Create a fattening plan for the dignity of men

The boy named “Skinny” has told his story: height is 170 cm and weight is only 49 kg.

Because of his thinness, he was hit hard on the road to love.

I used to kiss 20 times, but I was rejected because I was too thin.

Now I finally found my beloved girlfriend, but my girlfriend still implicitly raised it, I hope he can be burly and give himself a sense of security.

  “Slim Bamboo” began to record its own fattening plan online, and insisted on publishing its weight, diet and exercise every day. Please supervise.

Up to now, it has been fattening for three days.

  The first morning of the fattening plan: a cup of soy milk, two eggs, and a cage in a small cage.

It took ten laps around the community and took 30 minutes.

  At noon: two bowls of rice, a plate of beef, a plate of green pepper slices, almost broke the belly.

  Afternoon: Walk with your girlfriend in Yintai.

Eat too much, can’t sleep at night.

  The second morning of the fattening plan: a cup of milk and 5 slices of bread.

Walk around the community for half an hour to help digestion.

  At noon: a bowl of tomato scrambled eggs, a bowl of pickled fish, a bowl of rice.

Most of the cake after dinner.

  After work: Drive to the gym to do exercises.

After practicing for nearly an hour, I didn’t want to get up on the floor, and almost fell asleep in the bathroom.

  “Many people feel that it is easy to gain weight and it is difficult to lose weight.

But many thin people eat and grow fat, because they have poor absorption capacity.

Experts have made some comments on the boy’s method of fattening: the boy’s determination to increase weight is worthy of recognition, but gaining weight is not a one-time thing, there is a process.

The combination of diet and exercise has a certain significance for weight gain.

  ”This boy’s exercise and diet can be more scientific.

Lin Lin said, “Three meals deliberately increased the amount of food intake and increased gastric load.”

People who are thin usually have less internal organs, which can easily cause the stomach to sag.

In addition, eating too much, stimulating gastric acid secretion, it is also easy to produce stomach relief or even pain, and even affect the particle size in severe cases.

Running, continuous shopping, etc. are aerobics and are not recommended during weight gain.

Rapid exercise immediately after a meal is not conducive to health, and it is easy to suddenly cause serious diseases such as intestinal obstruction.

The boy’s diet is relatively simple, and the simultaneous supplementation of multiple nutrients is more conducive to absorption and nutritional balance.

The nutritionist put forward two suggestions for fattening: one, three meals, more steaming, stewing, braising, frying, boiling and other cooking methods, preferably suitable foods such as sea fish and other high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids; can be accelerated to eat properlySpeed; a small amount of cakes, fruits, etc. are added between the two meals.

  Second, exercise intensity should be moderate, it is recommended to change the running for push-ups, timely add eggs, beef, squid and so on within 90 minutes after exercise.