶婇偅涓堡搴曞仛濂斤紝浜嬫儏灏卞凡缁忔垚鍔熶簡涓€澶у崐銆傞夯杈g儷鏈夎倝鏈夎敩鑿滐紝濡傛灉鍋氬緱濂戒簡鍏跺疄鏄潪甯歌惀鍏荤殑锛屼笉杩囧憿闇€瑕佹敞鎰忕殑鏄敤鏂欙紝鍥犱负鐢ㄧ殑杈f闈炲父鐨勫锛岃€屼笖澶It’s hard to break through the tree f 鍙  兘 杩 树 笉 鍗  氾 姾 峠 惠 ュ 憿 鍗 導 導 開導 揧 欧 鬧 鐧 鐏 鈏 鈏 鐏 餏 湸 餧璇濓纴閭e氨鍙互鎺у埗浜嗐€傝€屼笖楹昏荆鐑敤鍓╀笅鏉ョ殑鏉愭枡锛岀浜屽ぉ杩樺彲浠ュ啀鍋氶キ锛屼篃骞朵笉浼氭氮璐规帀銆傚湪椋熸潗涓婂彧闇€瑕佸噯澶囷細娌归害鑿滈€傞噺銆佸▋濞冭彍閫傞噺銆佽棔鐗囬€傞噺銆佸湡璞嗙墖閫傞噺銆佸北鑽€傞噺銆佽槕鑿囬€傞噺銆佽厫绔归€傞噺銆佷父瀛愰€傞噺銆佹柟渚块潰閫傞噺銆佺敓濮滈€傞噺銆佸共杈f閫傞噺銆佹鐨?鍧椼€佽崏鏋?棰椼€侀鍙?鐗囥€佸ぇ钂滈€傞噺銆佸ぇ钁遍€傞噺銆佽眴鐡i叡閫傞噺銆佸叓瑙?棰椼€侀珮姹ら€傞噺銆傚噯澶囧ソ杩欎簺鍏跺疄灏卞凡缁忓樊涓嶅浜嗐€傛妸鏉愭枡鍑嗗濂戒簡涔嬪悗锛岄渶瑕佹竻娲楃殑钄彍閮芥竻娲楀共鍑€锛屼竴浜涙潗鏂欓渶瑕佸垏鎴愬皬鐗囷紝鐒跺悗鍑嗗濂姐€?.灏嗛攨鐑х儹锛岀劧鍚庡啀鎶婁竴骞查厤鏂欙紝鍍忔槸濮溿€佽懕鍜岃挏鐓搁锛屽啀鏀惧叆鍏銆侀鍙躲€佽崏鏋溿€佹鐨€佽眴鐡i叡銆佸共杈f鍜岃姳妞掔瓑锛岃繘琛岀炕鐐掞紝鐒跺悗绛夊緟瀹冪吀鍑洪鍛炽€?.涔嬪悗灏辨槸鎶婃妸楂樻堡缁欑叜濂斤紝鐒跺悗鍐嶈緝寮辩殑鏀惧叆涓€浜涜敩鑿滐紝杩樻湁閰嶈彍绛夈€傚彲浠ュ厛鏀惧叆涓€浜涢毦鐓殑鏉愭枡锛屽浜庝竴浜涘儚鏄敓鑿滆繕鏈夐煭鑿滅瓑锛屽垯鍦ㄦ渶鍚庡樊涓嶅鐔勭伀鐨勬椂鍊欏啀鏀惧叆灏卞彲浠ヤ簡銆傝繖涓€绫荤殑钄彍鏄瘮杈冨鏄撶啛鐨勶紝鑰屼笖澶€佷簡涓嶅ソ鍚冦€?.濡傛灉鏄兂鍚冮潰鎴栬€呮槸绮夌殑鏈嬪弸锛岄偅涔堝彲浠ョ敤姹ゅ啀鐓竴鐐归潰灏辨惌閰嶇潃鍚冿紝涓嶇劧鍏夋槸鍚冭繖浜涜敩鑿滅殑璇濆彲鑳戒細涓嶅お楗便€傛渶濂藉彲浠ヨ嚜宸卞仛涓€浜涜皟鍛虫枡锛屼篃鍙互鐩存帴鍘昏秴甯備拱灏卞彲浠ヤ簡锛屽儚鏄吀姊呴叡杩樻湁杈f閰辩瓑锛屽湪鐓堡鐨勬椂鍊欏氨鍙互鏀惧叆鍏朵腑锛屽鍔犲彛鎰燂紝涔熷彲浠ョ瓑鍒版妸鑿滈兘鎹炰笂鏉ヤ箣鍚庯紝鍐嶆斁涓€鐐癸紝鐒跺悗鎾掍笂涓€浜涜懕鑺变箣绫荤殑锛岃繖灏变笌澶栬竟鍗栫殑楹昏荆鐑竴妯′竴鏍蜂簡銆傚枩娆㈢殑鏈嬪弸浠刀绱у幓灏濊瘯涓€Juan Pang?

