Skincare recommended 4 multi-purpose beauty products_1

Skincare recommended 4 multi-purpose beauty products

Guide: Everything you ca n’t do without using multiple beauty products saves time and saves energy. It is always the first demand of “busy people”, so a multi-purpose “lazy” beauty product is definitely a skin care product recommended by MMAlready.

For example, Camila Cream, which is popular among online audiences recently, is a kind of good skin care product with a variety of functions. There are other skin care products that are worth recommending. Let’s take a look.


Not just a clean and mysterious Camilla Gel Mini Pack ¥ 109 is a highly recommended skin care product. It was born in a sub-region near New Jersey, Israel, known as a sacred place. It has been a natural plant in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.The essence of the mysterious brand Camilla, the new Mini package is very easy to carry. In addition to cleaning, it has high effect on acne, skin inflammation, and small wound healing.


Dual-use Essence Swiss Vislan Brightening Full Face and Eyes Dual-use Essence ¥ 1350 / 30mL Combination of whitening and anti-aging multiple-effect facial and eye-dye essence, it is one of the most suitable skin care products for business tripsIt is recommended to save the position of the cosmetic bag and it is very gentle to use at the same time. Even people with sensitive skin can use it with confidence, and the dual-use essence that can use the eyes is very small.Unconsciously promoted.


“Lazy” mask The source of the original wood Yuemu is moist and smooth and nourishing and nourishing at night. The mask without cleaning is really easy, and its fresh peach taste smells pleasant, and it contains avocado residue, moisturizing.The effect is very good.


Clean and moisturize in one step Jurlique Vegetable Lime Lavender Body Wash ¥ 230 / 300mL In addition to cleansing the skin, this bath lotion is also blended with natural lavender essential oil. After washing, it will not feel dry without rubbing the body milk.The scent also allows the body to get the best relaxation in the bath.

MM who wants to take a comfortable bath should pay attention to this skin care product recommendation.

Message from the editor: While applying skin care products, don’t forget to enjoy this comfortable process, the skin care effect will be better.

Sitting posture is not careful, back pain is intolerable

Sitting posture is not careful, back pain is intolerable

Now through the acceleration of life rhythm and more and more intense work, some senior or copywriters often suffer from lumbar pain, leg pain and other symptoms due to incorrect sitting posture or sitting for a long time, which eventually leads to the occurrence of lumbar spondylosis.

Xiaobian teach you 3 ways to prevent back pain.

  The number of patients with low back and leg pain increased significantly in the hospital. Those with mild symptoms showed pain, soreness, swelling, morning stiffness, cold limbs, and inconvenience of squatting. The severe patients would lose their ability to work and live.

  The cause of the disease is complex, such as congenital malformations and injuries, but proper methods can prevent or delay its occurrence.

Here are a few ways to do this.

  1. Abandon bad habits. These bad habits should be corrected in time; use the computer in the same posture for a long time, play mahjong or drive; continuously lean or bend on the sofa or lie on the bed;Too long; suddenly bent down to carry heavy objects, squatting for a long time, washing clothes, cleaning the floor, etc.

These habits can lead to hyperplasia of the intervertebral disc, causing low back pain.

  2, master the correct posture sitting position: waist straight, legs on the ground flat, the same posture should not be too long.

At the same time, use soft cushions to maintain the physiological curvature of the lower back.

If you are sitting for a long time, you should stand up for 5-10 minutes in about 40 minutes.

  Standing position: Lift your head, lift your chest, abdomen, and maintain a slight lumbar lordosis to relax the hip muscles. Press straight or shift your hands on your hips and stretch your back.

  If the distal end is vertical, you can take a “rest” posture, that is, step forward with your feet half a step forward, let your weight rest on your lower limbs, rest your lower limbs a little, and alternate after half a minute.

Stands out too long.

  Lying position: It is best to sleep on a wooden bed and add a 5-10 cm thick mattress.

When lying on the side, the waist should be straight, and the knee joint is slightly flexed; when lying on the back, a towel roll can be placed on the waist to maintain the waist curvature.

  3. Waist stretching exercise to straighten the limbs; or take a “fly swallow posture” when lying on your stomach, that is, lying on your stomach, your abdomen, your pelvis close to the bed, your upper body and limbs trying to lift off the bed; or breaststroke when swimmingPosture, etc.

