Health is too big to pay attention to


Health is too big to pay attention to

On New Year’s Eve, a sumptuous New Year’s Eve is the beginning of the New Year’s Eve. Although it is the beginning of the reunion of the family, it also gave many people a big drink and a big drink for the 7th Spring Festival.

It’s true that you have to eat well in Chinese New Year, but how can you eat well and eat healthy?

Here, we combine the opinions of many experts to give you all-round tips.

銆€銆€New Year’s Eve, steamed vegetables for the New Year, each family has prepared chicken, duck and fish.

It is recommended that you change the cooking method and cook more steamed vegetables.

The reason is obvious, this method almost keeps the original shape, the original juice, the original taste, and the oil is also very small, which is very suitable for the “fish life” during the festival.

銆€銆€Take the chicken wings for example. You can use a knife to draw three knives on the chicken wings in advance, using cooking wine, salt, pepper and raw sputum. The fresh salty taste of these spices will penetrate from the gap of the knife edge.

Then spread the mushrooms, chestnuts, or some hoes on the bottom of the vessel, put the simmered chicken wings on top, and steam for twenty minutes on the pot.

銆€銆€In the New Year, you have to drink more water. You will definitely eat more than usual, and most of them are high-sugar and high-sorghum foods. Therefore, you should drink more water, because it can promote metabolism in the human body and accelerate the emptying of garbage in the body.
In addition, the festival is complicated, people come and go, it is more difficult to have the awareness of drinking water, the average person is thirsty to drink a cup.

In fact, in addition to absorbing water from food, people must be able to drink enough 1200 ml of attenuation per day.

Therefore, you can put a cup at your fingertips and drink two at a time.

銆€銆€Fruit is an important assistant for digestion according to physical fitness. It is very good for the body to eat some fruit one hour before meals.

The choice of fruit can also vary from person to person.

Bananas are best to choose plantains, which can be used to moisten the intestines, righteousness, and poorly digested people.

In addition, grapefruit, oranges and other fruits are rich in vitamin P, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients do not hinder eating more.

It is not recommended to eat persimmons and durians during the Chinese New Year. These two kinds of fruits have higher sugar content; grapes and pomegranates may not be very fresh. It is recommended to avoid eating.

銆€銆€When you eat, you can eat a little bit of food, no matter how important it is, the health is the first.

For dinners that you can’t refuse, you should try to eat as little as you can. It is enough to eat a chopstick for each dish, especially chicken, duck, meat and other animal foods to avoid excessive, otherwise the human body is acidic and easy to fatigue.

In addition, be sure to eat slowly, try to eat more vegetables, vegetables and vegetables than in the 3:1 to 4:1, so even if you accidentally eat more, can also be excreted with the replacement fiber in vegetables.

銆€銆€Snacks are prepared for the hawthorn tablets. The hawthorn is sour, sweet, and slightly warm. It is used for appetizing digestion and digestion, stagnation and elimination, activating blood circulation and dispersing stasis, and purifying phlegm and gas. It is especially effective for treating meat stagnation. Therefore, eat more hawthorn slices and fruit rind.They are very good choices, and it is best to keep them at home.

銆€銆€Nuts are also a very popular snack for the New Year.

Almonds help lungs and cough, walnuts can drive cold, chestnuts and impotence, of course, a small spoon a day, and you have to choose salt-free.

Even though melon seeds and peanuts are essential snacks for Chinese New Year, we must also remember that pumpkin seeds are more healthy than sunflower seeds; peanuts are extremely high in impurities, and should not exceed 10 or more per day.

In this summer, sweating in this place should pay attention to how to cure?

In this summer, sweating in this place should pay attention to how to cure?

This place sweating should pay attention to the hands and feet, sweating hands and feet sweating and accompanied by hands and feet heart fever, oropharyngeal dry, etc., mostly yin deficiency and heat, you can use the yin yin food therapy conditioning.

If the abdominal pain is full, the stool is unreasonable, and it is mostly a heat syndrome caused by constipation of the intestines. At this time, you can take Chinese medicine for laxatives.

If accompanied by dry mouth, swollen gums, etc., mostly belong to stomach heat, you can take Chinese medicine for clearing stomach heat, such as Niuhuangqingwei pill, Qingwei Huanglian pill and so on.

Heart nest, sweating in the chest is more common in mental workers.

This type of group is often accompanied by mental fatigue, loss of appetite, poor sleep, and more dreams. It is caused by excessive thinking and loss of heart and spleen.

Through appropriate exercise, such as jogging, Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, etc., relieve stress, regulate the mind, and the symptoms of sweating will gradually ease.