Fruit is still the most beautiful to eat


Fruit is still the most beautiful to eat

Experts remind that fruit is still the most beautiful to eat.

  Melon and fruit spread popular open a variety of beauty sites, you can almost find a lot of posts to teach you homemade fruit masks; type “fruit, mask” on Baidu search, and actually produced 1.670 million search results.

Many beauties like adding homemade masks such as milk, flour, pearl powder, etc. to home fruits, or sticking fruits and vegetables directly on top of them, hoping to achieve whitening, moisturizing, and antioxidant effects.

  Indeed, the melon and fruit surface can have a certain whitening and rejuvenating effect, because fruit acid has the effect of reducing the polymerizing force of the skin’s stratum corneum, reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum, and exfoliating the skin.

In addition to saving time and money, it is generally accepted by women.

  Self-made facial mask transfers are susceptible to bacteria, but in fact, experts say that the effect of this facial mask may not reach the expected value, and some molecules penetrate the nutrients that the skin cannot absorb.

At the same time, the raw materials of homemade masks are susceptible to bacteria in many aspects such as antiseptic and sterilization.

  I do n’t know the characteristics of the fruit. There are too many worries on the face. Too many people do n’t know enough about the characteristics of the fruit. Most citrus fruits have light sensitivity problems. If the face is exposed to sunlight, it will easily darken the skin and cause inflammation, Swelling.
Cucumbers, tomatoes, red grapes, figs, etc. can cause melon dermatitis.

Therefore, people with sensitive constitutions can not arbitrarily use fresh fruit juice. In order to avoid people suffering from allergic diseases such as acute respiratory diseases, skin eczema or bronchial discomfort, it is more prudent to use fresh fruit for facial beauty.

  Vitamin C nutrition can not apply “supplement vitamin C for the skin” is a major reason why too many netizens use fruit as a mask.

Vitamin C has the effects of improving skin elasticity, promoting wound healing, reducing the generation of wrinkles, and improving skin whitening.

  However, in fact, vitamin C is an oxidant and an antioxidant, and itself is affected by factors such as temperature, light, pH, and the amount of dissolved oxygen.

If the fruit of vitamin C is directly made into a mask and directly exposed to the air, it will oxidize faster than the skin can absorb it, which will cause a large amount of vitamin C to be oxidized before it is absorbed by the skin in the future.

The nutrients in the fruit mask cannot be absorbed by the skin at all.

  For example, lemon juice has high vitamin C content, but fruit acid directly contacts the skin without refining and processing, which may irritate the skin and even cause redness, scaling, and itching.

People with oily skin may not respond too much due to thick sebum, but people with allergic skin and dry skin may try it easily, which may cause discomfort.

  The best way to play fruit beauty with fruit nutrition is to eat it fresh. At the same time, it is also a good idea to buy some skin care products with fruit ingredients produced by manufacturers.

For example, aloe vera itself has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects. However, there are many varieties of aloe vera, which are directly used on the skin. The issues of cultivating soil, using pesticides during the planting process, and adsorption pollution will also affect skin health.

Relatively speaking, the aloe vera products extracted from the range of brands have passed certain relevant tests in terms of safety and quality, which guarantees the safety of the skin.

  Please consult the nutrient composition table when consuming fruits, and at the same time, it does not prevent you from querying the nutrient composition table when consuming fruits.