  How to treat waist and leg pain is most suitable In modern life, more and more people are troubled by various kinds of body pain, most of which are waist and leg pain.

  In the past, low back and leg pain were common in middle-aged and elderly people, workers who have been engaged in heavy equipment for a long time, or people who have worked in cold environments for a long time.

  Now experiencing the accelerated pace of life and more and more intense work, except for a few patients caused by trauma, most of them are not paying attention to rest or generating health awareness.

  In particular, some drivers or copywriters often suffer from lumbar pain, leg pain, numbness of the limbs, pain in the lower limbs, numbness and paresthesia, intermittent claudication, changes in spine posture and other symptoms due to incorrect sitting or sedentary conditions, which eventually lead to lumbar spondylosishappened.
  First, there are many reasons for low back and leg pain. The common causes are lumbar soft tissue strain, lumbar degenerative changes, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spinal fractures, third lumbar transverse process syndrome, and piriformis syndrome.

Although the causes are different, conservative treatment is similar.

  Second, there are too many current treatments for low back and leg pain. The common non-surgical treatments are as follows.

  1. In the early stage of drug treatment, anti-inflammatory and analgesics are mainly used. At present, the commonly used oral drugs are as follows: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesics (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants, auxiliary analgesics, proprietary Chinese medicines, vitamin drugs, etc.
  However, due to the obvious gastrointestinal response of most anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, patients are more difficult to accept.

  2. Physical therapy Physical therapy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, neuromuscular excitement, and loosening adhesions.

  Commonly used are low, medium, high frequency, ultra-short wave, short wave, etc., which can improve local blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance immunity, promote elimination of dispersal, loosen adhesions, reduce pain, and achieve anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

  And no pain and no complications, the effect is rapid, so physical therapy may be the ideal treatment option.

  3. Traction therapy absorbs the affected soft tissues and gives them a full rest. The adherent nerve roots are loosened, which relieves the compression, which is conducive to the absorption of congestive edema, remission and pain relief.

  It is beneficial to relieve the vicious cycle of cervical spine fractures and fracture pains, and to restore the normal relationship of the micro-abnormal changes of the posterior spinal joints.

  4. Acupuncture treatment stimulates acupuncture points, channels and collaterals, regulates qi and blood, and yin and yang, accelerates blood circulation, increases metabolism, reduces pain, increases muscle relaxation, and stimulates the internal functions of the body to play a therapeutic role.

  From the perspective of modern life sciences, it is through the adjustment of neuroendocrine and immune system network functions to stimulate the participation of endogenous biologically active substances in the body, which is transformed into active multilevel physiological regulation to relieve pain.

  5. Manipulation can be used to make the protrusions return, change the relationship between the protrusions and surrounding tissues, and reduce inflammation and analgesia.

  It can promote the expansion of capillary of creep soft tissue, increase the adaptability of blood vessels, accelerate the blood circulation, fully contract the penetrated muscle tissue, and interrupt the multiple vicious cycles of attenuation-pain-muscle rupture.

  Further treatment of extravertebral canal soft tissue damage or compressive damage to nerve roots is eliminated, thereby eliminating the aseptic aseptic arthritis is beneficial to the repair of diseased tissues.

  6. Acupoint injection Acupoint injection has obvious curative effect on lumbar spondylosis. The traditional Chinese medicine injection with the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and collaterals is used in combination with nutritional nerve drugs. The acupoint or tender point is selected for injection to reduce local inflammation and adhesion.

  3 times a week, two weeks as a course of treatment.

It is suitable for those with obvious pain and poor general treatment effect.  7. Partial regional closure can be divided into shallow and deep closure.

  Superficial closure: The enclosed area includes the lumbar dorsal fascia, the starting and stopping points of the lumbar muscle, the supraspinous ligament, and the interspinous ligament.

Generally requires a combination of tenderness points and precise anatomy.

  Third, prevention 1, bed rest.

  2. Exercise exercise The role of exercise training is to maintain the normal spine shape of the patient, improve the strength of the back muscles, enhance the elasticity of the ligaments around the vertebral body, and strengthen the stability of the spinal joints.

  3. Maintaining correct posture and posture Poor posture and posture can easily cause muscle imbalance around the spine to disrupt the remembered mechanical balance.

