[Effect of Chinese yam, barley and real rice porridge]_Effect of Chinese yam, barley and real rice porridge_Nutrition value_Efficacy

[Effect of Chinese yam, barley and real rice porridge]_Effect of Chinese yam, barley and real rice porridge_Nutrition value_Efficacy

If you usually like to drink porridge at home, today I recommend a porridge that is very good for your body. The ingredients that need to be prepared are yam, barley, and real rice. The name of this porridge is yam, rice and real rice. The following introduces you to this.The power of growing porridge.

First, the efficacy of Chinese yam barley rice porridge: strengthening the spleen and stomach; yam, rice barley rice porridge supplementing qi and blood, and the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach is recognized. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow and the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

So conditioning the spleen and stomach is the root of health!

2: Kidney is nourishing essence; kidney is the innate essence, essence, qi, god is the three treasures of man, yam nourishing essence and solidifying the kidney calmly and powerfully, not only stop sperm, but also can produce sperm.
3: Dispels dampness and water, strengthens the spleen and replenishes the lungs; barley’s main effect is to strengthen the spleen and dehumidify, the spleen can replenish the lungs, and eliminate dampness can reduce phlegm.

Therefore, barley is also used to treat the symptoms of lung heat, lung, and lung.

Used with yam, they complement each other and lack complementarity.

“Yam and barley are all medicines for replenishing the spleen and lungs, but yam alone will lose the stickiness for a long time, and barley rice alone will lose the infiltration for a long time.Such as effusion, edema, eczema, pustules and other problems related to muddy water in the body, barley is your best helper.

4: Yishou extended age; yam is called “the food of the gods”, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” is listed as the top quality supplement medicine, barley is called “the longevity of the elixir of the longevity”, and Ji Shi records in the medical book “Long Shi Yan Ling YiShou . “Second, the general ratio of ingredients is yam: 芡: 薏米 = 1: 1: For those who have edema and have little urine on weekdays, yam barley porridge can be used alone. The ratio is yam: barley = 1:1People with kidney deficiency, frequent urination, dry mouth, dry water, and drinking water can use yam and yam porridge. The ratio is yam: yam = 1: 1. For the elderly, the ratio of spleen and lung is yam: yam: yam = 2: 1:1 The ratio of emphasis on tonifying the kidney and yin is yam: yam = 2: 1. The nutritional value of yam, yam, rice and yam porridge yam is both a good vegetable and a commonly used medicinal material. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen, stomach, and lungs and kidneys.It is rich in nutrition and has been regarded as an inexpensive tonic since ancient times.

Ren is a commonly used Chinese medicine, and it is also a common food. It is good for water and swelling, spleen and dampness, soothing muscles and removing paralysis, clearing heat and removing pus, and it is also a beauty and freckle for female friends.

Zhishi, also known as chicken head, is known as “water ginseng”. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing kidney and solidifying essence, and nourishing qi and nourishing qi. It is nourishing and strong food, and is similar to lotus seeds.

This medicated diet health porridge can strengthen the spleen and kidney, supplement the qi, and is especially suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach.

[How to make fungus cabbage fish soup]_ common practice of fungus cabbage soup _ practice of fungus cabbage soup _ how to make fungus cabbage soup

[How to make fungus cabbage fish soup]_ common practice of fungus cabbage soup _ practice of fungus cabbage soup _ how to make fungus cabbage soup

Some people often say that they cook, but they are good at making instant noodles.

In order to avoid this situation, I will introduce the fungus cabbage soup to everyone, and learn it quickly.


1 Ingredients: Anchovies, dried fungus and pakchoi.


The cabbage is soaked in water for 20 minutes, then washed and drained, and set aside.


Wash the dry fungus foam, and remove it.


I’m hot.


Wash the casserole, add the right amount of water, and the right amount of ginger at one time.


Cover the lid and let the fire boil.


Place the cleaned catfish in a wok.


Fry until golden on both sides.


Pour boiling water into a casserole and simmer for 2 minutes on high heat.


Pour the anchovies and soup from the wok into the casserole.


Cover the lid, boil over high heat and turn to low heat for 45 minutes.


Uncover and fish up.


Put in fungus.


Put chopped cabbage, cover the lid, boil over high heat and cook for 5 minutes.