For example, when eating lemon, citrus and other vitamin C supplements, it is best to pay attention to vitamin A and vitamin E supplements at the same time.

Because vitamin A can regulate the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, and delay aging.

Vitamin E can reduce the oxidation of vitamin A and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and control the oxidation of cells, which can improve the skin quality.

4 Eye-catching recipes

4 “Eye-catching” recipes

The eye is the head of the five senses and the most vulnerable part of it.
How can we protect our tender place?
Here are 4 recommended recipes for “Eye-Eye”.
  Ingredients for Zigui Mingmu Chicken Soup: 5 grams of cooked land, 6 grams of angelica, 5 grams of Chuanxiong, 5 grams of Asparagus, 5 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5 grams of white peony, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, 5 grams of achyranthes, 3 grams of licorice, and 3 bowls of chicken soup.
  Method: After washing the medicine, wrap it with gauze, and stew the chicken soup with the above herbs for 1 hour.
  Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and eyesight, suitable for liver and kidney yin deficiency, loss of vision caused by insufficient blood, taking.
  芝麻枸杞茶  原料:沙苑子10克、菟丝子10克、黑芝麻12克、枸杞子20克、首乌15克、泽兰10克、食盐10克  制法:将原料浸泡10分钟,滤去渣,代Tea drinking.
  Efficacy: eyesight, vision loss.
  Ingredients for puerperium cassia seed porridge: 10 to 15 grams of cassia seed, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of wolfberry, 50 to 100 grams of japonica rice, and appropriate amount of rock sugar. Method for making porridge with the above ingredients, once a day.
  Efficacy: The porridge can also be added with some honey when taking it, which can increase its intestinal moisturizing effect.

Siesta 4 tips to keep you tired in the afternoon

Siesta 4 tips to keep you tired in the afternoon

After a busy morning of work, we often need to take a break at noon time to replenish the energy consumed by the body.

It is ideal to have a sufficient nap time, but the reality is that it is often difficult for us to extend too much time to nap.

Therefore, we need some sleep techniques to help us make the most of our short lunch break.

  Dr. SaraMednick is an expert in sleep research. Recently she shared a series of tips to effectively improve siesta, help us improve the quality of siesta, and let us face the work in the afternoon with a better mental state.

  A 90-minute siesta Dr. Mednick said 90-minute siesta was as effective as an extra night’s sleep.

So, if you have enough time for a lunch break, you should race against the clock every minute to take a nap.

A person’s sleep goes through five stages: drowsiness (the first stage); light sleep (the second stage); deep sleep (the third stage), slow wave sleep (the fourth stage); rapid eye movement sleep (the fifth stage)).

In a 90-minute nap, you can go through all sleep stages.

Ample siesta can increase attention, deepen memory, improve cardiovascular disease, relieve depression, and promote metabolism.

  Those who are more tired after nap should sleep for 10-15 minutes. Too many people often have this confusion: Why am I more tired after nap?

For people who are more tired after nap, Dr. Mednick suggests that you can shorten the nap time appropriately to turn your nap into the short-wave sleep stage because people are relatively hard to wake up in the short-wave sleep stage.

This kind of people can control the siesta time at 10-15 minutes. This length of siesta allows people to experience the second stage of sleep, which is important for memory and health.

  If you are not tired, you should lie down and rest. Sometimes you feel that you can’t sleep at noon, especially when you extend a nap time from the tension.

In the face of this situation, you must not feel upset or continue to work without falling asleep, but you should lie down and rest, because lying down and resting will be very different.

Dr. Mednick said that even if we just lie down and rest for 20 minutes without falling asleep, we will feel like asleep.

Even if you are not easily aware of it, as long as you lie down and rest for a while, your body’s spirit and strength can be better restored.

  Try to get up 6 hours after getting up and then take a nap. After getting up for 6 hours, the human body is in a physiologically driven decline and enters the time when you want to sleep most.

At this time, the core temperature of the body and the speed of cognitive processing will decrease, the body will gradually feel tired, and people will gradually be attacked by drowsiness.

This is the best time to take a nap.

  Finally, Dr. Mednick mentioned that the most important point is that nap needs to be coordinated with this.

