Brain massage can prevent amnesia

Brain massage can prevent amnesia

Introduction: This set of brain exercises includes seven types. Through massage, rubbing and rubbing the parts, it can promote the activation of the function of brain nerve cells, so as to obtain the function of blood circulation and cerebral circulation in the whole body to achieve the effect of preventing forgetfulness and dementia.

Now let ‘s learn about the following massage and brain exercises. Rub the forehead with the palm and rub the forehead with the palms more than ten times.

  Second, rub your head, rub your hair root with your hands and ten fingers, and then tap the whole head more than ten times, and then use your ten fingers to rub the whole head root more than ten times.

  Third, “comb your hair”, rub the sun, Mobaihui temples are on the outer fingers and two fingers, Baihui points are located in the middle of the top of the head, and each is massaged more than ten times.

Two hands and ten fingers from the front hairline to the back hairline, do the “hair combing” action 12 times; then press the thumbs of the two hands on the two temples, the other four fingers against the top of the head, from top to bottom, from the bottom up to do a linear massage 12 times; finallyWith both thumbs in the temple, use the inserted force to make a rotation press, first turn clockwise and then counterclockwise, 12 times each.

  Fourth, dry the face with two palm roots, starting from the eyebrows and rubbing downwards with a little force to the lower jaw more than ten times.

  Fifth, the standing feet are separated with shoulder width.

  She leaned on her left shoulder 10 times, then turned her left arm 10 times from the front to the back and back to front.

  The left arm is bent, and the left rear is gently moved upwards and backwards forward and backward 100 times.

  Make a fist with your left hand, and bend forwards and backwards 10 times in front of your chest.

  Hold your left wrist with your right hand, and turn your thumb and wrist forward and reverse 10 times each.

  Six, sitting with the left thumb click the left index finger fingertips twice, the middle finger 1 time, the ring finger 3 times, the pinky finger 4 times, and then in turn, click the ring finger 3 times, the middle finger 1 time, the index finger 2 times, and repeat 16 times.

  sit on the chair.

Bend and lift your left foot, hold your left foot with your hands, move as close to one side as possible, then lower it, repeat 10 times.

  With both palms of your hands, tap your left toe and the outside 10 times from top to bottom.

  Rest your left foot on your right leg. Turn the left foot forward and reverse 10 times each.

  Seven, supine supine on the bed, without pillows.

The left arm is rotated 10 times from the front to the back and from the back to the body.
  Lift your left foot 10 times to the left and diagonally above the right.

  Straighten your left foot and repeat it 10 times.

  Hold your left foot fracture with both hands, as close to your chest as possible, and then lift your upper body up into a seated position. Repeat 10 times.

Fruit is still the most beautiful to eat


Fruit is still the most beautiful to eat

Experts remind that fruit is still the most beautiful to eat.

  Melon and fruit spread popular open a variety of beauty sites, you can almost find a lot of posts to teach you homemade fruit masks; type “fruit, mask” on Baidu search, and actually produced 1.670 million search results.

Many beauties like adding homemade masks such as milk, flour, pearl powder, etc. to home fruits, or sticking fruits and vegetables directly on top of them, hoping to achieve whitening, moisturizing, and antioxidant effects.

  Indeed, the melon and fruit surface can have a certain whitening and rejuvenating effect, because fruit acid has the effect of reducing the polymerizing force of the skin’s stratum corneum, reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum, and exfoliating the skin.

In addition to saving time and money, it is generally accepted by women.

  Self-made facial mask transfers are susceptible to bacteria, but in fact, experts say that the effect of this facial mask may not reach the expected value, and some molecules penetrate the nutrients that the skin cannot absorb.

At the same time, the raw materials of homemade masks are susceptible to bacteria in many aspects such as antiseptic and sterilization.