Remove and pour in the right amount of fish sauce.


Add the right amount of chicken powder to season and turn off the heat.

Remember that only good restaurants can have good delicacies, you can make your own dishes.

The above introduction to the fungus cabbage soup is quite detailed. If you collect it, you have a chance to make it.

[Is Pu’er black tea or green tea]_Recommended diet

[Is Pu’er black tea or green tea]_Recommended diet

There are many kinds of tea in China.

There are six categories of black tea, green tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, and black tea.

So what kind of Pu’er?

Is it black tea or green tea?

1. Does Pu’er count as black tea or green tea?

Pu’er is divided into two types: raw tea and cooked tea, and raw tea is mainly yellow-green, and cooked tea is mainly red-brown, so many people think that Pu’er is either black tea or green tea, but it is not.

Pu’er tea belongs to a form of fermented tea, and does not belong to any kind of tea. It is a special kind of tea.

Pu’er tea is produced in Pu’er County, Yunnan, and is named after the place of origin. It is now a very famous type of tea in the upper reaches.

2, Pu’er identification method Pu’er tea is not the longer the time, the more fragrant, this depends on the quality of Pu’er.

The appearance of the new Pu’er tea will be more comfortable in color, fresh, and generally yellowish green, and it will have a particularly strong flavor.

Due to continuous contact with the air, Chen tea generally gradually darkens and becomes reddish-brown after a series of oxidation, and the white powder on the tea will gradually become yellow-brown.

3, Pu’er’s nutritional value is often supplemented with Pu’er tea, which has a certain therapeutic effect on weight loss, because Pu’er tea has a clearing effect.

Pu’er also has certain effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, because Pu’er tea can expand blood vessels, which can effectively reduce the formation of thrombus and arteriosclerosis.

Pu’er tea also regulates gastrointestinal function, improves constipation, resists aging and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.

4, Pu’er suppression Pu’er tea in our daily life there are many different images appear around us, there are disc-shaped like a cake, usually seven together, so it is also called Qizi cake.

There is something like a rice bowl, which is called 沱茶, and like a square we call him brick tea.

Even more cute is the shape of mushrooms.

Summer yoga easily loses a good mood

Summer yoga easily loses a good mood

As the summer grows, the hotter and colder weather is always upsetting.

In this season of stature competition, beauty-loving people are busy rushing to fitness, and they can meditate and sculpt fat-reducing yoga as the first choice for people to lose weight in early summer.

  Many people want to lose weight by regulating their posture and burn fat accurately, but they always refuse to have no time and energy. In fact, weight loss can be performed anytime, anywhere, as long as you want to lose weight.

If you have too many reasons to refuse, you can only keep wearing a sexy bikini with a “life buoy” on your waist!

It’s also sweating so much, why is the effect of others so obvious?

Yoga teacher will tell you that fat burning also needs precise positioning!

Under the guidance of a professional yoga teacher, you can help you choose the best yoga action armor to slim down accurately.

  Entering the yoga studio, under the coach with rich teaching experience, through scientific posture exercises, you can easily eliminate redundant aunts and restore your slim figure!

Especially worth mentioning is the high-temperature yoga, which can not only cultivate the coordination and beauty of women’s movements, but also consume more aunts after sweating and relaxing!

Through a variety of yoga posture exercises, combined with yoga breathing methods, not only can make your posture more symmetrical, but also can make your movements elegant, stretched, full of aura!

  Improve your mindset and easily decompress. The reason why yoga can be popular is not only because yoga asana is easy to learn, but it also sculpts the curve of your body.

If a faint scent of scented grass is permeated in the yoga studio, the practitioner can easily relax.

During the exercise, the calmness of the heart and slow movements will focus on the movement and contraction of the body, gradually calming the irritability in the heart.

In meditation, you breathe the breath of nature, and you even let go of all your burdens. There is no tension, no stress, and the inner world will be more peaceful and peaceful.

Loyal to your partner can live up to 6 years

Loyal to your partner can live up to 6 years

Want to be better, more transitional, and more confident than other men?

Ask your spouse first if you regard you as the “source of vitality”!

A recent report published by Yale University researchers in the Journal of Human Medicine pointed out that among couples over 65 years of age, when the wife made it clear that the husband was his “indispensable half” and his “support for living”””, The husband may be more “majestic” than men of the same age.

