Should women wear green hats more

Should women wear green hats more

Men’s cuckolds will inevitably lead to divorce, while women’s cuckolds will inevitably lead to more stable marriages. At least in the entertainment industry, such celebrities have made Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaogang, Wu Zongxian and so on.

  The love story that happened to Ma Yashu and Wu Qilong proved a truth: no hat can be worn in white, even green hat is no exception.

After being put on a green hat in front of the world, Wu Qilong not only filed for divorce and paid nearly 100 million alimony, but was also forced to appreciate the sweet wedding performed by his ex-wife recently in a high profile. It seems that after a man is put on a green hat, it is not a jerk.A tear can be solved by slamming the door.

The times are advancing too fast. The red apricot has been out of the wall since ancient times. In the ancient times, the red apricot was stuffed in a pig cage and then lost in the river. I wonder if Xiaoshuaihu was so barbaric in that era.Approach, what kind of attitude.

  Like a pure angel who loves to wear a cuckold and wear Maya Shu to hold a wedding so prominently, as if not in a second marriage, or even receiving an Oscar for the best award, and not to mention the extra arrangements for the weddingIn her maiden home, Kunming, the billionaire ghost and son-in-law who put in her net worth made tears alive, saying the line “It’s her who saved my life”-Maya Shu moves so much, I don’t believe she’s the only one to be swaggered to her ex-husband.Look, she is almost trying to show the world.

  Tell everyone in a strong and confident way that contemporary women want to be as brave as possible to throw away the etiquette and shame that restrains themselves, and wear it to anyone who loves to wear a green hat like a pure angel.Right love, money and freedom.

  Cheng Qing’s sadness of the green hat, as a man living in an era that gave birth to such outstanding women as Ma Shuya, is a role model for Wu Qilong, and Wu Chengqing is not much worse, although his love story with Yi Nengjing is more gentle.

Yi Nengjing was just taken a picture of holding hands with Huang Weide. Overcoming this day, no one can prove that this red apricot has penetrated his body out of the wall, not to mention that this red apricot suffers from the pulse in the Zhiyun Rice Bureau: “I’m the kind of woman who can be desperate for affection.

Originally, people’s eyes on Yi Qianfu’s eyes were not as compassionate as they are looking forward to Ma Qianfu’s eyes, but they transformed Yi Nengjing into the press conference of his new book, Freedom of Soul, and said to the media: “If thenGenerally speaking, I would n’t marry a cycling man. ”This sentence obliterates the beauty of the classicism that Yi ‘s marriage and love had ever existed. People ‘s hope that“ makes me love once ”is the unscrupulous lookThe earth was compassionate.

  Women’s cuckold causes marriage to be more stable. At least in entertainment, we still live in a world where men are more face-saving than women. Believe it or not: Men’s cuckold will inevitably lead to divorce, and women’s cuckold will cause marriage to be more stable, at least in the entertainment industry.There are Jackie Chan, Feng Xiaogang, Wu Zongxian and so on.

Ni Zhen is the sharpest. He Liu Qian generally turns the green hat on Zhou Huimin’s head into a wedding ring.

So, can husbands wear the green hat that the wife handed over with the gratifying mentality of giving the wife a green hat?

Can such a mother-in-law world make you want to wear it?

Losing three and four is the fault of spring difficulties

Losing three and four is the fault of spring difficulties

A typical case of spring sleep: Bang Bang, a sudden brake, and a stunned body, Xiao Li almost rushed into the arms of others.

Xiao Li, who suddenly woke up, was awkward!

Xiaoli regretted and wondered, feeling a little unbelievable that she could fall asleep while standing on the bus.

I was wondering, but found that I had already passed the station, and hurriedly crowded the bus along the crowd, but found that the mobile phone was stolen.

Xiaoli, conscious of her high vigilance on weekdays, was very excited, hey!

All spring troubles!

  Harm of spring sleepiness: Spring sleepiness makes people lose their sights; Spring sleepiness makes people less productive; Spring sleepiness, working at high risk, and driving and other sleepiness can endanger people’s lives.

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of spring. It has harm to people, but it also has great harm. The harm is really endless. Traditional Chinese medicine sees the difficulty of spring, summed up in the disorder of qi and blood;

  So how do we prevent spring difficulties?