She recommends at least three siestas per month and 20 minutes for each siesta, which is very good for people’s health and cognitive function.

  Although you may not be able to take a nap every day, mastering these 4 tricks of nap can help you make the most of your nap time, so that you can be full of work in the afternoon.

Occasionally, a “perfect siesta”, that is, a 90-minute siesta going through various sleep stages, can make your body better recover. Have a chance not to hinder trying!

Are you still an antibacterial expert in winter?

Are you still an antibacterial expert in winter?

Winter is easy to be lazy, but bacteria are active in every corner as usual.

And some bacteria that were originally suitable for survival and reproduction in the low temperature environment were ambush everywhere, and they did not miss any chance of close contact with people.

So, this winter, have you done enough sterilization?

  In the cold season, some functions of the human body will be reduced than in summer.

From this, people think that the vitality of bacteria must also decline.

In fact, bacteria do not have the characteristics of hibernation.

Relevant research shows that pathogens such as influenza virus and Gram-positive cocci are still very active in winter and spring.

In addition, after winter, a large number of homes and offices are often closed, and many people do not wash their hands as often as they do in summer.

On New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival, people even went in and out of commercial buildings to visit relatives and friends.

These will bring opportunities for bacteria.

Therefore, if you want to keep healthy in winter, you must first protect the health barrier of human skin, especially wash your hands with soap and running water.

  Like other parts of the body, our hands are covered with bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye.

Most bacteria are harmless and are even actively protecting our bodies against infections.

Washing your hands too much can make your skin dry and more vulnerable to harmful bacteria.

However, you must wash your hands before taking food and eating with your hands, after going to the toilet, after changing the diaper, touching the animals or getting your hands dirty.

  There is a gap between clothing and skin. These gaps are replaced by a cold winter, a warm and comfortable microclimate zone.

But inadvertently, it has also become a greenhouse for bacteria, which can grow and reproduce more comfortably.

Although the skin of many people is barely exposed in winter, this does not mean that there is no chance of contact with bacteria.

Because hats, scarves, gloves, and clothing can also hide bacteria.

Therefore, even if you wear a hat, scarf and gloves, you should not neglect to wash your hands, bathe frequently and change your clothes frequently.

  Many people are used to boiling cups and dishes with free tea before they recover. In fact, this method is not reliable.

The water temperature is no longer just 100 ℃, let alone whether the water in the pot is contaminated by bacteria.

Unqualified inferior paper towels are a hidden health killer, which is often overlooked by most consumers.

Most high-end hotels provide napkins with their own brand packaging. Many of these napkins have a soft and delicate feel, are relatively white in color, and have very little dust. However, the manufacturers and raw material specifications are marked on the packaging.There are not many production dates and sanitary patches.

Unqualified bacteria and excessive amount of whitening agent in unqualified napkins will sneak into the human body when wiping their mouths, causing hidden dangers to health.

Therefore, it is best to bring your own tableware for dining out. If you find it too cumbersome, you should at least bring your own paper towels, and try to avoid using inferior napkins in the restaurant.

  The kitchen in your home is where bacteria grow, and there should be more bacteria on the refrigerator door handles than on the toilet seat.

But kitchen sinks are warm, close, and often stained with food debris. There are more bacteria on the toilet seat and refrigerator door handles.

It is recommended that you spray some replaced bleach or other disinfectant in the kitchen sink every day to control the amount of bacteria.

  Also, most of the bacteria you need to worry about, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter, are found in food.

That’s why keeping the kitchen tidy and cooking food properly is the best way to prevent illness and infection.

  The table is the closest place to the food like the plate. Although it is impossible to put it in a sterilizer like the tableware to sterilize, it is not easy to wipe it off.

The spray disinfectant will remain and the inlet will be unsafe.

The dishcloth is covered with hundreds of millions of bacteria. If you wipe it with a dishcloth, a lot of bacteria will be left on the tray.

So it is safest to dry naturally.

  Of course, exercise is also important.

But to properly enhance the function of the immune system, there is nothing like eating and eating a diet supplemented with fruits and vegetables.

Proper vitamin supplementation can enhance human immunity.Healthy people are best to absorb vitamins by eating fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, oranges and so on.