  4. Avoid overloading and improve bad working environment and conditions such as leaning and bending.

Handstand Posture-Prone Dog Squeeze

Handstand Posture-Prone Dog Squeeze

It is suitable for intermediate practitioners. It can be practiced in the first trimester, the second trimester and the second trimester.

  Benefits: This exercise can relax and interact with the shoulder muscles, stretch the ligaments of the legs, and strengthen the body.

  Note: People with hypertension should not practice and do not practice handstand in the last stages of pregnancy.

  Method: Kneel with both hands on the ground, arms perpendicular to the head, fingers spread as far as possible.

The two middle fingers are parallel to each other, the knees are directly below the tip, the feet are parallel, the toes step on the ground, the navel is lowered towards the ground, and then inhale.

Exhale, push your hands backwards, lift your tailbone up, straighten your legs, and your heels to the ground. Pay attention to breathing evenly. Keep this position to the limit of comfort.But it’s hard to do).

But this is really an excellent relaxation position, give yourself time to get used to this movement slowly.

  If the leg ligaments are pulled tight, inhale, try to straighten your right knee (with your heels on the floor, do not lift) and bend your left knee.

Exhale, bend your right knee and straighten your left knee, and alternately bend and straighten your legs.

  When you are finished, bend your knees, sit on your heels with your forehead on the ground or your fists.

  ■ Relative posture: children’s style.

  ■ Change the posture to make a cat contraction style.

Inhale, lift your head and tail vertebra, and lower your belly button.

Exhale, arching the back end and lowering your head.

Inhale, step on your toes, lift your head and tail, and lower your belly button.

Exhale again, lift your knees up and off the ground, forming a downward-facing dog squeeze.

Hold this position and take a deep breath.

Exhale, move the body to form a cat fraction, and start the exercise again.

Practice with the rhythm of your breathing.

This set of actions can be divided into three beats. In the cat expansion style, the first inhalation is the first beat, the exhalation is the second beat, and then the inhalation is the third beat. Exhaling into the dog squeeze is the firstBeat, keep the dog inhaling down is the second beat, and keep the breath in the third pose.

Mastering the rhythm of exercise makes it easier to practice.

Don’t rub sand into your eyes

Don’t rub sand into your eyes

Ye Xiurong, director of the Department of Ophthalmology of the 305 Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, believes that severe foreign body in the eye will cause corneal damage or even keratitis, which will eventually affect vision.

  For emergency treatment, you can use the tap water to flush out foreign objects. Do not pinch your eyes.

  Some special situations should be handled carefully: 1.

When encountering lime-like foreign matter into the eyes, immediately flush the eyes with a large amount of water or tap water, and then go to the hospital as soon as possible for further treatment.


Do not allow others to use foreign objects such as cotton swabs, handkerchiefs, etc. to avoid foreign body damage and infection.


If you can’t handle it yourself, don’t delay and immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

Long-term foreign bodies in the eye can cause corneal infections, especially metallic foreign bodies, which can penetrate the eyes and cause unpredictable consequences.

  Now the weather is dry and there is a lot of sand and dust in the north. Wear deputy goggles to prevent sand and dust from getting into your eyes.

During construction, wear protective glasses to prevent iron slag, wood slag, glass slag, lime slag, etc. from entering the eyes.

Non-construction personnel should stay away from the site.

Be careful not to let the branches scratch your eyes when outing in the wild.

Be wary of 3 heavy metals in cosmetics


Be wary of 3 heavy metals in cosmetics

You use cosmetics containing certain metals every day, and you know that your skin is easily damaged by these metals.

If you choose it incorrectly, it can directly cause metal poisoning. So how can you reduce the chance of this happening?

  Test: If your skin meets the following conditions, there may be too much hormone or heavy metal residues.


Have used creams or special skincare products to cure acne, used anti-allergic or whitening cosmetics.

After using it, I feel that my skin condition has improved a lot, so I use it continuously for more than several months.


The skin is very uncomfortable after removing acne or whitening products. After using other products, redness, swelling, itching and allergies may suddenly occur.


The skin is dull and dull, dark yellow, or even gray and black, and the skin becomes thin, with obvious red bloodshot, and the skin is prone to allergies.

  Be wary of the 3 types of heavy metals in cosmetics that are harmful to the skin from heavy gold. Why do you still add this ingredient to cosmetics?

  Some metals contained in cosmetics are intentionally added to achieve certain specific effects.

Such as adding mercury can hydrolyze the whitening effect, because the mercury compounds will destroy the enzyme activity of the epidermal layer, making melanin unable to form.