  [Key point one]Spring wants to “show” to show, that is to show his face and shape, and to expose himself to nature.

  When you show up, you have to use your eyes, see with your eyes, see the vitality that appears in nature, grass sprouts, dead wood spring, flowers and birds . In this situation, the mood is refreshed, and all the troubles and depression are fresh and positive.There is living space and time to take away.

This is to nourish the liver and gallbladder.

  Exposed, you have to gradually extremities and relax their bones.

This is to nourish the muscles, to strengthen the qi and blood, to keep the righteousness in the air, to keep the qi free, and not to do evil.

  Lu, you should get up earlier than winter, and you can’t hide in the bed.

  Note: Spring breeze: As the saying goes, spring breeze cracks stones.

Spring belongs to the wind in the five elements. When the cold wind rises or the elderly are weak when the wind is strong, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are best not to go out and show up. They can show up on the balcony of their homes.

  Spring and cold: The climate in spring will change a lot, especially in early spring, March 3 is still freezing enough to roll your eyes, so pay attention to the weather, and keep out of the cold when you go out.

  Dew: Prevention of daily living.

You should lie down and get up early every day to ensure a certain amount of sleep, and pay attention to the air circulation in the room.

  Second, strengthen exercise.

After getting up every day, I insisted on going to the park. The field was for morning exercise. Perseverance was full of energy and refreshing.

  Third, a balanced diet.

Eat more of the high-quality protein foods previously, and protein needs increase every spring due to strong human metabolism.

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can also effectively prevent “spring sleepiness”, because “spring sleepiness” is related to the body’s acidic environment and insufficient vitamin absorption. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can both neutralize the acid products in the body andCan be supplemented with vitamins.

  Lu: Sports prevention physical exercise can greatly speed up the brain’s response to processing information, and can effectively prevent springtime sleepiness.

Alternative gentle and soothing activities such as brisk walking, jogging, radio exercises, Tai Chi, etc.

At the same time, you can go for spring outings in the suburbs, breathe fresh air, improve the function of the cerebral cortex, make people feel comfortable and invigorate.

In addition, moderate stimuli such as external vision and light help to change the internal rhythm of the human body, and quickly bring the central nervous system of the brain into a sober state, so that drowsiness can be eliminated.

  [Key two]Since the lunch break is long, the climate is gradually warming. From the perspective of yin and yang, the human body must gradually adapt to it.

Whether it is the elderly, the children, the mental workers, or the manual workers, when possible, they must take a lunch break, even if they sleep for half an hour, and adjust the blood to ensure that the afternoon is full.

  [Key three]The principle of diet is tonic. Do not use warming supplements blindly, so as not to increase in the spring, increase the internal heat of the body, internal heat consumption yin, qi and blood phase consumption, and sleepiness.

In fact, according to the current family and individual diet structure is basically better than before, both pay attention to nutrition, the following is just based on the characteristics of the spring to point out important points.

  * High protein: Eat more light, high-quality protein foods such as chicken, duck, goose, pigeons and other meat, fish, eggs, dairy and soy products.

  * High Vitamin: It is necessary to eat more green leafy vegetables, especially sprouted vegetables, such as sprouted shallots, leek, non-toxic wild vegetables or sprouts. If you have the conditions, eat more fruits or fresh vegetable juice. Fruit juice is very good for vitamin supplement.

  * Eat more edible fungi: such as black fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, mushrooms, etc.

Black fungus is a mineral of calcium, and calcium plays a leading role in the function of human muscle, heart, and brain cells.

Tremella Plasma Tremella Polysaccharides can improve the phagocytosis of human guardian macrophages.Mushrooms contain lentinan, which is resistant to Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Edible fungi are natural health nutrition products in spring, and women should eat them more.

  * Stew, syrup: The stew is preferably red dates, American ginseng; red dates, carrots, black fungus (common family).

The sweetened water is preferably red bean sugar water; red dates, lilies, lotus seeds (stemmed), spinach (apples, etc.), and honey (should be taken at night).

Replenish qi and blood, good night god.

  Diet prevention 1) Supplement the calories for breakfast.

Get in the habit of replenishing most of your body’s food every morning, killing the extra transformations that feed your body.