Sitting posture is not careful, back pain is intolerable

Sitting posture is not careful, back pain is intolerable

Now through the acceleration of life rhythm and more and more intense work, some senior or copywriters often suffer from lumbar pain, leg pain and other symptoms due to incorrect sitting posture or sitting for a long time, which eventually leads to the occurrence of lumbar spondylosis.

Xiaobian teach you 3 ways to prevent back pain.

  The number of patients with low back and leg pain increased significantly in the hospital. Those with mild symptoms showed pain, soreness, swelling, morning stiffness, cold limbs, and inconvenience of squatting. The severe patients would lose their ability to work and live.

  The cause of the disease is complex, such as congenital malformations and injuries, but proper methods can prevent or delay its occurrence.

Here are a few ways to do this.

  1. Abandon bad habits. These bad habits should be corrected in time; use the computer in the same posture for a long time, play mahjong or drive; continuously lean or bend on the sofa or lie on the bed;Too long; suddenly bent down to carry heavy objects, squatting for a long time, washing clothes, cleaning the floor, etc.

These habits can lead to hyperplasia of the intervertebral disc, causing low back pain.

  2, master the correct posture sitting position: waist straight, legs on the ground flat, the same posture should not be too long.

At the same time, use soft cushions to maintain the physiological curvature of the lower back.

If you are sitting for a long time, you should stand up for 5-10 minutes in about 40 minutes.

  Standing position: Lift your head, lift your chest, abdomen, and maintain a slight lumbar lordosis to relax the hip muscles. Press straight or shift your hands on your hips and stretch your back.

  If the distal end is vertical, you can take a “rest” posture, that is, step forward with your feet half a step forward, let your weight rest on your lower limbs, rest your lower limbs a little, and alternate after half a minute.

Stands out too long.

  Lying position: It is best to sleep on a wooden bed and add a 5-10 cm thick mattress.

When lying on the side, the waist should be straight, and the knee joint is slightly flexed; when lying on the back, a towel roll can be placed on the waist to maintain the waist curvature.

  3. Waist stretching exercise to straighten the limbs; or take a “fly swallow posture” when lying on your stomach, that is, lying on your stomach, your abdomen, your pelvis close to the bed, your upper body and limbs trying to lift off the bed; or breaststroke when swimmingPosture, etc.

  How to treat waist and leg pain is most suitable In modern life, more and more people are troubled by various kinds of body pain, most of which are waist and leg pain.

  In the past, low back and leg pain were common in middle-aged and elderly people, workers who have been engaged in heavy equipment for a long time, or people who have worked in cold environments for a long time.

  Now experiencing the accelerated pace of life and more and more intense work, except for a few patients caused by trauma, most of them are not paying attention to rest or generating health awareness.

  In particular, some drivers or copywriters often suffer from lumbar pain, leg pain, numbness of the limbs, pain in the lower limbs, numbness and paresthesia, intermittent claudication, changes in spine posture and other symptoms due to incorrect sitting or sedentary conditions, which eventually lead to lumbar spondylosishappened.
  First, there are many reasons for low back and leg pain. The common causes are lumbar soft tissue strain, lumbar degenerative changes, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal fractures, third lumbar transverse process syndrome, and piriformis syndrome.

Although the causes are different, conservative treatment is similar.

  Second, there are too many current treatments for low back and leg pain. The common non-surgical treatments are as follows.

  1. In the early stage of drug treatment, anti-inflammatory and analgesics are mainly used. At present, the commonly used oral drugs are as follows: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesics (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants, auxiliary analgesics, proprietary Chinese medicines, vitamin drugs, etc.
  However, due to the obvious gastrointestinal response of most anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, patients are more difficult to accept.

  2. Physical therapy Physical therapy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, neuromuscular excitement, and loosening adhesions.

  Commonly used are low, medium, high frequency, ultra-short wave, short wave, etc., which can improve local blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance immunity, promote elimination of dispersal, loosen adhesions, reduce pain, and achieve anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

  And no pain and no complications, the effect is rapid, so physical therapy may be the ideal treatment option.

  3. Traction therapy absorbs the affected soft tissues and gives them a full rest. The adherent nerve roots are loosened, which relieves the compression, which is conducive to the absorption of congestive edema, remission and pain relief.