Lead oxide has a certain hiding effect and can also be used for whitening.

In addition, some are due to the impure ingredients of the production raw materials, leaving undesired metal components in the cosmetics.

If you use cosmetics with added mercury and lead for a long time, it will cause great harm to the human body.

Therefore, they are allowed to exist in cosmetics, but within a certain range.

  For metals, you must know the harm path of mercury: all women in whitening cosmetics want to make themselves whiter, so they will naturally be exposed to mercury in cosmetics, because mercury can reduce the production of melanin in the skin, these advantages make it generally enter the ranks of cosmetics.

Although mercury can be whitened in a short period of time, long-term use can cause contact dermatitis, erythema papule, and may melt into a piece, or even form blisters, which will deepen skin pigmentation.

  Tips: Look at the packaging when you buy.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health.


Special-use cosmetic products, such as sunscreen, must have the word “weissei” on their packaging, and such approvals need to be reviewed every four years.

The number in parentheses following the word “Wei Zhuang” is the year of review, and the purchase time must not exceed 4 years.

In addition, use time should be controlled within 2 to 3 weeks.

  Tip: Blend a suitable amount of skin care products with appropriate soda ash, such as baking soda. After a few to a few minutes, if it appears gray and black, you can initially determine that it contains mercury.

The deeper the discoloration, the more mercury or a certain mercury compound is contained.

  Lead damage path: Whitening cosmetics Lead-containing cosmetics also have a whitening effect. After using such products for about 2 to 3 weeks, the skin will become significantly smoother, whiter, and dark spots and acne will fade quickly.

However, after about half a year to one year of use, skin problems will occur, such as exacerbation of dark spots, acne, acne and red blood cells, thickened jaw hair, skin redness, peeling, and tight skinA series of symptoms, which will be more severe once they reappear, or cause other serious complications, such as allergic dermatitis, skin cancer, and even disfigurement.

In addition, lead is potentially harmful to the whole body and can damage nerves, digestion, urinary, endocrine system and bones.

Lead can also enter the fetus and infant through the placenta and milk, affecting the health of the newborn.

  Tips: In order to whiten, we gradually come into contact with them, but the key is to master the time of use.

When the desired effect has appeared, you should stop using this functional product.

Use basic care products instead.

  Tip: Children’s lead-releasing ability is far worse than adults, and they are affected by lead. Therefore, parents should take their children to check the blood lead index regularly.

  Two damage paths: lipsticks always have a lipstick in a woman’s purse.

A lipstick with a shiny effect is very popular these days, and it looks brighter overall.

But these lipsticks usually contain bismuth metal that helps increase color gloss.Although bismuth-containing carbonates can be used to protect the skin, they may cause allergies to the skin of the lips.

Lipstick has been ingested for a long time and will cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

  Tips: It is best to change a lipstick every 3 months, and discard it as soon as you notice a strange smell or leaking water drops.

Apply lip balm products before applying lipstick to avoid direct contact between lipstick and lips.

Wipe off lipstick before meals.

To prevent it from entering the body with food.

  Tip: When buying lipstick, apply the sample on the back of your hand.

Then rub it on with a gold ring.

Observe the color of the lipstick while rubbing.

A darkening color indicates heavy metals.

The darker the color becomes.

Heavy metal content concentration.

How to maximize the effect of cabbage to protect the stomach?

How to maximize the effect of cabbage to protect the stomach?

Although cabbage is a common homemade dish, its nutritional and medicinal value is very high.

Chinese medicine believes that it is cool and sweet, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and alleviating the pain.

  Among the best vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization, cabbage ranks third, especially in terms of protecting the stomach and intestines.

Modern research has found that vitamin K implanted in cabbage can prevent bleeding, and vitamin U can effectively treat injured mucosa.

Cabbage is rich in digestive enzymes.

Among them, the content of amylase that promotes the digestion of phospholipids is higher than that in radishes, and it can also help protein degradation enzymes.

The fresh juice of cabbage can treat stomach and duodenal ulcers, can relieve pain and promote wound healing, and has been extracted and implanted into medicine for gastric diseases.

  How to make the cabbage stomach full of effect?

The disadvantage of cabbage is that the nutrition is easily destroyed by heat, so it is suitable for careful salad or juice extraction; people with cold stomach or weak stomach function can eat it again and again.