  I do n’t know the characteristics of the fruit. There are too many worries on the face. Too many people do n’t know enough about the characteristics of the fruit. Most citrus fruits have light sensitivity problems. If the face is exposed to sunlight, it will easily darken the skin and cause inflammation, Swelling.
Cucumbers, tomatoes, red grapes, figs, etc. can cause melon dermatitis.

Therefore, people with sensitive constitutions can not arbitrarily use fresh fruit juice. In order to avoid people suffering from allergic diseases such as acute respiratory diseases, skin eczema or bronchial discomfort, it is more prudent to use fresh fruit for facial beauty.

  Vitamin C nutrition can not apply “supplement vitamin C for the skin” is a major reason why too many netizens use fruit as a mask.

Vitamin C has the effects of improving skin elasticity, promoting wound healing, reducing the generation of wrinkles, and improving skin whitening.

  However, in fact, vitamin C is an oxidant and an antioxidant, and itself is affected by factors such as temperature, light, pH, and the amount of dissolved oxygen.

If the fruit of vitamin C is directly made into a mask and directly exposed to the air, it will oxidize faster than the skin can absorb it, which will cause a large amount of vitamin C to be oxidized before it is absorbed by the skin in the future.

The nutrients in the fruit mask cannot be absorbed by the skin at all.

  For example, lemon juice has high vitamin C content, but fruit acid directly contacts the skin without refining and processing, which may irritate the skin and even cause redness, scaling, and itching.

People with oily skin may not respond too much due to thick sebum, but people with allergic skin and dry skin may try it easily, which may cause discomfort.

  The best way to play fruit beauty with fruit nutrition is to eat it fresh. At the same time, it is also a good idea to buy some skin care products with fruit ingredients produced by manufacturers.

For example, aloe vera itself has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects. However, there are many varieties of aloe vera, which are directly used on the skin. The issues of cultivating soil, using pesticides during the planting process, and adsorption pollution will also affect skin health.

Relatively speaking, the aloe vera products extracted from the range of brands have passed certain relevant tests in terms of safety and quality, which guarantees the safety of the skin.

  Please consult the nutrient composition table when consuming fruits, and at the same time, it does not prevent you from querying the nutrient composition table when consuming fruits.

For example, when eating lemon, citrus and other vitamin C supplements, it is best to pay attention to vitamin A and vitamin E supplements at the same time.

Because vitamin A can regulate the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum, and delay aging.

Vitamin E can reduce the oxidation of vitamin A and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and control the oxidation of cells, which can improve the skin quality.

Children practicing yoga are good for the body and all aspects

Children practicing yoga are good for the body and all aspects

Increasing vital capacity: Children’s yoga does not require as much breathing as adult yoga, but it is easy to understand deep breathing techniques. This is good for increasing vital capacity and can help improve rehabilitation and tracheal sensitivity.

  Correcting body shape: Yoga can exercise the flexibility, balance and posture of the body, perfect muscle development, and it is also good for bone growth.

Because each movement must be done in a standard way, children will naturally raise their heads and straighten their chests, and correct bad habits such as humpback and hump that they usually develop when they watch TV on the sofa.

  Help chubby babies lose weight: Yoga moves are not intense, but the amount of exercise is not small. Some mothers send them to practice yoga just to make fat babies lose weight.

This is a great way to lose weight for children who simply suffer from dietary problems and lack of exercise, because yoga requires a relatively light diet (but not a vegetarian, but a higher quality protein source), and the exercise processIt can also help to massage the internal organs, so while the child’s mouth is getting better and sleeping more fragrant, he also loses weight due to good habits.

  Exercise the child’s attention: let him learn to cope with the outside in quiet, exercise endurance and the ability of meditation.

  Rich imagination: In the practice, the coach will use storytelling to guide the children to take action, so each child must first imagine after doing some imagination, exercise when listening to the story, and consider themselves as the story.Characters certainly enrich the imagination.

  Improving Attention: The balance technique in yoga requires high attention. This is the most difficult place for the playful children. They will learn to control their attention little by little in the practice.This is good for future study and life.