To understand the effects of marital status on human physiology and psychology, researchers at the university tracked 305 pairs of elderly partners over 65 years of age.

The marital relationships of the elderly couples who participated in the experiment lasted an average of 43 years, and 85% of them were like first marriage.

  Researchers in the survey found that the discovery of the sufferer’s spouse can increase an individual’s self-confidence and feel more useful, and this feeling can prolong life and reduce bad emotions.

  For men, the effect of a sweet marriage is even more pronounced.

The “expectation of spouse” made them clearly know that they are the only coping for their wives. This is tantamount to a positive stimulus, which helps men to physically and psychologically exercise themselves. The average life expectancy will be 6 years longer than that of men of the same age.

  The study also found that when the marriage relationship is good, men will place their wives as the most important person in their lives. Once the wife dies, this affection will also make the husband show the adverse effect of not wanting to live.

  However, the marriage of young people is full of variables. Although few people are full of aspirations when entering a marriage, often less than three or five years, because of economic conditions, child support, career development and other problems, there is no longer a relationship between husband and wife.trust each other.

This trend has made many unmarried youths very suspicious of the other half’s loyalty.

This research is particularly prominent. In the modern era that emphasizes material enjoyment, it is difficult for men and women to put a silver-haired view of love on themselves. Therefore, it is also difficult for them to enjoy the health effects of mutual trust.

This is probably a small price for modern people who are too prominent in themselves and do not believe in love.

Hand cream your hand expert_1

Use hand cream your hand expert

Your hands are often subjected to a lot of labor pressure, and many people are used to neglecting the consequences of hand care, which results in many people’s hands being rough and unbearable.

If you want to have “fiber fiber hand” as the ancient text said, you need to implement the hand protection work.

Use hand cream, your hand care expert!

  6 points 1 of daily hand protection.

In the very early period of H1N1 epidemic prevention, everyone is encouraged to wash their hands frequently, but do n’t forget to put on hand cream after washing hands, so as not to over-clean and make your hands dry.


Always wear gloves when doing housework and rub hand cream after doing it.

Do n’t forget to wear gloves for anyone riding a scooter or bicycle to prevent hands from rubbing excessively or getting drier in the cold.


Do not wash your hands with hot water.


Exfoliate your hands regularly.


Before going to bed, you can rub hand cream with high moisturizing power, massage your fingers, finger edges, and joints thoroughly, and put on hand gloves to sleep.


Carry a hand cream with you and apply it when you feel dry.

  Neutrogena Light Hand Cream (85g) is a refreshing Norwegian skin care formula that provides the moisturizing and nourishing skin on the hands without stickiness. Every day you can feel the tenderness and smoothness of your hands.

  Vaseline Hand Armor Lotion (120ml) is rich in olive oil, sunflower seed oil essence and vitamin E, which makes the hands soft and delicate, enhances the toughness of the nails and adds shine.

  Johnson Health claims that 24-hour deep nourishing hand cream (50g) contains a variety of deep nourishing formulas such as natural lipids, moisturizing essences and moisturizing essence oils to help prevent dry peeling and maintain a 24-hour deep moisturizing effect.

  OPI Hand Intensive Nourishing Repair Cream (120ml) is supplemented with protein amino acids, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado, almond oil and top avocado extract to provide excellent moisture retention, nourish and protect hands and nails.

Several magic weapons to keep the undefeated golden body in the workplace

Several magic weapons to keep the undefeated golden body in the workplace

Having good and harmonious interpersonal relationships is one of the keys to success in your career. If you want to be invincible in the workplace, you must strive to be a person with the following capabilities.

  1: Become an indispensable person In the company, the boss loves those employees who are immediately available and can bring added value.

Management experts point out that when a boss raises or promotes, it is often not because you are doing a good job or because of your past achievements, not because you think he is helpful to his future.

As an employee, you should always ask yourself: If the company fires you, is there any loss?

Is your value and potential so great that the boss is reluctant to give up?

In a word, it is necessary to rely on your own hard work and the expertise of the times to become a person that the company cannot own, which is inevitable.

  2: Seek help from others. Yours may not be in a high position. They are slightly better than you in terms of experience, expertise, knowledge, skills, etc. Maybe your master, colleague, classmate, friend, referrer, or they give it materiallyOr to provide opportunities, or to inspire certain ideas, or to subdue the personal experience.