You can also make soup with cabbage.

During the process of cabbage soup, 80% of the active ingredients will be dissolved in the soup. Drinking a nutritious vegetable soup can take a lot of vitamin U.

The taste of cabbage for clear soup is not very good, and it is more suitable for sauce or stew.

Kasuga farewell to dryness_1

Kasuga Skin Care says goodbye to dryness

Dryness is a common word for skin care, and it is also a common term in spring.

Also, wind and sand, catkins and cold spring, how can the skin withstand this toss, without water shortages and wrinkles, how can it be worthy of people?

Walking around the market in a hurry, we found that in the spring, it is a good strategy to fight against dryness and resort to plant-based skin care products.

This is because botanical skin care products can help you understand the breath of spring and make your skin feel the moisture of spring.

They contain a lot of plant extracts, wheat germ oil, corn oil or jojoba oil, plant horny sharks, and even the color and fragrance of the products are very pleasant.

  The plant products currently on the market probably contain the following three categories: Natural flowers and plants: Natural herbs with excellent permeability are characterized by safety and reliability.

Generally, pure herbal formulas do not contain any chemical ingredients, and even the colors and fragrances in the products are derived from plants. They are essentially different from the large pores of animals. The delicate herbs are very small and are applied to the skin.It has a silky satin feel. After use, a slightly acidic protective film will be formed on the surface of the skin to isolate bacteria, sunlight and polluted skin. The pH value of the skin is not balanced.

  At present, the natural maintenance ingredients of herbal plants have been developed and extracted by major maintenance brands, such as ginkgo, ginseng, licorice, rosemary, sage, mulberry root, avocado, saxifraga, etc., because of their heat-clearing and detoxifying properties,Sedative, soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, etc., so it becomes a therapeutic ingredient.

Scientists predict that with traditional formulas, coupled with modern high-tech technology, herbal skin care products will lead the 21st century maintenance trend.

  Polar plants: Comprehensive defense deep repair scientists have discovered that the fresh and verdant green plants that grow out of harsh environments can face hot deserts and cold waters, or mountains that do not melt snow all year round, all kinds of harsh environments, and they are born in extreme places., Itself must have excellent resistance to defense, and the natural ingredients extracted from these plants will certainly help the skin resist environmental damage.

Therefore, the scientists integrated the excellent ingredients of these polar herbs into skin care products and developed them into skin care products that resisted the harsh environment of the royal family. While comprehensively defending, it also easily repaired the skin.

  Aloe in the sand: It has amazing water retention. Even if it is exposed to the sun for a few months and then planted in the ground, the aloe can still grow vigorously. It is a tropical desert plant produced in Africa. This is a very amazingPlants are known for their extraordinary vitality, water retention and incredible beauty.

  In the United States, aloe is called the “Century Tree”; in Europe, 60% of cosmetics contain aloe; in Japan, aloe is considered a “family doctor”.

Therefore, the Japanese government has made the popularization of aloe health knowledge an important measure to reduce national medical expenses.

And these are precisely because aloe contains a lot of natural proteins, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, moisturizing factors and other nutritional ingredients, of which fatty acids and vitamin E are the highest content of aloe.

  The soothing smell of the mind-plant, the relationship between memory and emotion is very close. It can become a chain network that affects our physiological response. When we smell these smells, the brain and the body will react., And even change physiological conditions, because the sense of smell is soothing cells.

  Natural maintenance DIY As early as the old grandmothers, people have known how to use natural plants to protect the skin. For example: Loofah has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects. Washing water has both cleaning and whitening effects. Soybean and mung bean powder can be usedApplying a mask, applying green tea to the eyes can make eyesight, and honey lip care also has a moisturizing effect.

Now, we might as well try it.

  ▲ Wash your face with shallow rice water for unexpected cleansing and whitening effects.

  ▲ Use milk and mung beans to make a thick mung bean paste, and apply it on your face after washing your face. It can replace the deep cleansing mask.

From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it also has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, but it is only suitable for normal or oily skin.

  ▲ Soybean powder has the function of adsorbing oil, suitable for applying to the face, can absorb oil, used in T-shaped parts, and also has the function of purifying pores.

  ▲ Applying green tea leaves to your eyes for 15 minutes has a clear effect.

Safe and effective body yoga moves

Safe and effective body yoga moves

Although yoga is a gentle exercise, it can be difficult for some people who have poor physical strength, lack of exercise or chronic diseases.

