[Is it helpful to diarrhea and drink salt water]_ salt water _ diarrhea _ efficacy

[Is it helpful to diarrhea and drink salt water]_ salt water _ diarrhea _ efficacy

In daily life, we are very familiar with salt water. It is indeed a healthy drink that can help the body speed up metabolism and promote detoxification. So is it useful to drink salt water with diarrhea?

When diarrhea, it will cause the loss of salt and water in the body and electrolyte disorders. Drinking saline is mainly to supplement the electrolyte sodium and potassium ions to prevent dehydration, which has little effect on the treatment or relief of diarrhea.

Let’s take a closer look at it!

Does not stop diarrhea.

Saline has no astringent and antidiarrheal effect. Doctors recommend diarrhea patients to drink saline, mainly to prevent excessive diarrhea and imbalance caused by absorption imbalance.

What is the use of diarrhea to drink saline? When having diarrhea, diarrhea will cause the loss of salt and water in the body and electrolyte disorders. Drinking saline is mainly to supplement sodium ions and potassium ions to prevent dehydration and has little effect on the treatment or relief of diarrhea.

What to eat when you have diarrhea and drink diarrhea? Rice soup rice soup can supplement nutrition without increasing gastrointestinal burden.

Its high concentration of carbohydrates can increase the absorption of salt and help reduce the symptoms of diarrhea.

After years of clinical observation, pediatric experts at the National University of Singapore found that when a large number of infants with diarrhea and dehydration are not effective for general rehydration, feeding rice soup can often work.

Eat unripe bananas, ripe bananas, laxatives, and raw bananas to astringent and stop diarrhea.

It is mainly the alkaline acid contained in raw bananas, which has astringent effect. The potassium ions and magnesium ions can improve the electrolyte imbalance caused by diarrhea.

[How do home herbal tea recipes work?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How do home herbal tea recipes work?
】 _How to do_How to do

Many parents in the family regularly pay attention to some herbal teas to make appropriate adjustments to the body. There are also many types of herbal teas, such as honeysuckle, dampness tea, cold tea, etc. These are collectively referred to as herbal tea in our lives.

The making of herbal tea also needs to learn how to match the medicinal materials, so that the herbal tea that comes out will be more effective, and the conditioning of the body will be replaced.

Homemade herbal tea recipe Daquan recipe 1, Yinhua detoxification tea materials: honeysuckle, prunella, dandelion, white chrysanthemum each 5 dollars, raw land, houttuynia 3 dollars each Method: clean all materials, put them in a clay pot, add 3Bowl of water and cook until 1 bowl of tea soup is ready.

This homemade herbal tea has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying and nourishing yin and promoting fluid, but it should not be taken by people with cold constitution or pregnant women.

Recipe 2: Clear heat and dampness tea materials: honeysuckle, prunella, cotton syringa, white chrysanthemum, 5 yuan each, Chuanxiong, Poria cocos, 3 yuan each. Method: clean the above materials, put them in a clay pot, add 3 bowls of water,Cook for 1 bowl of tea and soup.

This heat-removing and damp-dampening tea is especially suitable for people with redness in urination, yellowish-white tongue, and sore tongue.

Recipe 3, Four Seasons Cold Tea Ingredients: Aquilegia, Forsythia, Burdock, Nepeta, Parsnip, Campanulaceae, Northern Apricot, Chuan Gong 3 yuan each, Licorice 1 yuan, Chrysanthemum 5 yuan, Ginger 3 slices Method: Put all of the aboveWash the ingredients thoroughly, put them in a clay pot, add 3 bowls of water, and cook until 1 bowl of tea soup, just cool.

This homemade herbal tea has a significant healing effect on headaches such as nasal congestion, sore throat, and cough with phlegm.

Recipe 4, Twenty-four flavor herbal tea materials: honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, rose flower, oolong tea, huangshangongju, wax plum, wolfberry, black sesame, golden chrysanthemum, white sesame, Ophiopogon, fat sea, jasmine, hawthorn, liquorice3 grams of lotus heart, dried fruit, mint, Maofeng tea, silver chrysanthemum, roselle, ginkgo biloba, rock sugar each method: Wash all ingredients, put them in a clay pot, add 3 bowls of water, and cook until 1 bowl of tea soup, pourCan stand the cold.

This twenty-four flavor herbal tea can clear heat and reduce fire, relieve heat and dampness, and quench thirst. It is especially suitable for friends who stay up late to catch fire.