  2) People who have greasy concentration will experience fatigue after meals, which is manifested by body temperature, lowering blood sugar, lowering mood and lowering work efficiency, so it is easy to be light and palatable in spring.

  3) Get enough protein.

Proteins are made up of various amino acids, among which the cool acid is the main component of the brain’s alert chemicals, so the protein absorbed from lean meat, chicken, fish and low-fat dairy products can help improve human vitality.

  4) Eat fruits and drink juice often.

Fruit is rich in potassium, which is one of the main minerals that helps maintain cellular moisture.

Raisins, oranges, bananas, and apples are called this mineral.

  [Key 4]What should I do if I have a simple trick?

This is a very real and practical issue.

Spring sleepy, spring sleepy, already sleepy?

(Note: The following methods are only used for emergency and rescue of difficulties. For the time being, the sleepy worms are driven away, and the “urgent” and “poor” are not saved.

Those who are anxious, the standard also; the poor, this is also.

To cure the root cause, we need to do the three things above.

) * Click the “Zhuzhu” acupoint immediately: Location: After studying the above theory of Chinese medicine, “the eyes are gathered together.

“Spring is sleepy, eyes are sleepy, sleepy, immediately click the” Zhuzhu “point.

However, this “Zhuzhu” acupoint is different from the position of the “Zhuzhu” acupoint in the book, even at the inner corner edge of the upper eye socket. Below the quite “Zhuzhu” acupoint is the method of closing the eyes:

Tap with the tip of your thumb or the front of your fingertips.

Clicking here is very painful.

Very applicable, get rid of sleepy worms immediately.

It is especially suitable for students, office staff, white-collar workers, etc. If you are stuck in your eyes while driving, please drive the car to the parking space immediately, click for about half a minute as described above, and then do the following actions, or get out of the car to cheer upDrive with sleepy!

  * Refers to bilateral fractures: eyes closed.

Place the thumb and abdomen of both hands above the tip of the ear, and then half-fist, and use your temple to press the temples slightly to the thumb and abdomen.

Stand out.

  * Use a comb to comb your hair. It is best to comb your scalp.

  * You can stretch a big lazy waist immediately and vigorously at the same time, take a deep breath and try to straighten your lower limbs with force, your spirit can be uplifted.

  * Even if you drink strong tea or coffee, please do it according to everyone’s adaptation.

Not everyone is comfortable with strong tea or coffee.

  * You can chew gum or xylitol to relieve sleepiness.

Netizen recruits honey and vinegar to lose weight 32 pounds

Netizen recruits honey and vinegar to lose weight 32 pounds

Last June, the weight of the baby was 145 pounds, and the previous clothes could not be loaded. I couldn’t buy the right clothes when I went out. It was really anxious to die.

  However, because you can’t lose weight during breastfeeding, you can only wait until your baby is weaned for six months.

  I also tried a lot of methods at first, but there was no effect at all.

I am relieved of losing weight.

Later, I heard that vinegar and honey have a good weight loss effect. I added the mentality of trying.

I didn’t expect a surprise after a week. I said it was 143 pounds. I was so happy. I lost 2 pounds a week, so I vowed to insist. Today I only have 112 pounds. Haha is too happy to lose 33.It’s jin.

I want to continue to cheer!

The increase was reduced to 95 pounds.

  Specific practices: 1.

Drink on an empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast; 2.

Drink at this time and immediately after dinner; honey vinegar is 1:4 and then drink with boiling water.

  Note that when choosing white vinegar, you should choose to process it with rice, sorghum, soybeans, etc. (pay attention to the trademark, generally indicate the acidity), try to avoid containing chemicals.

At the same time, it is recommended not to use fruit vinegar, because fruit vinegar is health vinegar, which is inferior to weight loss.

At the same time, the ratio of honey and white vinegar can be adjusted according to individual needs. If you pay more attention to beauty, you can increase the proportion of honey.

  Honey has many functions (honey fasts to lose weight), and the conversion is very low, which is beneficial to increase liver detoxification ability, but also has stomach and digestive effects. Its conversion is also very low, so it is easy and effective to lose weight with honey.Safety.
  But the taste of vinegar is really bad. I just wanted to give up after I started drinking for a day.