  Create a kind little person: Children have been exposed to natural rhythms in yoga since they were very young. This will help them grow into gentle and kind adults in the future, because these children will be more peaceful and psychological.The balance is easy to achieve.

In India, it is best for a child to practice yoga before he is 8 years old, because it is only when he is young that it is a good time to shape his mood.

Psychologists reveal: why post-90s are willing to post nude photos online

Psychologists reveal: why post-90s are willing to post nude photos online

Such a group of women are active on the Internet. They are low-key and ordinary in their lives, but they are happy to post their sexy and naked photos on the Internet for comments. They are happy and do not pursue commercial returns.

Many people are curious and puzzled about their mentality of mapping, so we interviewed the “emotional baby” who posted more than 850,000 posts in the End of the World forum to share and analyze her story and psychology with experts.

    At first impression, “Emotional Gorgeous Baby” was originally an “Emotional Gorgeous Baby” on the Internet of ordinary girls. In real life, it was called green tea. She was an ordinary girl. Friends who met for the first time described her as Wen Jing.The one that has never been noticeable.

But after finishing the tea business every day, she changed into an online vest and came to the “Tianya True Me” forum, which immediately became a “sexy baby” that made many people covet.

    Green tea herself said-Some people say that her photos are very soiled, but in fact, she is more soiled in life, because even the clothes in the photos, she has never worn them in real life, so there is nothing to talk about in lifeSexy.

However, green tea’s online photos all highlight her “turbulent” tibia, and attracted followers. Therefore, green tea is not secret, she said that she is only showing her healthy body, showing the beauty of the female body, and commenting on others.She no longer cares.

   Reporter: “A man can only peep at a woman if he doesn’t have it.” Reporter: Why did you put your exposed photos online?

    Green tea: In fact, the first post was to post photos of visiting Taishan to the End of the World, one of which happened to be in the bathroom, and it turned out that I had the most attention. I thought it was fun and made more people know themselves.

After this time, I felt that I was actually pretty good. Many netizens said that my skirt was more beautiful, so when I started to post pictures, I gradually began to consciously highlight this feature.

    Reporter: Some women posted naked photos of themselves on the Internet with active hype and asking for directions. What about you?

    Green tea: I just show myself, manage my posts every night, and I can also send loneliness.

Of course, I also hope to get more compliments, because girls are beautiful after all.

At the same time, while you are still young and have the capital, leave a little memory of your youth.

    Reporter: But did you satisfy the peeping desire of many men objectively?

    Green tea: I think if there are no men in this world, women will not wear clothes, and those so-called ethics will also go to hell.

Women who men do n’t own can only peep. If all men have women’s breasts, there will be no hobby of peeping.

There are many ways of satisfying men’s peeping desire. More people have girlfriends or wives around, but when walking on the street, they can’t help looking at the sexy girls on the opposite side, which is the nature of men.

I’m a passing girl. Many people look at me. After reading, everyone is still busy.

    ”Zhang Ziyi has been scolded by others, I’m psychologically balanced.” Reporter: After the stickers are posted, there are many people who follow, but the quality of these people is uneven, and some are even vulgar. Does it affect your mentality?

    Green tea: The idea was very simple at first. I did n’t experience such bad words in my life. My mood changed a lot. Then I realized that my body was really not very good. Then I tried to lose weight. Then I took a better photo. Later everyoneSeeing my changes, I support a little more understanding.

I also keep changing my mind, thinking about how much Zhang Ziyi has been scolded, and my psychology is balanced.

After a long time in the horizon, my ability to resist stress is also strong. It is most important to take everything seriously, acknowledge your ordinaryness, and strive to make yourself better.

    Reporter: You are still single now, do you worry that your boyfriend will not like you to post pictures like this in the future?

    Green tea: I will tell him, if he accepts, continue, if not, I will not force.