With the help of noble people, it is easy to stand out, the second is to change the time of success, and the third is to accidentally do something to improve asylum.

  3: Establishing a relationship in a network society, some people with professional skills and other hardware may not be very good, but many people can benefit from interpersonal skills.

The same goes for the unit.

Establishing a relationship network is to create a space conducive to self-development, and strive to gain recognition, support and cooperation from others.

How to increase “interpersonal assets”?

There are many “small groups” formed by relationships such as interests, hobbies, classmates, fellows, etc. in the organization; enthusiastically helping others to form good relationships; honesty, credibility, and integrity are the foundations for winning trust and admiration.

  4: Don’t turn in contradictions many years ago, a senior senior warned that four words should be kept in mind when reporting to leaders: “don’t talk about difficulties.”

According to legend, ancient messengers, if they continuously reported the defeat of the front line, were in danger of beheading.

Boss faces complex and changeable internal and external environment every day, and encounters more problems and more pressure than employees.

Turning in a breakthrough or reporting bad news will make the boss’s mood worse, and it is also likely to leave him with the impression of the possibility of “adding chaos, creating problems, and poor working ability”.

  5: Do not complain. The theory of “Organizational Behavior” states that when people suffer setbacks and improper replacements, they often adopt a negative confrontation attitude.

Grievances are usually caused by dissatisfaction, hoping to get the attention and sympathy of others.

Although this is a normal psychological “self-defense” behavior, it is the most painful in the mind of the boss.

Most bosses believe that the “grossing tribe” and “duplicate tribe” not only cause wrong and right, but also cause suspicion among the organization and hurt morale of group work.

Therefore, when you are full of complaints, you may wish to take a look at the law of the boss: first, the boss is always right; second, when the boss is wrong, please refer to the first article.

  6: Good at showing performances and inviting merit in a timely manner. Don’t be afraid that others will criticize you for showing merit. Instead, worry that your efforts will not be seen and your talents will be buried.

Think of a way to be a “voice person” to get the boss’s attention.

When reporting to the boss, you must first point out that if time permits, then talk in detail; if it is a written report, do not forget to sign your name.

In addition to the boss, you should also tell your colleagues and subordinates about their achievements. Their publicity is better than you.

The meeting is a rare communication channel between colleagues, supervisors, bosses and customers. The meeting is a great time to show your ability and talent.

  The principle of workplace interpersonal relations Seesaw Reciprocity Principle As the saying goes, helping others is the foundation of happiness.

The interaction between people can be the same as sitting on a seesaw. It cannot always be fixed at some end heights, and the other end is low, that is, the heights must be alternated, so that the whole process will be fun and happy!

A person who is never willing to lose, and is unwilling to give in, will not be happy, even if he really gains a lot of benefits.


The selfish person is said to sit on the top of a stationary seesaw. Although he maintains the superior position, the entire interpersonal interaction has lost its due joy and is a regret for himself or the other party.

The seesaw principle of reciprocity is an undeniable art when we get along with our colleagues.

  The Law of Hedgehog The Law of Hedgehog is illustrated by an interesting phenomenon: two sleepy hedgehogs.

Embracing each other because of the cold, but because each had thorns on their bodies, the thorns made them uncomfortable.

As a result, they separated a distance, but the cold wind was biting, and they had to get together several times to toss, and the two spines finally found a suitable distance: they could get each other’s body temperature without being stuck.

Hedgehog’s law is the effect of psychological distance in interpersonal communication.

It tells us: There should be a close relationship between people.But yes.

Intimacy, not intimacy.

We must learn to use the hedgehog rule, and when dealing with colleagues, we should not refuse to be thousands of miles away, nor should we be too close to each other.

Deal with various relationships in a targeted manner.

  Platinum Rule Platinum Rule is one of the most influential speakers in the United States, and business broadcast speech writer Tony.

Proposed by Dr. Alexandra, he also authored the monograph “The Platinum Rule.”

The essence of the platinum rule is that you treat people the same way you want them to treat you.

With this concept and approach to life, we can always take an active position in social interactions and handle various relationships in a targeted manner.