Formula 5, Pandan Herbal Tea Ingredients: 9 grams each of Huoxiang and Pelan, 6 grams of tea Method: Wash the Huoxiang and Pelan, put them in the teapot with the tea, infuse 500 ml boiling water, cover with a lid5 minutes to enjoy.

This Pandan Herbal Tea has the functions of antipyretic and dispelling wind, clearing away heat and dampness, appetizing and vomiting.

Recipe 6, mint herbal tea material: 6 grams each of mint leaves and licorice. Schematic method of white sugar: clean mint leaves and licorice, put them in a clay pot, add appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, and continue to cook for about 5 minutes on low fireThen add white sugar and stir until it melts.

Drinking this homemade herbal tea often helps to refresh your mind and improve work efficiency.

Recipe 7, Mulberry Twilight Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea Material: 5 grams each of mulberry leaves and chrysanthemums, 3 grams of mint, 30 grams each of bitter bamboo leaves, and white grass rootPut it in the teapot.

Pour in an appropriate amount of water and cover with a lid for about 10 minutes.

This homemade herbal tea can often be combined on behalf of tea, especially suitable for people with wind and cold.

[Do you want to cook mung bean soup?]Mung bean soup_How to cook_How to cook

TOWER Yaosou Buddhists hip silly Cha ょ Huan Ping Pu Ming  “Li TOWER Tuan Buddhists hip silly Cha  Ho Tong Qian Qing upsetting How to upsetting?
The father and the mother are all in a hurry, and they are in the same way. They are in the same way.璞嗘堡鐨勬椂鍊欑豢璞嗛渶瑕佹场鍚椼€傜豢璞嗘场涓嶆场涓昏鍙栧喅浜庝釜浜猴紝缁胯眴娉′簡涔嬪悗锛岀叜姹ょ殑鏃跺€欑豢璞嗘洿瀹规槗鐓紑銆?1.”Don’t worry about it”, it’s a bit of a problem, it’s a bit of a problem, it’s a bit of a problem, it’s a lot of trouble, it’s very simple, and it’s a good idea.紝娴垂鐐圭噧鏂欙紒鍏堢敤寮€姘存场涓€浼氬悗鏀惧喎鍗翠簡鍐嶆斁杩涘啺绠?鐓殑鏃跺€欏氨瀹规槗鐓紑浜嗐€?2.What is the difference between the crotch and the crotch, the chains and the chains?The key is in the back of the crotch, and the child is in trouble, and the child is in trouble, and the chain is in a state of lawsuit, and the lawsuit is going on, and the lawsuit is going on.缁胯眴鏄撶叜鐑傝€屼笉浼氫娇缁胯眴姹よ壊娉藉彂娴?铏界劧鍠濈豢璞嗘堡娌℃湁鏄庢樉绂佸繉,浣嗘槸浣撹川铏氬急鐨勪汉,杩樻槸涓嶈澶氬枬,鏈€閲嶈鐨勬槸,涓嶈褰撻ギ鏂欐潵鍠? 灞炰簬瀵掑噳浣撹川鐨勪汉,渚嬪鏈夊洓鑲㈠啺鍑夈€佽吂鑳€銆佽吂娉讳究绋€绛夌棁鐘惰€?涓嶉€傚疁澶瀵嗛ギ鐢?鍚冧簡缁胯眴鍙嶈€屼細鍔犻噸鐥囩姸.Dirty, unreliable and unpretentious?It’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful?Awkwardness?鍋氭硶鏄皢绫炽€佺豢璞嗗垎鍒窐娲楀共鍑€,鍚屼笅閿呭姞姘寸叜鎴愮播.What is the difference? What is the difference? What is the difference between the crotch and the crotch? 蹇呴』鐓儌缁胯眴鎵嶄笉鑷充簬鍚冨緱澶噳,鍥犱负缁胯眴鍒氬垰鐓緱寮€鑺辨椂鍚冧簡鏈€鍑? 3.灏嗙豢璞嗘礂鍑€锛岀敤娌告按娴告场10鍒嗛挓銆傚緟鍐峰嵈鍚庯紝灏嗙豢璞嗘斁鍏ュ啺绠辩殑鍐峰喕瀹ゅ唴锛屽Hey?What are you saying? Do you want to make a fortune? Do you want to go?

Moisturizing tips for female air-conditioned rooms


Moisturizing tips for female air-conditioned rooms

The summer is hot, the heat is unbearable, and the scorching sun is daunting, hiding in air-conditioned rooms and not willing to go out.

But do the beauty OLs know?