  It is beneficial to relieve the vicious cycle of cervical spine fractures and fracture pains, and to restore the normal relationship of the micro-abnormal changes of the posterior spinal joints.

  4. Acupuncture treatment stimulates acupuncture points, channels and collaterals, regulates qi and blood, and yin and yang, accelerates blood circulation, increases metabolism, reduces pain, increases muscle relaxation, and stimulates the internal functions of the body to play a therapeutic role.

  From the perspective of modern life sciences, it is through the adjustment of neuroendocrine and immune system network functions to stimulate the participation of endogenous biologically active substances in the body, which is transformed into active multilevel physiological regulation to relieve pain.

  5. Manipulation can be used to make the protrusions return, change the relationship between the protrusions and surrounding tissues, and reduce inflammation and analgesia.

  It can promote the expansion of capillary of creep soft tissue, increase the adaptability of blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation, fully contract the penetrated muscle tissue, and interrupt the multiple vicious cycles of attenuation-pain-muscle rupture.

  Further treatment of extravertebral canal soft tissue damage or compressive damage to nerve roots is eliminated, thereby eliminating the aseptic aseptic arthritis is beneficial to the repair of diseased tissues.

  6. Acupoint injection Acupoint injection has obvious curative effect on lumbar spondylosis. The traditional Chinese medicine injection with the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and collaterals is used in combination with nutritional nerve drugs. The acupoint or tender point is selected for injection to reduce local inflammation and adhesion.

  3 times a week, two weeks as a course of treatment.

It is suitable for those with obvious pain and poor general treatment effect.  7. Partial regional closure can be divided into shallow and deep closure.

  Superficial closure: The enclosed area includes the lumbar dorsal fascia, the starting and stopping points of the lumbar muscle, the supraspinous ligament, and the interspinous ligament.

Generally requires a combination of tenderness points and precise anatomy.

  Third, prevention 1, bed rest.

  2. Exercise exercise The role of exercise training is to maintain the normal spine shape of the patient, improve the strength of the back muscles, enhance the elasticity of the ligaments around the vertebral body, and strengthen the stability of the spinal joints.

  3. Maintaining correct posture and posture Poor posture and posture can easily cause muscle imbalance around the spine to disrupt the remembered mechanical balance.

  4. Avoid overloading and improve bad working environment and conditions such as leaning and bending.

Kasuga farewell to dryness_1

Kasuga Skin Care says goodbye to dryness

Dryness is a common word for skin care, and it is also a common term in spring.

Also, wind and sand, catkins and cold spring, how can the skin withstand this toss, without water shortages and wrinkles, how can it be worthy of people?

Walking around the market in a hurry, we found that in the spring, it is a good strategy to fight against dryness and resort to plant-based skin care products.

This is because botanical skin care products can help you understand the breath of spring and make your skin feel the moisture of spring.

They contain a lot of plant extracts, wheat germ oil, corn oil or jojoba oil, plant horny sharks, and even the color and fragrance of the products are very pleasant.

  The plant products currently on the market probably contain the following three categories: Natural flowers and plants: Natural herbs with excellent permeability are characterized by safety and reliability.

Generally, pure herbal formulas do not contain any chemical ingredients, and even the colors and fragrances in the products are derived from plants. They are essentially different from the large pores of animals. The delicate herbs are very small and are applied to the skin.It has a silky satin feel. After use, a slightly acidic protective film will be formed on the surface of the skin to isolate bacteria, sunlight and polluted skin. The pH value of the skin is not balanced.

  At present, the natural maintenance ingredients of herbal plants have been developed and extracted by major maintenance brands, such as ginkgo, ginseng, licorice, rosemary, sage, mulberry root, avocado, saxifraga, etc., because of their heat-clearing and detoxifying properties,Sedative, soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, etc., so it becomes a therapeutic ingredient.

Scientists predict that with traditional formulas, coupled with modern high-tech technology, herbal skin care products will lead the 21st century maintenance trend.

  Polar plants: Comprehensive defense deep repair scientists have discovered that the fresh and verdant green plants that grow out of harsh environments can face hot deserts and cold waters, or mountains that do not melt snow all year round, all kinds of harsh environments, and they are born in extreme places., Itself must have excellent resistance to defense, and the natural ingredients extracted from these plants will certainly help the skin resist environmental damage.