After a few days of drinking, I was not used to this taste.

Oh, but it’s better to be more beautiful.

Sisters, if you try to find out that many methods have not been successful, I suggest that you try not to try this method, I believe that as long as you insist, you will definitely surprise you.

May the sisters reach their ideal weight as soon as possible.

Details you must pay attention to when a baby is born

Details you must pay attention to when a baby is born

When feeding a baby, you should pay attention to (1) nausea and abdominal pain. This phenomenon is usually caused by the baby inhaling the air, eating too much, or the body is too cold and allergic. Therefore, when feeding, you should avoid feedingFully fed, and after feeding, you need to pat the end to relieve the air swallowed in the stomach to avoid nausea and vomiting.

  (2) Milk is too thick. If the concentration of solute is too high, the kidneys need more water to eliminate the metabolites, which may cause dehydration.

Therefore, when brewing milk, you should pay more attention to the ratio of milk powder to water, not too thick.

  (3) Feeding bottles for too long, it is easy to cause cavities, especially the four incisors of the palate.

If there are cavities, it will cause bad eating habits such as dislike solid food and partial eclipse.

  (4) It is not advisable to feed foods that are too high in sugar and salt. Feeding baby confections too early will cause the following problems: susceptible to dental caries and causing it to be too early or eating sweets. If you feed babies salty food too early, it will cause the following problems:Develop bad habits of eating salty foods prone to hypertension

Brows and lips are prone to many diseases

Brows and lips are prone to many diseases

Ms. Amy may not understand that frowns and lips are prone to various diseases.

According to the clinical findings, the author introduces the diseases and medication methods caused by the eyebrows and lips, for the reference of female friends.

  Granulomatous reactions Some people have granulomatous reactions due to allergic constitutions, tattoos, and tattoos behind the lips.

This is because the body’s immune system treats metal oxide pigments as foreign bodies and replaces them.

The clinical symptoms include erythema, nodules, nodules and plaques. In severe cases, deformed reactions and even disfigurement may occur.

  Medication reference can be applied externally with tacrolimus ointment, 1?

3 times; mecamofen ointment applied 3 times a day?
4 times; Ortastatin tablets, 0 each time.


3 mg, 3 times a day; if necessary, oral immunosuppressants, such as prednisone, 5 mg each time, 3 times a day (or once a day in the morning, as a full-day dose, every other day)Second, those with gastric and duodenal ulcers, diabetes, hypertension, etc. should be used with caution).

  Skin allergic reaction frowns, allergic reactions occur after the lips, this is also because the patient is allergic.

The clinical symptoms include pruritus, redness, swelling, heat, pain, and even severe blisters, erosion, leakage and peeling, which not only affects the appearance, but also suffers unbearably, and the patient’s psychological pressure is high.

  Antibiotics can be taken orally, such as chlorpheniramine, 4 mg each time, 3 times a day; diphenhydramine tablets, 25 mg each time, 3 times a day; ketotifen tablets, 1 mg each time,3 times a day.

At the same time, oral vitamin C tablets, 0 each time.

2 grams, 3 times a day; vitamin B6 tablets, 20 mg each time, 3 times a day; calcium gluconate tablets, 2 grams each time, 3 times a day; dexamethasone tablets, 0 times each time.

75 mg once every morning (usually no more than 3 days).

People who have redness, swelling, heat, pain, blisters, erosion and leakage can use a 3% boric acid solution for cold and wet compresses. After the symptoms are relieved, they can be replaced with cortisone ointment or tacrolimus ointment.

  Local pollution and infection. The relevant state regulations for aseptic operation of tattooing are as follows: one person and one needle; use disposable color cups and disposable sterilized gloves; apply 2% iodine for skin disinfection, and 75% after drying.Alcohol deiodination.

However, at present, most beauty salons do not know the aseptic operation, so they cannot meet the requirements of aseptic, so there are often eyebrows and lip infections.

The infection has redness, swelling, heat, pain, and purulent symptoms.

  Refer to oral antibacterial drugs, such as erythromycin tablets, each time 0.


5 g, 3 times a day; or Baiyanjing tablets, 1 g each time, 2 times a day (doubled for the first time), plus the same amount of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) tablets; amoxicillin capsules, 0 each time.