Excessive sweating, if you eat overeating, you will feel sweaty on your face and face. At the same time, you will feel fullness in the upper abdomen, thirst, and more food. You can reduce the amount of food and eat a light diet. You can also eat a little bit of flavor.And Chinese medicines such as pills and other digestion aids.

If the head sweats too much and the limbs are heavy and weak, the stomach swells and shrinks and wants to give up, the body is hot, the tongue is thick and yellow, and the spleen and stomach are hot and humid. At this time, you should pay attention to the light diet, smoothness, spleen and dampness.

In addition, the elderly and women who are weak after childbirth may also have excessive sweating, which is mostly qi deficiency, which can be adjusted according to the principle of qi.

What are the characteristics of childhood obesity -_1


What are the characteristics of childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity, like adult obesity, is caused by excessive accumulation of adults in the body.

Causes of obesity In addition to genetic and environmental factors, age is another factor in childhood obesity.

Children are different from adults because of their growth and development.

銆€銆€Japanese scholars divide obese children into four stages: excessive milk, obesity in childhood, obesity in school age, and excessive puberty.

Most of the childhood obesity is obesity and adolescent obesity. The former is because the human body has the strongest tissue development during the baby period, and it is caused by hormone secretion parasites in adolescence.

銆€銆€Fundamental research suggests that from the 30th week of the population to the first year after birth, it is the most active breeding period of the sputum organization. If this stage of overnutrition leads to an increase in the number of cells and no reduction in life, obesity in the lactation may lead toLifelong obesity.

At the end of childhood, cell growth is still relatively fast, and it is important to maintain normal body weight within 10 years of age. Overweight children can often develop into overweight adults.

According to the survey, when overweight children aged 13-13 are 3 years old, 88% of them, 86% of men continue to be overweight; those who are normal at 10-13 years old, only 42% of women by age 31, 18%The male develops to be overweight.

銆€銆€A detailed study of 54 obese children and 25 obese adults has shown that sputum has increased with the increase in body weight in the first year after birth and persists.

Therefore, fecal cells of 12-month-old overweight infants will be superimposed and will not be reduced by subsequent fasting.

Obese babies tend to gain weight during their lifetime because of the reduced number of tiny cells and their vitality.

Therefore, prevention of high blood pressure should start from the time the baby is born, preferably at the end of pregnancy.

Four acupuncture methods for treating knee arthritis no longer have to worry about arthritis


Four acupuncture methods for treating knee arthritis no longer have to worry about arthritis

Four acupuncture methods for the treatment of knee joint arthritis are common diseases of the knee joint. The main features of osteoarthritis include cartilage degenerative lesions and the formation of osteophytes at the joint edge.

Appropriate participation in physical exercise, strong muscles and bones, but to avoid excessive joint damage caused by joints.

To exercise the right amount of exercise, this can promote better absorption of nutrients by the bones, delay the aging of the bones, and avoid joint damage.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the elderly, it is best not to climb stairs, mountaineering activities, easy to cause joint soft tissue damage.

(1) Acupuncture therapy takes Yanglingquan, Yinlingquan, Heding, knees (the middle of the ligament), Liangqiu, Xuehai, Zusanli.

With a 2-inch needle from the Yangling Spring to the direction of the Yinling Spring, under the knee, the top of the crane with a 1 inch needle to stab people 0.


5 inches, 1 for the remaining points.

5 inch needle straight puncture 1 inch or so.

All use the flat-filled diarrhea method, leaving the needle for 30 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

(2) Moxibustion therapy takes three miles, inner knee, Yangguan, Yanglingquan, Yinlingquan.

Suspended moxibustion with moxa sticks, each time choose 2-3 points, each point of moxibustion treatment for 20-30 minutes, to local skin flushing, the patient feels comfortable temperature.

Once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

(3) Auricular acupuncture therapy to take the knee, the gods, sympathetic.

Use a strong needle stimulation, wait for the ear to become red and hot, leave the needle for 20 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

You can also use the pill method, each time select the bilateral auricular points, insert into the pain, swelling, heat, and prescribe the patient to intervene 4-5 times a day, each time 2-3 minutes, 5-7 days to replace 1 time.
(4) Acupoint injection therapy takes Zusan, Yanglingquan, Liangqiu, Xuehai, Yinlingquan.

Replace 2-3 acupoints each time, use 10 ml syringe to cut off Angelica injection or Xinggufeng injection, use a 5 gauge needle to quickly penetrate into the replacement hole, and slightly insert it. If there is no needle, there will be no blood.Inject the liquid.