  First-effect effects Real life and social psychology experimental research proves that people leave a deep impression on each other in the first contact, and people will consciously evaluate a person based on the first impression.Impression, this phenomenon is the prime cause effect.

In the actual interpersonal communication activities, leaving a good first impression on the communication object plays an important role in smooth and effective work.

If it doesn’t start well, even if it takes ten times more effort in the future, it will be difficult to eliminate its negative effects.

So, in real work.

We must work hard at the beginning and end of failure, and strive to make the best first impression.

Grapes have many effects, you know what?

Grapes have many effects, you know what?

In life, many friends have problems like insomnia.

Too many friends have tried to help improve sleep, but found that the more they want to sleep, the more they can’t sleep.

In fact, people can improve their sleep through food therapy.

If people have insomnia, they can try to eat grapes because the melatonin contained in grapes can improve sleep.

  Recent studies have confirmed that grapes have a good effect on improving insomnia.

The reason is that grapes contain melatonin, a substance that helps sleep.

Melatonin is a substance secreted by the pineal gland in the brain, and it has a close relationship with sleep. At night, it is a period of strong melatonin secretion, which indicates that it is about to go to bed. In the morning, melatonin is secreted very little.It’s time to wake up.

Therefore, it can help regulate the sleep cycle and improve abnormal sleep conditions.

Experts also say that because of the antioxidants and alcohol in wine, the content of melatonin may be higher, which helps sleep.

  In fact, grapes taste delicious and have high nutritional value. In addition to helping people improve their sleep, they also have many effects.

People who are weak and malnourished, eat more grapes or raisins, which will help restore health, because grapes contain many nutrients such as protein, amino acids, lecithin, vitamins and minerals, especially high in sugarAnd, mainly glucose, it is easily absorbed by the human body.

  Elderly people have weak stomach qi and insufficient stomach yin; or people with chronic chronic gastritis and bad appetite, chew 6-9 grams of raisins before each meal, which can both appetite and supplement the weakness.

Patients with stomach vomiting can take a small glass of grape juice, add a small amount of ginger juice, drink thoroughly, and have antiemetic effect.

  Patients with hoarseness can take one glass of grape juice and one sugarcane juice and mix it slowly, swallow slowly, several times a day, and also have a certain adjuvant treatment effect.

For patients with hypertension, take a glass of grape juice and celery juice and mix with water. Take 2-3 times a day for 15 days as a course of treatment.

  A 30 g decoction of briar glucose root for folk use is used to treat pregnancy vomiting and edema, and has antiemetic and diuretic effect.

Still others drink 30 grams of decoction of fresh grape root to treat jaundice hepatitis; it can be used as an adjuvant treatment.

  Tips: From the above, we can know that grapes are many delicious fruits, and they are also a health product. The melatonin contained in grapes can help people sleep.

In addition, grapes also have other functions, such as tonifying the stomach and strengthening the stomach, treating hoarseness, pregnancy vomiting and edema.

Food that helps to treat age spots


Food that helps to treat age spots

Age spots are a common disease in the elderly, but they are difficult to treat, and diet therapy is a good way to treat age spots.

Here are some recommended foods for the treatment of age spots.

銆€銆€Kiwifruit kiwifruit is referred to as 鈥渇ruit gold mine鈥?

Rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements and minerals.

銆€銆€Vitamin C in kiwifruit can effectively inhibit the oxidation of dopa free radicals in the skin, transform the dark oxidized pigment in the skin into reduced light pigment, interfere with the formation of melanin, prevent pigmentation and keep the skin fair.

銆€銆€Small reminder: the elderly with spleen and stomach deficiency can not eat more, easy to diarrhea.

銆€銆€Tomatoes and tomatoes have the effect of maintaining skin and eliminating freckles.

It is rich in lycopene, which is the best weapon to inhibit melanin formation.

Experiments have shown that eating tomatoes often reduces melanin formation.

銆€銆€Small reminder: tomatoes are cold, if you eat on an empty stomach, it is easy to cause abdominal pain.

銆€銆€Freckle whitening diet one: cucumber porridge material: 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of salt, 10 grams of ginger.

銆€銆€Practice: Wash the cucumber, peel it and cut it into thin slices.

The rice is washed clean, and the ginger is washed and broken.

Add about 1000 ml of water to the pot, set it on the fire, place the rice, ginger, and boil it. Then use the simmer to cook slowly until the rotten time of the rice into the cucumber slices.