The attitude of a person is the most important. No matter what is wrong, as long as the courage to bear the truth is the most important, not to mention I have not done anything wrong.

    The star dream of women in the spectator socket Zhang Jiecheng, 29 years old, male, website editor. I think that women have star dreams. Some people have no way to realize their star dreams in real life. I hope to realize it through the Internet.This is why the texture forum is very hot.

But of course it is possible to show, and nakedness is not really necessary, because blindly cater to the tastes of some people, in fact, it is more profane language, and it is actually just pollution to one’s mind.

    The hunting mentality of men Chen Xiaoyu, 22 years old, female, publishing company employee Many men are looking for those “colors” and tastes like flies on the Internet. They use words to encourage women to be naked. This stingy practice gives a lot ofThe girl created the illusion that “I am very popular with men”, letting them immerse themselves in those vain and sweet words and tirelessly stick out their bodies, but in fact, they just became a tool for some men to seduce.

    Ordinary people are not sexy?

    Orange, 25 years old, female, freelancer. You just casually look at the well-known fashion magazines on the newsstand. Do the models in them not be exposed?

Is it enough to pay for the sexiness of the model, but not ordinary people like us?

In fact, the display of any commercial factors on the Internet is the purest, and there is no trading element at all.

  Experts analyze the consolidation of oral desire and desire for attention and roots. Source: Infant Desire, Satisfaction and Satisfaction, Lu Yue, Director of the New Hope Hotline Center of Marriage and Family, National Psychological Counselor. Many girls put themselves very sexy, even some naked photosOn the Internet, this is actually a subconscious courtship behavior. An improper analogy is that the female monkey’s butt becomes red during estrus, and they often show off their butt.

The subtext of these photos is: Look, how beautiful I am, come and love me.

    At the same time, most of these women are consolidating in the term of cravings described in psychology: women are obsessed with seeking the attention of others, as long as it is attention, whether it is good or bad.

Freud once concluded that the main way for babies under one year old to obtain various desires is through the mouth (that is, sucking, eating, drinking, and eating hands, etc.), so this period of babies through one year to satisfy desires through mouthCalled the “oral period”.

    Failure to satisfy their desires will have some life-long effects on the baby, some of which are more feasible and may even get too much necessary attention.

    Therefore, people who have consolidated during the orgasm period are generally more greedy. Their credo in life is attention = love.Or that attention is the way to get love.

The way to get attention is through sexual pleasing, and posting naked photos on the Internet should be considered a sexual pleasing.

    China is currently in a social stage of appetite, which is also an important reason why so many “Internet nudity” will occur.

    Link Analysis Oral Consolidation: The psychoanalytic school divides an individual’s growth experience into several periods, including the oral, anal, and sexual bud periods.

Before the age of one, a person is in the “oral period”. At this time, the child is in a state of complete self-reliance, and basically has no ability to move. The mouth is the center of his life and interest.

If a child enters the “first period of resistance” after one year of age, and the parents depress the child’s autonomous behavior too much, the child will return to the “oral period” because they are afraid to be criticized and they dare not have their own thoughts and intentionThis effect will continue throughout their lives. Psychoanalysis calls this phenomenon “the consolidation of the orbit.”

This kind of people will have some manifestations, although they are already adults, they still have the psychology of children.

    Sources of unreliable mediocrity: Conformity, unwillingness to mediocrity, fear of age Song Yumei, the phenomenon that psychological counseling experts of the Listening (Beijing) Counseling Center posted their photos on the InternetFor some people, this is a kind of herd mentality. In fact, they don’t know what they need in their hearts. They don’t feel what they have gained from this action. They just follow some people around them ignorantly, butTheir imitators are likely to have their own unique purpose-some kind of self-hype.

    For other people, this also shows that many people are not willing to be mediocre in real life. Many people are not the focus of the circle of friends in real life, not the one who holds the moon, so they often choose to go online.A relatively virtual form to get the feeling that can’t be obtained in real life, and the network form can satisfy their self-protection psychology.