1 ml per hole, 1 treatment every other day, 10 times for 1 course of treatment.

Daily care points of the knee joint (1) Rest in time, avoid overwork, reduce weight bearing, pay attention to prevent further wear on the knee joint, avoid repeating the movement of the upper and lower floors, running, climbing, etc., to avoid knee sprains.

(2) Pay attention to the posture of walking and labor, do not twist and walk and work.

Avoid avoiding squats, because the weight of the knee joint is 3 to 6 times its own weight when squatting. When sitting and standing, it is necessary to change posture frequently to prevent the knee joint from fixing a posture and exerting excessive force.

(3) Prepare for physical exercise, gently stretch the knee joint, and let the knee joint fully move before participating in the exercise.

Sleeping in the winter to improve sleep quality


Sleeping in the winter to improve sleep quality

The US “Prevention” publication, in which Dr. Helen Bergs of the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago proposed to take off the socks to sleep, will lower the temperature of the feet, which is not good for promoting sleep.

After undressing, the body temperature will definitely decrease. If you wear socks, you can keep your feet at a higher temperature, which will help you to fall asleep quickly and improve your sleep quality.

銆€銆€There are often such situations in life: the quilt is well covered before going to bed, but it is always frozen in the middle of the night, and it is already cold outside.

Even in the summer, summer quilts or towels are always unable to guarantee the “safety” of the feet. It is a common occurrence to have cold feet and it is a sweltering weather. There are also a few young people who have air-conditioners all night.

Keeping the temperature of your feet is closely related to the quality of your sleep.

銆€銆€The advice of American experts is the same as our Chinese medicine practitioners’ understanding of the health of the feet.

The foot collects the meridians of the whole body, so people often say that “the feet are cold, then the whole body is cold.”

Bathing with hot water before going to bed is a practice that many people are used to promoting sleep.

銆€銆€If you have a pair of socks that can always stand on your feet, even if you step on the quilt during your sleep, it will not be so easy to feel your feet cold.

Of course, after wearing a full day of socks, you should stop working with it and continue to sleep with you, otherwise its taste can also destroy the results of this American expert.

Wearing a pair of soft, comfortable and comfortable socks, may really help us to sleep.

How to regulate acupuncture treatment of trigeminal neuralgia to improve trigeminal neuralgia


How to regulate acupuncture treatment of trigeminal neuralgia to improve trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia has many predisposing factors in daily life, such as talking, washing your face, brushing your teeth or breeze, and even walking can lead to paroxysmal headaches.

So how should patients be conditioned in their daily lives to avoid them?

How is the trigeminal neuralgia conditioning effect?

Here are some recommended methods for acupuncture conditioning.

Acupuncture treatment of trigeminal neuralgia 1, common acupuncture therapy acupuncture treatment in clinical application is convenient, safe and fast, small replacement.

Main points: wind pool, hurricane, Shimonoseki, Hand Sanli, Hegu.

Matching points: The first pain is added to the sun, white, bamboo, and head.

The second and third painful people add the sun, four white, Shimonoseki, listening, the warehouse, the pulp, and the incense.

Perform the re-stimulation method and keep the needle.

2, acupuncture the pericardial nerve around the acupuncture surface, the embryonic lower hole, the posterior superior alveolar hole and the pupil, directly acupuncture the branches around the trigeminal nerve, until the ipsilateral branch of the distribution area pain and numbness reaction, andGet a quick analgesic effect.

The acupuncture method is to stimulate the sputum to strengthen the stimuli, whether it is yin and yang, diarrhea, the anterior needle patients use the lying position, the method should be light, so as not to cause fainting, or generate fear.

3, the use of bee acupuncture therapy: bee needles contained in the bee needle, has a significant effect on the nervous system.

Combined with the principle of acupuncture and moxibustion, it will often receive good results.

Things to pay attention to in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia 1. Eating softer foods can induce trigeminal neuralgia by chewing hard, so patients should eat more fluid or semi-liquid foods, such as egg yolk, noodles, rice porridge and so on.

Try to eat less fried, fleshy, hard fruit and other foods that make you chew hard; do not eat irritating condiments such as ginger powder, pepper, mustard, etc., to prevent pain caused by sneezing.

2, active exercise trigeminal neuralgia patients should participate in physical exercise in daily life, because active exercise, because the physical fitness is a good medicine against all diseases, suitable for trigeminal neuralgia patients have Tai Chi, walking, jogging, etc.A mitigation project.

3, to avoid stimulating the trigger point trigeminal neuralgia patients in daily efforts to prevent all the factors that cause pain, such as washing your face, shaving, brushing, eating, haircuts, etc. should be gentle, do not stimulate the trigger point because of excessive movement.