5 grams, 3 times a day; cephalexin capsules, 0 each time.

5 grams 3 times a day (with caution for those allergic to penicillin); fluorophenyl acid capsules, 0 each time.

4 grams, 2 times a day; each time, you can apply iodophor (or 2% iodine wine, after drying, use 75% alcohol to remove iodine).

  Other rare patients with skin cancer are mostly caused by the long-lasting effects of stabbing pigment on the eyebrows, lips and tender parts, plus the patient’s own immune system abnormalities, or both systemic diseases and low resistance.

The clinical symptoms are gradual erosion, hyperplasia or wart-like appearance, new cauliflower-like creatures, etc., which are easy to bleed when they are touched; bacterial infection may have symptoms such as fluid discharge, pus discharge and low fever.

  In principle, you should go to a conditional hospital for treatment immediately. Afterwards, you can take orally and / or topically anti-tumor drugs such as cresol, alacitidine, and ethoxy; under the guidance of a doctor; radiation and laser if necessary, Frozen or surgical treatment.

  In addition, eyebrows and lips can also easily cause skin color changes, mental disorders, emotional stress and other problems.

I hope that female friends will take care of frowns and lips carefully.

Loyal to your partner can live up to 6 years

Loyal to your partner can live up to 6 years

Want to be better, more transitional, and more confident than other men?

Ask your spouse first if you regard you as the “source of vitality”!

A recent report published by Yale University researchers in the Journal of Human Medicine pointed out that among couples over 65 years of age, when the wife made it clear that the husband was his “indispensable half” and his “support for living”””, The husband may be more “majestic” than men of the same age.

To understand the effects of marital status on human physiology and psychology, researchers at the university tracked 305 pairs of elderly partners over 65 years of age.

The marital relationships of the elderly couples who participated in the experiment lasted an average of 43 years, and 85% of them were like first marriage.

  Researchers in the survey found that the discovery of the sufferer’s spouse can increase an individual’s self-confidence and feel more useful, and this feeling can prolong life and reduce bad emotions.

  For men, the effect of a sweet marriage is even more pronounced.

The “expectation of spouse” made them clearly know that they are the only coping for their wives. This is tantamount to a positive stimulus, which helps men to physically and psychologically exercise themselves. The average life expectancy will be 6 years longer than that of men of the same age.

  The study also found that when the marriage relationship is good, men will place their wives as the most important person in their lives. Once the wife dies, this affection will also make the husband show the adverse effect of not wanting to live.

  However, the marriage of young people is full of variables. Although few people are full of aspirations when entering a marriage, often less than three or five years, because of economic conditions, child support, career development and other problems, there is no longer a relationship between husband and each other.

This trend has made many unmarried youths very suspicious of the other half’s loyalty.

This research is particularly prominent. In the modern era that emphasizes material enjoyment, it is difficult for men and women to put a silver-haired view of love on themselves. Therefore, it is also difficult for them to enjoy the health effects of mutual trust.

This is probably a small price for modern people who are too prominent in themselves and do not believe in love.

Four ancient aphrodisiac rejuvenation recipes

Four ancient aphrodisiac rejuvenation recipes

Party 1: Cordyceps sinensis 15g, 1 old male duck.

The Cordyceps sinensis is placed in the cleaned duck belly and then cooked with water. It can be eaten after seasoning.

It has the effects of treating kidney deficiency impotence, nocturnal emission, sore waist and knees, chronic cough deficiency, asthma, and physical weakness after illness.

(Qing Dynasty “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”) Fang 2: 10 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 1 pig loin.

Wash and cut the waist first, then mix into Eucommia, then wrap it with lotus leaves, stir-fry and eat.

Indications: kidney deficiency, low back pain, impotence, nocturnal emission, high blood pressure, fetal disturbances and other diseases.

(Ming Dynasty “Compendium of Materia Medica”) Fang III: 20 grams of wolfberry leaves, 60 grams of mutton, 1 sheep kidney, 100 grams of rice, 2 scallions.

First cut the sheep kidney, wash and chop it, then cook the wolfberry leaves for juice, then use the wolfberry leaf juice to mix the sheep kidney and lamb with rice, lightly boiled porridge, season with salt, and eat it every morning and night.