    In addition, with the change of social consciousness and the relaxation of thought restraints, more women have realized the beauty of women’s bodies. At the same time, they have paid more attention to the display and sharing of their beauty, and can gain a kind of confidence from it.

    Another part of women is because of a fear of “loss”. They are not ready for the aging of life and the change of age and appearance, so many people hope to grasp the tail of youth and leave some thoughts for themselves.

Nutritional analysis of the health effects of jack beans

Nutritional analysis of the health effects of jack beans

In daily life, we are exposed to many foods that have the same function as medicine and food.

Next, I will introduce a kind of leguminous food, which has a very rich role in dietary medicine, not much to say, let’s take a look at it-Sword beans.

  Sword bean is a cultivated subspecies of the leguminous genus Sword bean, an annual twining herb.

It is also the seed of the legume bean.

Harvest the mature pods in autumn and winter, dry them, and peel off the seeds for future use; or pick the fresh pods in the autumn for fresh use.

  Therapeutic value of concanava beans medicated recipe 1, 30 grams of old concan beans, 3 slices of ginger, moderate brown sugar.

Wash the beans and ginger, add 300 ml of water, cook for about 10 minutes, remove the residue and take the soup, add brown sugar, and mix well.

Take the soup 2-3 times a day.

This soup has the effects of warming and reducing inversion, stopping hiccups and vomiting, and is suitable for complications such as debilitating vomiting and hiccups.

  2, 60 grams of jack bean, fried dried ground powder, 6 grams each time, boiled water to serve, or 15 grams of jack bean, decoction, one dose daily for three consecutive days, Yizhi hiccups, pediatric kidney gas.

  3, conch shell burns the ash, and treats thrush.

Oral 10 grams, cure cold and hiccups.

  4, fresh knife pods, put on steamed rice after dipping sugar, cure long pus.

  5. 150 grams of jack beans, washed and dried ground powder, washed with warm water, 3 times a day, 4 times each time.

5 grams.

This powder has the effect of dispersing cold and relieving pain, and can be used to treat children with kidney qi.

If taken with brown sugar and ginger soup, three times a day can cure asthma.

  6, 50 grams of jack beans, moderate amount of rock sugar.

First wash the beans, add 500 ml of water, cook for about 10 minutes, remove the residue and add rock sugar, 3 times a day.

This syrup has the effect of lowering gas and relieving cough and asthma, and is effective for complications such as pertussis in children and sputum with asthma in the elderly.

  7, 20 beans, 1 pig kidney.

First batch the pork loin into two halves, as in the rule of law, then put the beans in it, and then close the two halves, wrap it with lotus leaves, and cook the pork loins in charcoal ash. Take out the beans and remove the pork loins.Just slice and load.

Add less condiment when eating, the taste is more delicious.

This cream has the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the waist, and is suitable for kidney deficiency, waist and knee weakness, painful activities that are not suitable for patients.

Or use 60 grams of conch shell, one egg, cook with water, drink soup and eat eggs, cure kidney deficiency or pregnancy back pain.

  8, seven bean shells, charcoal storage ground powder, mixed with glutinous rice, one dose a day, divided into two servings, to treat elderly back pain.

  9, Sword bean burnability, grind fine, 3 grams each time, three times a day, served with warm rice wine, cure headaches, intercostal pain, bruises.

  10, shelled old beans, roasted ground grind, 6 grams each time, or old beans with vines roasted ground grind, 10 grams each, mixed with rice wine three to five times to cure sinusitis.

  11, 30 grams of canada bean root, add 3 grams of rice wine or black tea, decoction, cure head pain.

  12, 60 grams of cantonese root, 30 grams of glutinous rice, a cup of black beans, 10 grams of sesame, 10 grams of ginkgo to the heart, stewed cooked food in the pig’s bladder, cure scrotal hernia.