Try not to go out when the wind is blowing. Keep warm when the weather is cold. Wear a mask when you are out, to avoid direct stimulation of the skin by cold wind.

4, pay attention to work and rest combined with trigeminal neuralgia patients should pay attention to rest, try not to work overtime and night, after work can listen to some soft music, let your mood as soon as possible to calm down, to ensure adequate sleep.

Related recommendations Trigeminal neuralgia is also called “headed wind” how to nurse daily?

What should I pay attention to in the trigeminal neuralgia diet?

Diet three should and three bogey, how do you know about trigeminal neuralgia to prevent trigeminal neuralgia?

In the summer, the body has six fears: the eyes are afraid of the sun, and the cervical spine is afraid of blowing.

In the summer, the body has “six fears”: the eyes are afraid of the sun, and the cervical spine is afraid of blowing.

The high temperatures in summer not only make you sweaty or sleepy, but many physical discomforts are also born.
In life, there are six details in the summer that should be paid attention to.
銆€銆€The eyes are most afraid of the sun.
Under the scorching sun, the eyes are the most vulnerable organs.
Professor Jiang Rongtao, a member of the Heilongjiang Provincial Medical Association Ophthalmology Professional Committee, reminded that the eyes are cold and hot, do not pay attention to sunscreen, it is easy to age ahead, and cause various eye diseases.
濡傛灉瑕佸湪涓婂崍10鐐瑰埌 涓嬪崍4鐐瑰鍑猴紝鏈€濂芥埓涓婂お闃抽暅銆佸附瀛愭垨鎵撻伄闃充紴锛屽お闃抽暅棰滆壊浠ヨ尪鑹层€佹贰缁胯壊闃茬传澶栫嚎鏁堟灉鏈€浣筹紱鍙互澶氬悆鐐瑰吇鐪肩殑椋熺墿锛屾瘮濡傛鍦嗐€佸北鑽€丆arrots, red dates, etc.; summer bacteria breed fast, try to rub your eyes as little as possible; wash your face with water to reduce eye diseases.
銆€銆€The cervical vertebra is most afraid of blowing.
The cervical vertebra blows against the air conditioner, and the surrounding soft tissue will produce lesions, forming chronic inflammation of the muscles and subcutaneous tissues, causing persistent sputum in the neck and sore back pain.
It is recommended that the indoor air conditioner temperature should not be lower than 25 degrees Celsius. Do not directly face the air conditioner on the shoulders and backs. If the temperature cannot be adjusted by yourself, you can put a shawl on your shoulder and take a hot bath at night.
銆€銆€Morning exercises are most afraid of early.
Early in the summer, many people go to the park early morning to practice.
However, the most air pollutants in summer are not fully diffused before 6 o’clock in the morning.
In addition, before sunrise, because there is no photosynthesis, there is not too much fresh oxygen near the green plants. On the contrary, a large amount of carbon dioxide is accumulated, which is not good for health.
Therefore, summer morning training time should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.
銆€銆€The stomach is most afraid of cold.
Summer is a high incidence of intestinal diseases. Professor Liu Tiefu, member of the Chinese Medical Association’s Xiaofei Branch, suggested that you should eat less cool things this season, especially when you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night.
In order to keep the “gastrointestinal” warm in time, when eating cold food, you may wish to add some ginger or mustard to warm the stomach and sterilize.
銆€銆€Drinking water is the most fearful.
Due to the high temperature, the body’s water shortage speed will also accelerate, and many people are used to drinking water.
If you drink too fast, the water will quickly enter the bloodstream, be absorbed in the intestines, make the blood thinner, increase the blood volume, and the heart is not good. Especially those with coronary heart disease will have symptoms such as chest tightness and shortness of breath.May cause myocardial infarction.
Therefore, drinking water in the summer can not drink too fast, a small number of times.
Drink only 100-150 milliliters at a time, the body absorbs better, and can’t be greedy. Warm water above 10 degrees is best for the body.
銆€銆€The home is most afraid of ash.
The summer is hot and humid, making it easier for dust to adhere to the air and into the human skin and body.
Because the naked eye is difficult to find, people often neglect to clean up. They float in the air for a long time and are attached to the surface of the object in large quantities, which become the habitat of dust mites and mold spores in the air.
These dirty things can take the opportunity to enter the respiratory system, which can lead to various diseases such as asthma and rhinitis.
It is recommended to increase the number of cleanings in the summer and clean it once or two or three days.