The air conditioner made us feel comfortable and took away the water from our body. We managed to avoid the hot attack but got into a dry trap. What should we do?

Do n’t worry, here are some tips to teach everyone how to lock the moisture while enjoying the coolness in the air-conditioned room, so that the skin is always hydrated.

  The first trick: morning and evening skin care should be done in the air-conditioned room, the skin is easy to dry, this depends on whether you are lazy in daily skin care.

Daily morning and evening, moisturizing milk, cream or gel, absolutely based on personal skin moisturizers.

Don’t stop doing it in time to save time or to save trouble. For our “face” project, it can’t be sloppy.

  The second trick: eye moisturizer should pay attention to the facial care is done, have some details been overlooked?


Our young eyes have good lip skin and neck.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, but the skin of the eyes is as fragile as glass, and it is dry in summer. Especially in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the eyes will have fine lines due to lack of water.Make good eye moisturizing care!

  The third trick: bring a moisturizing spray with you for a long time in an air-conditioned room, why not have a moisturizing spray?

Moisturizing sprays should be kept in the office and / or home. It is best to use it every two or three hours to replenish the moisture lost to the skin at any time.

In addition, cleansing cloths and wet tissues can also come in handy at this time. Use wet tissues to gently wipe the skin of the hands and face to keep the skin fresh and clean at all times.

  The fourth trick: do n’t care about facial oil control. In summer, OLs who have been in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, if they do not control the oil, they will easily become shiny, their skin will lose color, acne, acne, and large poresIt is easy to follow, so in addition to moisturizing, oil control can not be ignored.

Should women wear green hats more

Should women wear green hats more

Men’s cuckolds will inevitably lead to divorce, while women’s cuckolds will inevitably lead to more stable marriages. At least in the entertainment industry, such celebrities have made Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaogang, Wu Zongxian and so on.

  The love story that happened to Ma Yashu and Wu Qilong proved a truth: no hat can be worn in white, even green hat is no exception.

After being put on a green hat in front of the world, Wu Qilong not only filed for divorce and paid nearly 100 million alimony, but was also forced to appreciate the sweet wedding performed by his ex-wife recently in a high profile. It seems that after a man is put on a green hat, it is not a jerk.A tear can be solved by slamming the door.

The times are advancing too fast. The red apricot has been out of the wall since ancient times. In the ancient times, the red apricot was stuffed in a pig cage and then lost in the river. I wonder if Xiaoshuaihu was so barbaric in that era.Approach, what kind of attitude.

  Like a pure angel who loves to wear a cuckold and wear Maya Shu to hold a wedding so prominently, as if not in a second marriage, or even receiving an Oscar for the best award, and not to mention the extra arrangements for the weddingIn her maiden home, Kunming, the billionaire ghost and son-in-law who put in her net worth made tears alive, saying the line “It’s her who saved my life”-Maya Shu moves so much, I don’t believe she’s the only one to be swaggered to her ex-husband.Look, she is almost trying to show the world.

  Tell everyone in a strong and confident way that contemporary women want to be as brave as possible to throw away the etiquette and shame that restrains themselves, and wear it to anyone who loves to wear a green hat like a pure angel.Right love, money and freedom.

  Cheng Qing’s sadness of the green hat, as a man living in an era that gave birth to such outstanding women as Ma Shuya, is a role model for Wu Qilong, and Wu Chengqing is not much worse, although his love story with Yi Nengjing is more gentle.

Yi Nengjing was just taken a picture of holding hands with Huang Weide. Overcoming this day, no one can prove that this red apricot has penetrated his body out of the wall, not to mention that this red apricot suffers from the pulse in the Zhiyun Rice Bureau: “I’m the kind of woman who can be desperate for affection.

Originally, people’s eyes on Yi Qianfu’s eyes were not as compassionate as they are looking forward to Ma Qianfu’s eyes, but they transformed Yi Nengjing into the press conference of his new book, Freedom of Soul, and said to the media: “If thenGenerally speaking, I would n’t marry a cycling man. ”This sentence obliterates the beauty of the classicism that Yi ‘s marriage and love had ever existed. People ‘s hope that“ makes me love once ”is the unscrupulous lookThe earth was compassionate.

  Women’s cuckold causes marriage to be more stable. At least in entertainment, we still live in a world where men are more face-saving than women. Believe it or not: Men’s cuckold will inevitably lead to divorce, and women’s cuckold will cause marriage to be more stable, at least in the entertainment industry.There are Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaogang, Wu Zongxian and so on.