  13, 30 grams of fresh conch shell, 1 egg, wine, decoction, beginning treatment of cervical lymph tuberculosis.

  14, 20 grams of sword beans, 1 pork loin, appropriate amount of refined salt.

Cut open the pork loin, remove the white fascia, and wash; wash the beans.

Then wrap the beans in the loin of the pig, tie it tightly with a thread, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with martial arts, then cook with gentle heat and season with salt.

Can be eaten with meals.

  15, 25 grams of beans, 3 grams of licorice, moderate sugar or honey.

Wash and break the bean, put it into the casserole with the washed licorice, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with martial arts, then boil with gentle heat, add rock sugar or honey and mix thoroughly.

2 times a day, warm.Treatment of cough in children caused by deficiency of lung qi, cough in old age.

  16, 500 grams of beans.

Wash the beans and bake them with gentle heat, grind to fine, once a day, 9 grams each time, and serve with wine.

  17, 15 grams of jack beans, 50 grams of previous rice, 2 slices of ginger.

Wash the beans, mash them (or stir-fry the grounds), and put them in the casserole with the cleaned rice and ginger, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil with wuhu, then use simmer to cook into gruel.

Serve warm daily for breakfast and dinner.

The spleen and stomach are cold, stomachache is reversed, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea; kidney yang deficiency, low back pain, cold deception are sufficient to produce effects.

If it is hiccup, you can increase the dose.

  Usage Jiantang, cooking, or ground powder.

  Nutritional analysis Concanavalia contains uremic enzymes, hemagglutinin, canolaine, etc .; young pods contain Candida gibberella I and II, etc., which have the effect of treating liver coma and anticancer.

Sword beans also have a good effect on human sedation, which can enhance the inhibition process of the cerebral cortex, make the mind clear and full of energy.

Strengthening disease resistance The components contained in the bean have the ability to maintain the normal metabolism of the human body, promote the activity of various enzymes in the human body, thereby enhancing antibody immunity and improving human disease resistance.

  Concanavalin and concanavalin contained in anticancer beans can stimulate lymphocytes to transform into lymphoblasts and have anti-tumor effects. Hemagglutinin acts on denatured cells obtained by treatment with viruses or chemical carcinogens.The toxicity is greater than that of normal cells, which can restore some tumor cells to the growth state of normal cells.

  Benefits Value Health Benefits Sword beans are sweet, flat and non-toxic.

Sword bean has the effects of warming the middle and lowering the qi, relieving vomiting and invigorating the kidney, and can effectively treat complications such as post-illness and debilitating hiccup, rejection, vomiting, abdominal distension and low back pain caused by kidney deficiency.

In addition, Deficiency Cold Hiccups and Stomach Cold Vomiting should be eaten with ginger; People with kidney deficiency and low back pain should eat with pig waist, the effect is significant.

  Relevant people consume the general population, You Ni kidney deficiency back pain, hiccups of qi stagnation, wind temperature back pain, children with kidney qi and other symptoms.

  Production guide 1.

Sword bean tender pods, a small amount of crisp and tender, thick and delicious meat, delicate and elegant, is the best in the dish, can be used as a stir-fry of fresh vegetables, can also be cooked with pork, chicken, especially delicious; can be marinated sauce or pickle foodOf 2.

Eating beans, you need to pay attention to the heat. If it is not enough, then the beans will have a fishy smell and a stiff feeling, which may cause poisoning, so you need to cook the beans.

But it must not be made yellow.

  When eating jack beans, you must pay attention to the heat. If the heat is not enough, it will cause food poisoning if you eat the fish with a fishy smell and harsh feeling, so you must cook it thoroughly, but keep it green and not yellow.

Treatment of ulcerative lymph tuberculosis (rat ulcers) from the beginning: 20 grams of fresh knife pods, 1 egg, moderate amount of rice wine, add water to decoction.