Decompression learning intermission

Decompression learning “intermission”

鈥淥ne hour in the afternoon鈥?is equivalent to an 鈥渋ntermediate break鈥?in an eight-hour work.
Many white-collar workers in office buildings not only regard it as the time to eat a meal, but to dig out the hidden value.
銆€銆€Take the stairs and relax. I use the computer for a long time, the work pace is fast, and the workload in the morning is big. Many white-collar workers often feel tired at noon.
銆€銆€During the meal time, avoid the crowded elevators, walk the stairs, let the mood relax, and the body is exercised.
銆€銆€Go to the beauty salon and enjoy an hour. For many white-collar MMs who love beauty, go to the nearby beauty for an hour at noon, lie down and massage, and get more energetic work in the afternoon.
Taking a lunch break to meet a colleague to do a nail care, while talking about life and work, is also a relaxing move.
銆€銆€MP3, adjusting mood One hour in the afternoon is the 鈥渂uffer period鈥?of one day’s work.
In the afternoon, some white-collar workers who work efficiently will sort out the information of the morning and classify them. Then, with a pen and a book, find a relatively quiet corner in the restaurant, and make a plan for the afternoon while eating, and sort outSome work clues, adjust the working status.
銆€銆€After dinner, listening to MP3 or looking at magazines in the lounge of the office can also adjust the negative emotions at work.
銆€銆€Telling jokes, optimizing relationships “Midday Dating” is quietly popular among white-collar workers in office buildings.
For friends who are always working nearby, go shopping together, or talk at a nearby coffee shop. In just half an hour, the friendship extends quietly and is not degraded by busy work.
銆€銆€鈥淥ne hour in the afternoon鈥?is also a prime time to optimize relationships with colleagues.
During lunch break, talk to colleagues and subordinates about some humorous stories, talk about home-based, gossip about fashion and star movements, and maybe the relationship between colleagues can be more harmonious.

Create a fattening plan for the dignity of men

The boy named “Skinny” has told his story: height is 170 cm and weight is only 49 kg.

Because of his thinness, he was hit hard on the road to love.

I used to kiss 20 times, but I was rejected because I was too thin.

Now I finally found my beloved girlfriend, but my girlfriend still implicitly raised it, I hope he can be burly and give himself a sense of security.

  “Slim Bamboo” began to record its own fattening plan online, and insisted on publishing its weight, diet and exercise every day. Please supervise.

Up to now, it has been fattening for three days.

  The first morning of the fattening plan: a cup of soy milk, two eggs, and a cage in a small cage.

It took ten laps around the community and took 30 minutes.

  At noon: two bowls of rice, a plate of beef, a plate of green pepper slices, almost broke the belly.

  Afternoon: Walk with your girlfriend in Yintai.

Eat too much, can’t sleep at night.

  The second morning of the fattening plan: a cup of milk and 5 slices of bread.

Walk around the community for half an hour to help digestion.

  At noon: a bowl of tomato scrambled eggs, a bowl of pickled fish, a bowl of rice.

Most of the cake after dinner.

  After work: Drive to the gym to do exercises.

After practicing for nearly an hour, I didn’t want to get up on the floor, and almost fell asleep in the bathroom.

  “Many people feel that it is easy to gain weight and it is difficult to lose weight.

But many thin people eat and grow fat, because they have poor absorption capacity.

Experts have made some comments on the boy’s method of fattening: the boy’s determination to increase weight is worthy of recognition, but gaining weight is not a one-time thing, there is a process.

The combination of diet and exercise has a certain significance for weight gain.

  ”This boy’s exercise and diet can be more scientific.

Lin Lin said, “Three meals deliberately increased the amount of food intake and increased gastric load.”

People who are thin usually have less internal organs, which can easily cause the stomach to sag.

In addition, eating too much, stimulating gastric acid secretion, it is also easy to produce stomach relief or even pain, and even affect the particle size in severe cases.

Running, continuous shopping, etc. are aerobics and are not recommended during weight gain.

Rapid exercise immediately after a meal is not conducive to health, and it is easy to suddenly cause serious diseases such as intestinal obstruction.

The boy’s diet is relatively simple, and the simultaneous supplementation of multiple nutrients is more conducive to absorption and nutritional balance.

The nutritionist put forward two suggestions for fattening: one, three meals, more steaming, stewing, braising, frying, boiling and other cooking methods, preferably suitable foods such as sea fish and other high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids; can be accelerated to eat properlySpeed; a small amount of cakes, fruits, etc. are added between the two meals.

  Second, exercise intensity should be moderate, it is recommended to change the running for push-ups, timely add eggs, beef, squid and so on within 90 minutes after exercise.