銆€銆€Therapeutic effect: Now scientific research proves that cucumber is rich in potassium salt and a certain amount of carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, sugar, protein and mustard, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Regular consumption of cucumber porridge can eliminate freckles and whiten skin.

銆€銆€Freckle whitening diet 2: tomato juice material: several practices of tomatoes: wash the tomatoes, juice, drink a cup a day.

銆€銆€Therapeutic effect: Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which is known as the 鈥渧itamin C warehouse鈥?

Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reducing the formation of melanin, thereby making the skin white and tender, and the dark spots disappear.

銆€銆€Freckle whitening diet three: carrot juice material: fresh carrots several practices: the carrots are crushed and squeezed juice, take 10-30 ml, wash your face every morning and evening, pat the face with fresh juice, dry and then pat with the hand coated with vegetable oilFace.

In addition, drinking 1 cup of carrot juice a day also has the effect of freckle.

Because carrots are rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A can be converted to vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A has a smooth, strong skin effect and causes rough skin and freckles.

銆€銆€Therapeutic effect: qi and nourishing, white and tender skin.

銆€銆€The above is the food for treating age spots, and everyone takes more self-sufficiency.

Recommended: Old Chinese medicine “Freak King” herbal tea link: http:// www.


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Four acupuncture methods for treating knee arthritis no longer have to worry about arthritis


Four acupuncture methods for treating knee arthritis no longer have to worry about arthritis

Four acupuncture methods for the treatment of knee joint arthritis are common diseases of the knee joint. The main features of osteoarthritis include cartilage degenerative lesions and the formation of osteophytes at the joint edge.

Appropriate participation in physical exercise, strong muscles and bones, but to avoid excessive joint damage caused by joints.

To exercise the right amount of exercise, this can promote better absorption of nutrients by the bones, delay the aging of the bones, and avoid joint damage.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the elderly, it is best not to climb stairs, mountaineering activities, easy to cause joint soft tissue damage.

(1) Acupuncture therapy takes Yanglingquan, Yinlingquan, Heding, knees (the middle of the ligament), Liangqiu, Xuehai, Zusanli.

With a 2-inch needle from the Yangling Spring to the direction of the Yinling Spring, under the knee, the top of the crane with a 1 inch needle to stab people 0.


5 inches, 1 for the remaining points.

5 inch needle straight puncture 1 inch or so.

All use the flat-filled diarrhea method, leaving the needle for 30 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

(2) Moxibustion therapy takes three miles, inner knee, Yangguan, Yanglingquan, Yinlingquan.

Suspended moxibustion with moxa sticks, each time choose 2-3 points, each point of moxibustion treatment for 20-30 minutes, to local skin flushing, the patient feels comfortable temperature.

Once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

(3) Auricular acupuncture therapy to take the knee, the gods, sympathetic.

Use a strong needle stimulation, wait for the ear to become red and hot, leave the needle for 20 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

You can also use the pill method, each time select the bilateral auricular points, insert into the pain, swelling, heat, and prescribe the patient to intervene 4-5 times a day, each time 2-3 minutes, 5-7 days to replace 1 time.
(4) Acupoint injection therapy takes Zusan, Yanglingquan, Liangqiu, Xuehai, Yinlingquan.

Replace 2-3 acupoints each time, use 10 ml syringe to cut off Angelica injection or Xinggufeng injection, use a 5 gauge needle to quickly penetrate into the replacement hole, and slightly insert it. If there is no needle, there will be no blood.Inject the liquid.

1 ml per hole, 1 treatment every other day, 10 times for 1 course of treatment.

Daily care points of the knee joint (1) Rest in time, avoid overwork, reduce weight bearing, pay attention to prevent further wear on the knee joint, avoid repeating the movement of the upper and lower floors, running, climbing, etc., to avoid knee sprains.

(2) Pay attention to the posture of walking and labor, do not twist and walk and work.

Avoid avoiding squats, because the weight of the knee joint is 3 to 6 times its own weight when squatting. When sitting and standing, it is necessary to change posture frequently to prevent the knee joint from fixing a posture and exerting excessive force.

(3) Prepare for physical exercise, gently stretch the knee joint, and let the knee joint fully move before participating in the exercise.