Ni Zhen is the sharpest. He Liu Qian generally turns the green hat on Zhou Huimin’s head into a wedding ring.

So, can husbands wear the green hat that the wife handed over with the gratifying mentality of giving the wife a green hat?

Can such a mother-in-law world make you want to wear it?

How to care for split ends?

How to care for split ends?

What should I do if the hair is often split and the effect after hair care is not good?

  Good Diet and Sleeping Habits: Good diet, water supplement and sleep for human metabolism. If metabolism is normal, hair is naturally healthy and beautiful!

  Complete cleansing: Good shampoo habits will make you have healthy hair.

Remember to pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand and knead and foam, then push the bubbles into the hair with your fingertips, insert the shampoo to hurt the scalp; massage your hair gently with your fingertips, even when flushAlso don’t rub hard for deep care: conditioner can protect the hair, while conditioner can repair damaged hair.

Therefore, when conditioning the hair, first absorb the moisture slightly, just apply the conditioner at the end of the hair, and then rinse it for a while. The correct deep hair care can be performed once a week to push the conditioner from the rootTo the ends of the hair, avoid over the scalp, if you need to strengthen the moisture, you can wrap with a towel to promote nutrient absorption, stay for about 10?
15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

  Correct blowing: Wet hair scales will appear open, if combed with a comb, it is easy to damage the hair, so after washing the hair, you can use a towel to gently absorb the moisture and then use it.The blower blows.

When blowing hair, the air vent should not be too close to the hair, with a distance of 10?
15 centimeters is good; if you want to increase the thickness or height of the hairstyle, here is a small step to blow dry the hair in the opposite direction to make the hairstyle more fluffy.

All-round recognition of beauty holy products-bird’s nest

All-round recognition of beauty holy products-bird’s nest

Bird’s nest, also known as bird’s nest, bird’s root, bird’s nest writing, bird’s nest, golden silk, etc., is not only a valuable cooking ingredient, but also a supplement with high nutritional value.
Bird’s nest refers to the nest created by the saliva secreted by the swallows, and then mixed with other substances (such as feathers and grass branches).
Among the swallows, the protein purity and nutritional value of Jinsiyan saliva is the highest.
  The bird’s nests eaten by Chinese people can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. It is reported that Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty often consumed bird’s nests for beauty. From the following dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, the style of the bird’s nest to be treasured in high society has been incessant, and it is lined up in the palace.Beginning in the Ming Dynasty, small countries near Southeast Asia paid tribute to the emperor of the dynasty, and many of them were top-grade bird’s nests, which were logically known as “gongyan” or “guanyan”.
[Compendium of Materia Medica]by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty has described the bird’s nest in more detail: near the far seas of Fujian, there are gold silk of the bird’s name, and two ribs such as maple silk on the back of the snail, which are clean and white, and can be eaten.The tonic has already been exhausted, so the internalized ribs of the swallow food turned out, and the fluid was vomited out. It was formed into a small nest and attached to the stone. For a long time, it flew with the young chicks, and the sea people picked it up on time, so:Bird’s nest.
  Place of Origin: The origin of bird’s nest is distributed in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and China’s Hainan Province.
Among them, Hoi An, Vietnam, is suitable for swallows because of the weather and environment, so the quality of bird’s nest is the best.
Because the output is small and the demand exceeds supply, the price is more expensive.
  Because the bird’s nest is different in origin, the taste is also different.
Dongyan is mainly Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. The entrance will feel refreshing and slightly rough.
Not soft enough.
The bird’s nest workers in Indonesia are mainly bird’s nest, which is relatively clean and has a short soaking time.
  Bird’s nest species: Golden Bird’s Nest: The most common bird’s nest is made directly by saliva.
Colors are mainly divided into white, yellow, red and gray.
The red bird is commonly known as the blood swallow. The red color of the blood swallow is due to the minerals and iron in the food when the swallows forage, and because the environment is humid and oxidized, it turns red.
  Mao Yan: Mao Yan is a kind of cave swallow. Swallows use saliva and most of their hair to build their nests. The appearance is poor but does not represent poor quality. The color is mainly white and yellow. Generally, there are many processing procedures for hair swallowIt is necessary to break Nestlé, remove feathers and impurities, and then make a bird cake.
Although the efficacy is not as good as that of Jinsiyan, the hair is better.
  Grass swallows: Grass swallows can be divided into house grass swallows or cave grass swallows. They mostly live along the coast, especially in Indonesia and the Sulu Sea in the southern Philippines.
The grass swallow is exactly what the name implies: the swallow will use its own saliva and grass to build its nest, so the appearance of the bird’s nest will be a little grassy.
  Bird’s nest products Bird’s nest: The workers select nest-shaped or boat-shaped bird’s nests from the harvested bird’s nests, and then sell them after small plucking.
Bird’s nest is taken out naturally, so the shape and size are different.
It has the best nutrition, fragrance and hair.
The cleanest and best hair out of many.
If a swallow builds a nest on the beam of a bird house, the bird’s nest becomes a boat.
If the swallows nest in the corner, the bird’s nest will form triangles, bird’s nests, bird’s balls: the bird’s nest broken by the workers, and the bird’s nest is pressed into different shapes (diamond, spherical, half-moon, rectangular, etc.), which are usually clean and have good hair.
  Swallow horn: It is the hard part of the two ends of the bird’s nest, and it is also the place where the saliva of the swallow is the thickest.
It takes a long time (six to eight hours) to cut out the swallow horns and soak them in water. The swallow horns are torn into pieces before immersion, making it easier to sap.
The hair is larger and more refreshing than Yan Yan.
  Bird’s nest: mostly grass swallows, strip-shaped bird’s nests harvested and broken in bird’s nest or cut from bird’s nest.
  Yansi: refers to a very thin sac within the bird’s nest.
  How to choose a good bird’s nest: 1. The denser the fiber, the better: the color is transparent with a slight yellow, shiny, and has the fragrance of bird’s nest.
The fibers on the bird’s nest should be clearly visible, with clear texture and different thickness. The denser the better.
The silk inside the bosom should be messy and loose.
  2. The shape must be complete and large: the top bird’s nest must be complete and large.
If the swallows nest in the swallow house’s beams, the bird’s nest will become a boat.
If the swallows nest in the corner, the bird’s nest will form a triangle.
The interior is distinct.
  3, the amount of hair: after soaking in the bird’s nest, the average is three to five times larger, and more advanced bird’s nests such as Guanyan, can even make five to seven times larger.Vietnam cave swallow weight.