For kidney deficiency impotence, cold pain in waist and knee, dizziness, tinnitus, dizziness of sight, hearing loss, frequent nocturia and other symptoms.

(Yuan Dynasty is about to eat) Fang 4: 60 grams of fresh chives, previously 60 grams of rice.

Wash the leek and cut it. After the previous rice porridge is boiled, add the leek and salt to cook it into porridge. Eat it on an empty stomach in the morning.

With liver and kidney, warm waist and knees, aphrodisiac, Gujing, stomach warming and other effects.

(The Compendium of Materia Medica of the Ming Dynasty).

Child is repeatedly wary of heart disease and vigilance_1

Children repeatedly cold police police enforcement

The child has repeated colds, and many parents think it is caused by physical weakness.

However, the doctor reminded that the child’s repeated colds are not necessarily physical weakness, but may also be caused by heart disease. Parents must pay attention.

  According to doctors, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, and open ductus are the most common congenital heart diseases in children, all of which cause the child to have heart blood flowing through the defect to the heart and then pumped into the lungs by the right ventricle.

Increased blood in the lungs congests the lungs, leading to a decline in resistance, which is prone to colds and respiratory infections. Long sleeves become pneumonia forward, and they recur, which is not easy to cure.

  Most people think that the symptoms of congenital heart disease are purple fingernails, lips, and cheeks. In fact, the symptoms of congenital disease in some children are not obvious, even seem completely normal, and it is difficult to find them without much attention.

Doctors remind you to be vigilant if your child has frequent colds, irritability, shortness of breath, crying or asthma after activity, purple lips, etc.

  Common manifestations of children and adolescents 1.

Shortness of breath, difficulty feeding or coughing or refusing to feed during feeding are more obvious signs of cardiac insufficiency.


Stunting, not gaining weight, wasting, and sweating. These are symptoms of cardiac insufficiency or insufficient cardiac output. Parents must not mistakenly think that they are malnourished or have rickets.

  3, children are prone to fatigue, may be related to heart disease, as well as children’s outgassing, blue mouth, these symptoms should cause awareness.

  4, repeated respiratory infections, bronchitis, especially pneumonia in children, may be related to improper care or resistance, but there is no lack of congenital heart disease.

Severely ill children may even have hoarseness and silence, which is caused by the enlarged heart or blood vessels compressing the recurrent laryngeal nerve.

  5, some serious symptoms, such as pediatric cyanosis, edema, etc., should think of congenital heart disease and seek medical treatment.

Seven alternative anticancer methods

Seven alternative anticancer methods

Why do humans get cancer?

Numerous medical research and clinical trials have unveiled the veil of disease: the robbing of electrons in human cells is the source of all diseases, and reactive oxygen species (free radical ROS) are a substance lacking electrons (unsaturated electronic substances).If the electrons of the cellular protein molecule are taken away, the protein is connected to the branch chain and alkylated to form a distorted molecule and cause cancer.

The aberrant molecule needs to capture the electrons of neighboring molecules due to its own electrons, which causes the neighboring molecules to deform and cause cancer.

In this way, a large number of aberrant protein molecules are formed in the vicious circle. When these aberrant protein molecules reproduce and replicate, the genes are mutated.

A large number of polymers are formed, and eventually cancer occurs.

Witnessing the ravages of cancer, are humans waiting to die?

No, the following methods can help everyone fight cancer.

  1, singing anti-cancer law singing can fight cancer?

Is it a bit nonsense?

In fact, do n’t think singing is easy. In fact, singing is a deep breathing exercise. The gas exchange will be more alternating and the oxygen intake will increase. This will not only promote the body’s metabolism, but also cause some carcinogens in the body to be excreted from the body.

  2. Smile anti-cancer law often sees that people who are optimistic and laughter are healthier. That’s because people’s emotions can affect physiological changes. A person often has negative emotions or depression, which is more likely to induce cancer.Therefore, a smile every day is also a good way to prevent and fight cancer.

  3. Anti-cancer sleep method The American Cancer Research Association has pointed out that if you sleep less than 7 hours a night, each will replace the anti-cancer effect of physical exercise and will become cancerous.