  Through the above sharing, we have learned about bean beans and their use, and the most important thing is that bean beans have an inestimable therapeutic value and a high health effect.In the big environment, do you want to keep healthy?

Eating more mushrooms reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer

Eating more mushrooms reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer

The British “Daily Mail” recently reported that mushrooms can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, and white mushrooms are the most nutritious “super mushrooms”.

  According to Dr. Sara, a British dietitian, mushrooms do not contain fats, sugars and salts, and are an important source of fiber supplements. They also contain vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6, folic acid, potassium, copper, phosphorous and iron.Mushrooms contain selenium and can be said to be one of the most nutritious vegetables.

  As the moisture in the mushrooms exceeds 90%, when you add mushrooms to other dishes and cook them, you can easily feel full, without adding much calories, so as not to increase fat.

The antiviral complex extracted from mushrooms can promote the function of the immune system. At the same time, this substance can also reduce the bad cholesterol content in the blood and reduce the harmful effects of saturation.

  Experts from the United States Federal State University have found that the healthy weight of white mushrooms is only 4 times that of malt and 12 times that of chicken liver.

And white mushrooms contain more free radicals that can transform cells into harmful substances and protect the body from DNA damage and damage.

Reasons and countermeasures of infants’ night cry

Reasons and countermeasures of infants’ “night cry”

[Introduction]Some babies are quiet during the day and everything is as usual, but they cry at night, or cry at regular intervals every night, or even all night long. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it “Pediatric Night Cry.”
Do not think that it is normal for a baby to cry frequently at night. The baby will not cry for no reason. It must be uncomfortable. Because it cannot be expressed in words, it can only be expressed in the form of crying.
Let’s help mothers find the cause of the baby crying and give some effective countermeasures.
The Causes and Countermeasures of “Night Cry” 1.
Calcium-deficient babies are likely to develop rickets if they are not actively treated. Calcium-deficient babies are often irritable at night, and they may also experience symptoms such as sweating, occipital alopecia, square skulls, late closing of the cardia, and beaded ribs.
Countermeasure Calcium Supplement: Add vitamin D and calcium to your baby. Take your baby in the sun, and your baby will cry at night.
If you have severe signs of rickets, rush to a professional pediatrician.
Clothing Factors When the baby is too thick when sleeping, he may become irritable and cry because of the heat; if there are too few quilts, the cold stimulus may also cry.