  4. A small amount of young hair: After soaking the bird’s nest, a small amount of young hair will be seen. If there is no fine hair or it is extremely clean, it may be artificially rinsed.

5, fishy taste: natural bird’s nest.

It will smell a little bit fishy, and it will be more intense when wet.

However, some bird’s nests processed with chemical agents will have a chemical agent flavor after being immersed.

Pay attention.

  6. Dilution in water: Pure natural bird’s nest, it will dissolve in water after being stewed, and it will not dissolve in the course of soaking in the end.

For the convenience of transportation, the bird’s nest from Indonesia comes with water when it comes to Indonesia. To make a dry bird’s nest, it must be bottomed before it becomes air-dried.

Moisture bird’s nests will be found on the market. Although water will carry weight, faithful shops will definitely reduce the price to the value of the dried product.

  7, rough appearance: If you choose a completely dry bird’s nest, carefully pick it up, you will feel the bird’s nest is rough, and it is particularly crisp, it will make a sound, and it will easily break, and the processed bird’s nest is covered with a substance on the surface.The body, but only (the skin is not dry), is not only difficult to break, it is elastic, and the leaching water will be cloudy, and even oxygen bubbles will appear.

  8. Different colors: Because each swallow eats different food, the color of their saliva will also be different, so the color of each bird’s nest varies.

  In summary, a good bird’s nest should be: the silk is thin and dense, the shape of the bird is large and thick, it has a fishy smell, and it feels dry, with a small amount of fine hair in the bird, and the bird’s horns are thin.

  Preservation method: The bird’s nest bought at home is best placed in the air-conditioned room and blown off at the air outlet for one night, so that the water and gas in the bird’s nest basically evaporate, which is conducive to preservation.

And put it in a sealed box and keep it in a cool place for several years.

But do n’t put it in the refrigerator.

  The beauty effect of bird’s nest: 1. Tonifying the lungs and nourishing yin, stopping cough due to deficiency of the lungs, and reducing lung deficiency.

Including lung yin deficiency, shortness of breath, prolonged cough, blood in sputum, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, bronchitis, sweating, and low flushing.

2. Tonic and nourish the stomach, relieve stomach coldness, and vomit.

Nausea caused by stomach yin deficiency, nausea, bowel sounds.

  3, after illness, weakness, stinging, gas replacement for each disease, with bird’s nest for food, can nourish yin tone.