This is because lack of sleep will directly affect the body’s key hormones and metabolism, and have side effects against cancer.

  4, anti-cancer method is a popular health exercise in recent years, it also has a certain effect against cancer.

Because if you walk backwards, people who ca n’t see the direction will naturally have a sense of tension, so they will take each step very seriously. At this time, the secretion of interferon will increase, and interferon must be anti-cancer.effect.
  5. Qigong anti-cancer law. When it comes to qigong anti-cancer, every year a famous painter has practiced qigong and successfully cured his own cancer.

Therefore, it is said that Qigong exercise method has clinical experience and can not only exercise but also fight cancer.

Its health effects are equivalent to yoga and tai chi, but in tandem.

  6, bath anti-cancer method, whether it is a virus or bacteria, are harmful to high temperature organisms, and it is difficult to survive under high temperature. Soak a hot bath on weekdays at night to relieve fatigue and promote blood circulation.It is far less tolerant than normal cells, so it is easier to kill.

  7, fishing anti-cancer law fishing, is a hobby that the emerging urban people like to release stress. Fishing makes people not only nervous, focused, comfortable, and dynamic and static, which can promote physical health, and the fishing air environment is relatively fresh and clean, and it is good for the respiratoryIt is good care and can integrate the effects that medicine can’t.

Siesta 4 tips to keep you tired in the afternoon

Siesta 4 tips to keep you tired in the afternoon

After a busy morning of work, we often need to take a break at noon time to replenish the energy consumed by the body.

It is ideal to have a sufficient nap time, but the reality is that it is often difficult for us to extend too much time to nap.

Therefore, we need some sleep techniques to help us make the most of our short lunch break.

  Dr. SaraMednick is an expert in sleep research. Recently she shared a series of tips to effectively improve siesta, help us improve the quality of siesta, and let us face the work in the afternoon with a better mental state.

  A 90-minute siesta Dr. Mednick said 90-minute siesta was as effective as an extra night’s sleep.

So, if you have enough time for a lunch break, you should race against the clock every minute to take a nap.

A person’s sleep goes through five stages: drowsiness (the first stage); light sleep (the second stage); deep sleep (the third stage), slow wave sleep (the fourth stage); rapid eye movement sleep (the fifth stage)).

In a 90-minute nap, you can go through all sleep stages.

Ample siesta can increase attention, deepen memory, improve cardiovascular disease, relieve depression, and promote metabolism.

  Those who are more tired after nap should sleep for 10-15 minutes. Too many people often have this confusion: Why am I more tired after nap?

For people who are more tired after nap, Dr. Mednick suggests that you can shorten the nap time appropriately to turn your nap into the short-wave sleep stage because people are relatively hard to wake up in the short-wave sleep stage.

This kind of people can control the siesta time at 10-15 minutes. This length of siesta allows people to experience the second stage of sleep, which is important for memory and health.

  If you are not tired, you should lie down and rest. Sometimes you feel that you can’t sleep at noon, especially when you extend a nap time from the tension.

In the face of this situation, you must not feel upset or continue to work without falling asleep, but you should lie down and rest, because lying down and resting will be very different.

Dr. Mednick said that even if we just lie down and rest for 20 minutes without falling asleep, we will feel like asleep.

Even if you are not easily aware of it, as long as you lie down and rest for a while, your body’s spirit and strength can be better restored.

  Try to get up 6 hours after getting up and then take a nap. After getting up for 6 hours, the human body is in a physiologically driven decline and enters the time when you want to sleep most.

At this time, the core temperature of the body and the speed of cognitive processing will decrease, the body will gradually feel tired, and people will gradually be attacked by drowsiness.

This is the best time to take a nap.

  Finally, Dr. Mednick mentioned that the most important point is that nap needs to be coordinated with this.

She recommends at least three siestas per month and 20 minutes for each siesta, which is very good for people’s health and cognitive function.

  Although you may not be able to take a nap every day, mastering these 4 tricks of nap can help you make the most of your nap time, so that you can be full of work in the afternoon.

Occasionally, a “perfect siesta”, that is, a 90-minute siesta going through various sleep stages, can make your body better recover. Have a chance not to hinder trying!