Therefore, the scientists integrated the excellent ingredients of these polar herbs into skin care products and developed them into skin care products that resisted the harsh environment of the royal family. While comprehensively defending, it also easily repaired the skin.

  Aloe in the sand: It has amazing water retention. Even if it is exposed to the sun for a few months and then planted in the ground, the aloe can still grow vigorously. It is a tropical desert plant produced in Africa. This is a very amazingPlants are known for their extraordinary vitality, water retention and incredible beauty.

  In the United States, aloe is called the “Century Tree”; in Europe, 60% of cosmetics contain aloe; in Japan, aloe is considered a “family doctor”.

Therefore, the Japanese government has made the popularization of aloe health knowledge an important measure to reduce national medical expenses.

And these are precisely because aloe contains a lot of natural proteins, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, moisturizing factors and other nutritional ingredients, of which fatty acids and vitamin E are the highest content of aloe.

  The soothing smell of the mind-plant, the relationship between memory and emotion is very close. It can become a chain network that affects our physiological response. When we smell these smells, the brain and the body will react., And even change physiological conditions, because the sense of smell is soothing cells.

  Natural maintenance DIY As early as the old grandmothers, people have known how to use natural plants to protect the skin. For example: Loofah has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects. Washing water has both cleaning and whitening effects. Soybean and mung bean powder can be usedApplying a mask, applying green tea to the eyes can make eyesight, and honey lip care also has a moisturizing effect.

Now, we might as well try it.

  ▲ Wash your face with shallow rice water for unexpected cleansing and whitening effects.

  ▲ Use milk and mung beans to make a thick mung bean paste, and apply it on your face after washing your face. It can replace the deep cleansing mask.

From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it also has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, but it is only suitable for normal or oily skin.

  ▲ Soybean powder has the function of adsorbing oil, suitable for applying to the face, can absorb oil, used in T-shaped parts, and also has the function of purifying pores.

  ▲ Applying green tea leaves to your eyes for 15 minutes has a clear effect.

Eating rice with a little bit is good for health


Eating rice with a little bit is good for health

The white rice is not as nutritious as the crushed rice and the standard rice. The grain processing is to remove impurities and molting through a suitable grinding mill, but the vitamins and supplemental fibers in the cereal are mostly present in the germ and bran, so the finer the rice noodle is processed.The less vitamins are contained, the nutritional value is not as good as the slender rice.

If the rice noodles are processed too coarsely, the prepared foods have poor sensory properties and will reduce the rate of digestion and absorption.

According to economic and nutritional requirements, the rice is usually processed into “92” rice, that is, 50 kg of flour rice is processed into 46 kg of white rice, and 50 kg of wheat is processed into 42.

5 kg of flour is the “Eight Five” powder, which is also the standard powder.

From a nutritional point of view, standard rice, standard powder is more in line with human needs.

銆€銆€Frequent eating of white rice noodles is not conducive to excessive health. Long-term consumption of refined white rice, crystal rice and fine white noodles, easily lead to vitamin B1 deficiency, causing people to suffer from beriberi (multiple neuritis).

A breast-feeding mother has long-term consumption of polished rice noodles, or has a baby suffering from beriberi.

In addition, the bran of the polished rice noodles is significantly reduced, and the cellulose is also reduced. The lack of dietary fiber in the replacement is a direct or indirect cause of colon cancer, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Therefore, the argument that 鈥渆at rice with a little bit of health is good for health鈥?is justified.

銆€銆€How to choose a healthy staple: 1.

Do not superstitious white rice noodles, choose standard rice, standard powder, in line with human health needs.


The staple food on the table should also be thick and tidy, and the variety of the family will not hinder the addition of coarse grains and miscellaneous grains.


The main food should also prevent the loss of nutrients during cooking. The number of rice panning should not be too much. Avoid using water washing and avoid washing with water and hot water.


Avoid boiled rice when cooking dry rice. Don’t forget to drink noodle soup when eating noodles and dumplings, which can prevent the loss of nutrients in the staple food.