4, antiperspirant, qi deficiency, sweating of spleen deficiency, urine replacement, nocturia.

  5. Makes human skin smooth, elastic and shiny, thereby reducing wrinkles.

  6, bird’s nest contains a variety of amino acids, infants and children often eat wisdom can increase wisdom, increase thinking, anti-sensitivity, make up for its innate shortcomings.

  7, pregnant women during pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum eating, there are effects of fertility, supplementation.

8. Bird’s nest is a food of natural Zengjin fluid, and contains a variety of amino acids, it has inhibitory and counterbalance effects on esophageal cancer, throat cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, rectal cancer and so on.

9. All the sequelae caused by electrotherapy and chemotherapy, such as dry throat, sore throat, swelling, constipation, hoarseness, nausea, etc., have significantly improved bird’s nest.

10. Bird’s nest is sweet and flat, nourishing yin and moisturizing, it is a nutritious and beneficial food, it has the effect of health food therapy, and it is a healthy food welcomed by the public.

  However, very little is known about the selection and efficacy of bird’s nest, and most people have misconceptions of one kind or another.

  Misunderstanding: House swallows are gilded swallows raised at home. Literacy: artificially constructed bird nests produced by bird houses have more stable quality.I am afraid it is also a shot of “dangerous shuttle hanging on the edge of a cliff”.

That’s right, there are a large number of locals in Southeast Asia who pick bird’s nests in caves. Now on the cliffs of some small islands in Thailand, you can still see many decaying bamboo ladders that can once produce bird’s nests.

“But now, considering personal safety and environmental protection, a large number of swallow houses have been built locally in Indonesia.

“Yang Sheng, a bird’s nest expert at Jinyan Zan, said,” The bird’s house is like a tower with a flat roof.

“Although they raise golden swallows, they also raise chickens and ducks.

After the construction of the new swallow house, the locals will first move the swallow nest of the house swallow into the house, put the eggs of the golden swallow, and when the first generation of the golden swallow grows up, they will use it as their home.

“There are many small square windows on each floor of the tower. Every morning around 6 o’clock, Jinsiyan will fly out to find food for himself.

After all, these are no different from wild ones except to attract settlements.

“Yang Sheng said,” In addition to unified sanitary management and the avoidance of natural hazards, the bird’s nests implanted by house swallows are more stable.

For example, some of the official swallows of Jin Yanzhan are from house swallows.

  Misunderstanding: Yanzhan has the highest nutritional value. Literacy: Yan broken impurities are more nutritious but not expensive. It is always good-this is almost a substitute for human consumption psychology.

Of course, there is always a reason for the high price. As far as bird’s nest is concerned, some people think that the price of bird’s nest in the same breed of bird’s nest is higher than that of broken bird because of its high nutritional value.   In fact, the bird’s nest is the part that was accidentally crushed during transportation, or has been broken during the picking process.

Almost complete Yan Yan, Yan Yan contains impurities concentration, which may be mixed with Yan Horn (both ends of Yan Yan), in addition to the cleaning process is more troublesome, in addition, the taste is not as good as Yan Yan.

However, in terms of nutritional value alone, the nutritional value of Yanyan is not small.

If you are just starting to eat and want to DIY, you can consider Guan Yan Crush, because Yan Crush is relatively affordable, even if the stew fails, it will not be too distressed.

And long-term consumption, the bird’s crushing effect is not bad.

  Misunderstanding: Stewing bird’s nests without wasting literacy: If the methods are not correct, it means that you can eat them for nothing. In the forums, there are often netizens who ask for help.The practice of bird’s nest.

In fact, more than just stewing, the pre-treatment of bird’s nests such as picking hairs and cleaning up makes many people dumbfounded.

“If the treatment is not correct, it is tantamount to giving up.

“Yang Sheng said.

  There is a lot of knowledge about the stew of bird’s nest.

Due to the mineral content of blood swallows, stewing takes longer, usually between 3 and 3.

5 hours; and Guanyan can’t be stewed for too long because of the high gel content, it can be half an hour to 45 minutes, otherwise it will easily turn water.

After soaking the bought Yanzhan for one night, don’t rush into the electric cup and tear it into strips. You will find unclean impurities in the middle. Rinse them with water before putting them into the pot.

Another thing is that many people like to eat rock candy bird’s nest, so they throw the syrup and bird’s nest in an electric cup to stew. This will greatly reduce the taste and the benefits. The bird’s nest must be stewed in water and stewed for 5 minutes., Then add rock sugar.