Today, I will teach you some yoga moves that are safer and can make you shape, everyone can practice.

  In general, the sitting warriors have insufficient leg strength. When you are in the warrior style, you need to support your whole body with solid legs. At this time, do you think that you will start to feel weak when you think of it? It doesn’t matter .Muscle endurance is not something that can be practiced in a short time.

So how can you easily practice the essence of this action!

Take the chair at hand and practice!

  1. Sit on the side with the right side of the body against the back of the chair, and sit with your right foot across the chair, aiming at 90 degrees to the ground, so that your right foot can step on the ground steadily;Ground, heels lifted.

The upper body should not fall forward, the body should be upright, do not let the abdomen close to the thigh; hands can be placed on the feet or support the back of the chair at will.

  2. Raise your hands up, palms facing each other. After smoothing your breath, push your chest forward and your arms back toward you when you exhale. Slowly lower your arms and practice while changing sides.

  The semi-Lotus stance can help us reduce the muscles from the back of the thigh to the buttocks, effectively modify the fat legs, and help us tilt the waist bone. Friends who usually feel this section are tight, or are too lazy to reduce it at allPeople, may wish to use a pole to assist it!

  1. First, stand in front of the pole, lift your right foot and bend it near the waist. At this time, find a pole that fits the height of the body, and place your right lower leg on the pole horizontally, so you can easily reduce the thigh.Back side.

  2. After holding the lower body firmly, hold up the upper rod with both hands. This action can also help us open the lymph nodes under the arm.

  3, want to challenge their beauty, do not prevent trying the following suggestions; the right calf is still placed on the pole, holding the upper pole with the left hand, the upper body twists from the waist to the right and rear, and the right hand extends to the upper right skyLooking at the palm of the right hand, at this time, not only the back of the thigh will be fractured more completely, but the small flesh at the waist can also be moved to it like twisting a towel. Is it easy to count it!

  Right-angle type Right-angle type can tilt a large muscle group forward, and with the feet straight, you can tilt the muscles of the thigh and the back of the calf, which seems easy but is a comprehensive action.

  1. Facing the bar or the wall, hold the bar with both hands or gently place it on the wall, and push it backwards so that your body is parallel to the floor, and your feet are placed directly below the vertical.

The body does not need to be completely at a right angle, as long as the back and thigh muscles are squeezed.

  2. If you want to strengthen it, try to make the spine completely parallel to the ground. Be careful not to arch back or let the side deliberately lift up because of the need to strengthen your movements. Finally, slowly stretch your original slightly curved feet completely straight.

  3. Slowly walk towards the pole or the wall to return to the preparatory action, such as resting in a mountain standing position.

Grapes have many effects, you know what?

Grapes have many effects, you know what?

In life, many friends have problems like insomnia.

Too many friends have tried to help improve sleep, but found that the more they want to sleep, the more they can’t sleep.

In fact, people can improve their sleep through food therapy.

If people have insomnia, they can try to eat grapes because the melatonin contained in grapes can improve sleep.

  Recent studies have confirmed that grapes have a good effect on improving insomnia.

The reason is that grapes contain melatonin, a substance that helps sleep.

Melatonin is a substance secreted by the pineal gland in the brain, and it has a close relationship with sleep. At night, it is a period of strong melatonin secretion, which indicates that it is about to go to bed. In the morning, melatonin is secreted very little.It’s time to wake up.

Therefore, it can help regulate the sleep cycle and improve abnormal sleep conditions.

Experts also say that because of the antioxidants and alcohol in wine, the content of melatonin may be higher, which helps sleep.

  In fact, grapes taste delicious and have high nutritional value. In addition to helping people improve their sleep, they also have many effects.

People who are weak and malnourished, eat more grapes or raisins, which will help restore health, because grapes contain many nutrients such as protein, amino acids, lecithin, vitamins and minerals, especially high in sugarAnd, mainly glucose, it is easily absorbed by the human body.

  Elderly people have weak stomach qi and insufficient stomach yin; or people with chronic chronic gastritis and bad appetite, chew 6-9 grams of raisins before each meal, which can both appetite and supplement the weakness.

Patients with stomach vomiting can take a small glass of grape juice, add a small amount of ginger juice, drink thoroughly, and have antiemetic effect.