  If you’re afraid of trouble, or don’t worry about your own “craft” of stewing, you can choose ready-to-eat bird’s nest.

This kind of bottled bird’s nest bird’s nest stewed by the shop is very popular in Hong Kong, just add it to milk, oats, porridge or soup.

Children should never ignore parents

Children should never ignore “parents”

First of all.
It is different in interpersonal response.
Different interpersonal traits have created different strengths for people’s needs for interpersonal communication.
Some people need not be very strong in their interactions. They don’t want to be disturbed by others. They leave their homes or are alone.
There is no lonely pain.
On the contrary, some people have a strong need to communicate, so when faced with the empty nest life situation, it is easier to experience loneliness.
It is different in temperament type.
Psychology divides human temperament into four types: bile; multi-blood; mucus; depressive.
A large number of studies have shown that elderly people with depressive and mucous temperament types are prone to loneliness.
Because the old people with mucus are calm and calm, the emotions are slow and weak, the people are easy to be indifferent, and the heart is not easy to expose; and the depressed elderly are more sentimental and timid.
It can be seen that the introverted elderly pay more attention to their inner world, do not like to associate with others, like to be meditation and lonely, especially in the new situation, most of them choose silence.
It is different from self-awareness.
Lonely elderly people often lack self-understanding and tend to underestimate themselves.
They often don’t see their strengths. When they interact with others, they always use their shortcomings to compare with the strengths of others. They think that their family origin, economic income, social status and work unit are not as good as others, and they are more discouraged.It is gradually alienated from people.
銆€銆€How to carry out psychological self-rescue in the face of the lonely self-satisfaction of elderly friends: cognitive therapy.
Older friends must first see that children’s 鈥渁way from the nest鈥?is an inevitable trend of family development.
When children grow up, leaving from their parents, starting a family and nurture their own offspring, it should be a sign of the maturity of their children.
If a child grows up and does not want to leave home, living with his parents for a long time, this is a manifestation of family misfortune.
Therefore, the elderly should be happy for their children’s departure from the nest.
銆€銆€The second method of psychological self-help: behavioral therapy.
When you feel lonely, you can make a plan to assign yourself to different levels of difficulty.
At the beginning, the interaction task can be simpler, and then gradually strengthen the difficulty of the interaction.
In the process of dealing with various people, we must respect the characteristics and habits of others and strive to live in harmony with others.
If you are self-sufficient, you will not be able to turn to others if you encounter difficulties, or you will disregard the difficulties of others. As a result, you will inevitably aggravate your loneliness.
Therefore, on the one hand, we must be good at helping others, win the respect and sincere friendship of others, and on the other hand, be good at helping others, and make their feelings cheerful through the help of others.
銆€銆€The third method of psychological self-help: marriage therapy.
Young couples are always here.
When the child leaves the nest, the elderly couple should promptly turn their emotions to their wife, in order to fill the “vacuum” left by the factor female.
If you are a widowed old man, you can consider remarriage in appropriate circumstances and get your emotions pinned out to get rid of loneliness.
銆€銆€The fourth method of psychological self-help: life therapy.
The best way to get rid of loneliness is to create a good life situation.
There are two layers of meaning here.
It is not the same as the separation of children from each other.
After the children leave their homes to establish a new living space, the elderly should continue to strengthen their ties with their children, try to enhance mutual understanding between the two generations and give them appropriate help.
Or, when the conditions permit, the elderly can also take turns to live in the children’s home, so as not to stand alone.
This is the creation of a living situation.銆€銆€In addition, try to expand your range of interests, from reading, reading, painting, practicing the piano, punching, fencing, planting flowers, raising animals and other activities to have fun.

These are all beneficial to free yourself from the small circle of loneliness.

Even if there is only one person in these activities, once you give it wholeheartedly, the loneliness will disappear.

Folk recipe red date ginger water can cure frequent urination

Folk recipe red date ginger water can cure frequent urination

Guangdong reader Ms. Liang: Old people passed down a recipe of “red date ginger soup”, which can treat frequent urination, everyone does not hinder trying: First, peel and wash 150 grams of ginger, and then take 100 grams of red dates into the pot.

Then, add 500 ml of water and cook for 10-15 minutes, then take the juice (three times per dose).

Finally, add an appropriate amount of white sugar as a tea drink and finish it in one day.

Even taking half a month as a course of treatment, usually the symptoms of 2 courses of treatment can be significantly improved or disappeared.