  Patients with hoarseness can take one glass of grape juice and one sugarcane juice and mix it slowly, swallow slowly, several times a day, and also have a certain adjuvant treatment effect.

For patients with hypertension, take a glass of grape juice and celery juice and mix with water. Take 2-3 times a day for 15 days as a course of treatment.

  A 30 g decoction of briar glucose root for folk use is used to treat pregnancy vomiting and edema, and has antiemetic and diuretic effect.

Still others drink 30 grams of decoction of fresh grape root to treat jaundice hepatitis; it can be used as an adjuvant treatment.

  Tips: From the above, we can know that grapes are many delicious fruits, and they are also a health product. The melatonin contained in grapes can help people sleep.

In addition, grapes also have other functions, such as tonifying the stomach and strengthening the stomach, treating hoarseness, pregnancy vomiting and edema.

Children should never ignore parents

Children should never ignore “parents”

First of all.
It is different in interpersonal response.
Different interpersonal traits have created different strengths for people’s needs for interpersonal communication.
Some people need not be very strong in their interactions. They don’t want to be disturbed by others. They leave their homes or are alone.
There is no lonely pain.
On the contrary, some people have a strong need to communicate, so when faced with the empty nest life situation, it is easier to experience loneliness.
It is different in temperament type.
Psychology divides human temperament into four types: bile; multi-blood; mucus; depressive.
A large number of studies have shown that elderly people with depressive and mucous temperament types are prone to loneliness.
Because the old people with mucus are calm and calm, the emotions are slow and weak, the people are easy to be indifferent, and the heart is not easy to expose; and the depressed elderly are more sentimental and timid.
It can be seen that the introverted elderly pay more attention to their inner world, do not like to associate with others, like to be meditation and lonely, especially in the new situation, most of them choose silence.
It is different from self-awareness.
Lonely elderly people often lack self-understanding and tend to underestimate themselves.
They often don’t see their strengths. When they interact with others, they always use their shortcomings to compare with the strengths of others. They think that their family origin, economic income, social status and work unit are not as good as others, and they are more discouraged.It is gradually alienated from people.
銆€銆€How to carry out psychological self-rescue in the face of the lonely self-satisfaction of elderly friends: cognitive therapy.
Older friends must first see that children’s 鈥渁way from the nest鈥?is an inevitable trend of family development.
When children grow up, leaving from their parents, starting a family and nurture their own offspring, it should be a sign of the maturity of their children.
If a child grows up and does not want to leave home, living with his parents for a long time, this is a manifestation of family misfortune.
Therefore, the elderly should be happy for their children’s departure from the nest.
銆€銆€The second method of psychological self-help: behavioral therapy.
When you feel lonely, you can make a plan to assign yourself to different levels of difficulty.
At the beginning, the interaction task can be simpler, and then gradually strengthen the difficulty of the interaction.
In the process of dealing with various people, we must respect the characteristics and habits of others and strive to live in harmony with others.
If you are self-sufficient, you will not be able to turn to others if you encounter difficulties, or you will disregard the difficulties of others. As a result, you will inevitably aggravate your loneliness.
Therefore, on the one hand, we must be good at helping others, win the respect and sincere friendship of others, and on the other hand, be good at helping others, and make their feelings cheerful through the help of others.
銆€銆€The third method of psychological self-help: marriage therapy.
Young couples are always here.
When the child leaves the nest, the elderly couple should promptly turn their emotions to their wife, in order to fill the “vacuum” left by the factor female.
If you are a widowed old man, you can consider remarriage in appropriate circumstances and get your emotions pinned out to get rid of loneliness.
銆€銆€The fourth method of psychological self-help: life therapy.
The best way to get rid of loneliness is to create a good life situation.
There are two layers of meaning here.
It is not the same as the separation of children from each other.
After the children leave their homes to establish a new living space, the elderly should continue to strengthen their ties with their children, try to enhance mutual understanding between the two generations and give them appropriate help.
Or, when the conditions permit, the elderly can also take turns to live in the children’s home, so as not to stand alone.
This is the creation of a living situation.銆€銆€In addition, try to expand your range of interests, from reading, reading, painting, practicing the piano, punching, fencing, planting flowers, raising animals and other activities to have fun.

These are all beneficial to free yourself from the small circle of loneliness.

Even if there is only one person in these activities, once you give it wholeheartedly, the loneliness will disappear.