  Zhang Hude, professor of the health room of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Red dates and ginger soup do penetrate the effect of nourishing and nourishing qi, and have certain effect on frequent urination caused by deficiency of qi and yang.

Dried red dates can nourish the spleen, soak them for a while, then cut them into halves before soup and drink.

Ginger has the effect of warming the table, and it is best to cut it into pieces before adding it to the soup.

Among them, if the symptoms of frequent urination are mild, then the soup will be effective; if the symptoms are more severe, you need to receive it continuously for one month.

However, it is recommended to replace the white sugar in this recipe with brown sugar, the effect will be better.

Because from the perspective of Chinese medicine, white sugar is a wet food, while brown sugar is warm and sweet, nourishing qi and blood, and strengthening the spleen.

Don’t miss out on these spleen and stomach-raising stomach recipes


Don’t miss out on these spleen and stomach-raising stomach recipes

Cane ginger drink: sugar cane, ginger, the right amount; take half a cup of sugar cane juice, 1 spoon of ginger juice and stewed Serve.

Take it twice a week and stew after warming.

Efficacy: It has the effect of neutralizing stomach and is suitable for the initial use of gastric cancer.

Brown sugar tofu: 100 grams of tofu, 60 grams of brown sugar, 1 bowl of water.

The brown sugar is washed with water, added tofu, and boiled for 10 minutes.

Efficacy: often take, have stomach and hemostasis, vomiting blood can be used to treat this treatment.

Chenpi red jujube drink: 1 orange peel, 3 red dates.

Jujube enucleation and orange peel are fried together.

1 time a day, Efficacy: This diet is qi and spleen, reducing vomiting, suitable for chills and vomiting Lai porridge: 30 grams of Laizizi, has been appropriate amount of rice.

After frying the Laiwuzi, cook the porridge with the previous rice.

1 time a day, take breakfast.

Efficacy: This prescription eliminates swelling and bloating is obvious.

Chenpi lean meat porridge: 9 grams of dried tangerine peel, 12 grams of squid fish bones, 50 grams of pork lean meat, has been the right amount of rice.

Use dried tangerine peel, fish bone and rice porridge, cook and go to the tangerine peel and squid bone, add lean meat slices and cook again, season with salt.

Take it twice a day, morning and dinner.

Efficacy: diet porridge to reduce vomiting, spleen and spleen, bloating can be preferred this lettuce jujube cake: lettuce 250 grams, jujube 250 grams, 500 grams of flour.

Cut the lettuce, jujube cooked to go to the core, mix with the flour and make a cake.

When taking snacks, spleen and stomach, dampness and dampness; stool thin or diarrhea.

Shiliuzhen cake: tamping, yam, medlar, lotus meat, glutinous rice kernel, lentils each 30 grams, rice flour 500 grams.

All of the above processing into powder and rice flour are combined to form a solution.

2 times or 3 times a day, 6 grams each time, add sugar to taste, boiled water, can also be used as a pastry, this side of the spleen, diarrhea effect is good.

Longan peanut soup: peanuts with 250 grams of red clothes, 5 jujubes, 12 grams of longan meat.

Jujube to the core, and peanuts, longan together with water to cook.

Once a day, nourishing the spleen, anemia is obvious.

Ume porridge: 20 grams of ebony, 100 grams of previous rice, the amount of crystal sugar.

First, simmer the ebony to the slag, add the porridge into the previous rice, add some rock sugar after the porridge is cooked, and then cook it.

Once a day, this side has the effect of stopping bleeding.

Helen porridge: 20 grams of sesame and peach, 80 grams of previous rice.

Use sesame, peach kernel and glutinous rice to cook porridge.

Once every other day, you can use this porridge for laxative and dry stools.

Sesame porridge: 6 grams of sesame seeds, 30 grams of previous rice, honey amount.

Stir the sesame seeds until the rice porridge is ready to be cooked, then add honey and mix thoroughly.

Once a day, this medicated diet will help the blood.

Fish belly crisp: fish belly (large yellow croaker, squid, yellow lip fish, squid scorpion similar to raw materials), sesame oil.

The fish belly is fried with sesame and crushed.

3 times a day, 10 grams each time, served with warm water.

This medicated diet supplements kidney and essence, nourishes the tendons, stops bleeding, disperses silt, and reduces swelling.

Jianwei anti-cancer tea: sunflower stem or sunflower tray 30 grams.Use the above raw materials to decoction.

Decoction on behalf of tea, long-term existence, anti-cancer, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

Patients with degenerative anastomotic stoma of gastric cancer may choose this meal.