Irregular bedding, or tight clothing, laces, or toys around your baby can also make your baby cry.
Countermeasures to create a comfortable environment Before going to sleep at night, pay attention to adjust the temperature of the baby’s room at 22 ~ 24 ℃, and control the humidity at about 60% ~ 65%.
Before your baby goes to bed, check if there is something on the bed that may be holding or tying the baby. At the same time, it is recommended to wear an umbilical pocket to prevent the abdomen from getting cold.
Don’t wrap your baby too tightly, your baby will stop crying when she feels comfortable.
Sick modern medicine believes that the pediatric nervous system is incompletely developed, which may cause neurological disorders due to some diseases and cause pediatric night cry.
In addition, parasitic diseases such as ascariasis, ascariasis crawls to the anal mouth to lay eggs at night, causing itchy skin, and the baby will be restless and cry.
Some chronic diseases such as anemia and tuberculosis can also make your baby cry while sleeping because of uncomfortable feelings.
During the cold, your baby will not breathe because of fever and discomfort due to fever, and she will cry.
Countermeasures to treat the primary disease Find the primary disease of the baby crying, and actively prevent and control, the baby can sleep peacefully.
Scared, need to caress, take the baby to a noisy public place during the day, it is easy to frighten the baby, and the baby will suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, crying, anxious expression, this is mostly due to excessive excitement or stimulation during the day.
When some babies need comfort during their growth, skin touch can calm the baby, but some parents are busy during the day and have less time to take care of their children. At night, the baby will cry to attract parents’ attention and let the parents hug themselves for comfort.
Measures to accompany the baby usually take the baby to the noisy place, avoid the baby directly contact the object or person that made him afraid, and comfort him when he wakes up, tell the baby that there is nothing to be afraid of, and let the baby sleep peacefully.
Parents should try their best to spend more time with the baby, the baby’s “skin hunger” is satisfied, and they will not cry at night.
Hunger If your baby cries regularly every night, it may be related to your baby’s hunger.
Some mothers breastfeed regularly and mechanically, so that breastfeeding babies do not have enough milk, or artificially fed babies do not add supplementary food in time, and the baby will cry more than half when hungry at night.
Measures to eat before going to bed Mothers do not have to follow the tutorial to fix the feeding interval. When the baby is hungry, give it to the baby. If the baby falls asleep halfway through the feeding, you can bounce the baby’s little feet to keep the baby full and then sleep.
Breast-fed babies should increase the amount of milk fed, and the milk powder should not be overdiluted.
You should develop the habit of eating less milk at night. Babies who are fed 3 months ago should be fed at night. Babies after 3 months can try not to feed at night.
In addition, remind mothers that older babies should not coax chocolate and cocoa sugar and drinks when they cried at night. These foods contain exciting ingredients, making it harder for the baby to sleep well.
Urinary diarrhea drink too much water before going to bed, or the milk powder is too thin, and the baby is awakened by urine urination at night, and cannot be expressed in words but by crying.
In addition, wet diapers can stimulate the baby to fall asleep.
Countermeasures to train your baby’s urination pattern Moms should gradually train their baby’s urination pattern so that the baby can gradually control the urination.
Do not give your baby too much water 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.
If the baby is crying because of urgency, as long as the mothers pee for the baby, the baby can continue to fall asleep.
It is recommended that mothers prepare a light lamp that is not too bright, and turn it on when the baby is urinating or changing urine, so that the baby will not lose sleep because of the strong light.7.

Day and night upside down, some babies sleep too much during the day, can’t get up in the morning, and reach 2 in the afternoon?
I took a nap at 3 o’clock, or had a nap too early, or fell asleep early at night, woke up in the middle of the night, was full of energy, and cried without anyone accompanying me.
Some moms and dads have to go to work during the day, and the baby sleeps most of the time. When parents rest at night, he starts playing activities, which causes the night and night to cry.

Adopting a reasonable routine and daily life routine should give your baby a regular daily life schedule. Wake up your baby early in the morning, adjust the nap time appropriately, make time for the baby to play more during the day, full activities will make the baby tired, as long asAn An slept until dawn.

After going back and forth, your baby’s life is regular and he will be excited during the day and sleep at night.

If the extension adjustment has little effect, you can ask a child health doctor for professional guidance.

Never give your baby sedatives to help your baby fall asleep.


Cold or hot breast milk induces mothers to eat too much cold, cold food, breast milk is cold, baby cold easily invades the abdomen after eating, showing poor appetite, pale and white, cold limbs, low crying, etc .; mother likes to eatSpicy, fatty, non-digestible food may cause milk to be hot, and the baby will develop internal heat after eating, which is prone to dryness and crying, and dry stools.

Pay attention to the diet of nursing mothers to be light. Breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to a light diet and balanced nutrition, but eat cold, hot food, eat less spicy, fatty, non-digestible food.

Remind pregnant moms to have a light diet during pregnancy to prevent the baby from crying at night.

The baby sleeps and sleeps. Watch carefully for the baby ‘s behavior. Many diseases, such as the baby ‘s stomach and tapeworms during the cold and various acute infectious diseases, will cry during sleep because of discomfort;Your baby’s normal life and routine, go to bed on time, do not shift frequently; ◆ When sunbathing on a sunny day, take a walk with your baby before 9 am and around 5 pm. Sun exposure can increase the source of vitamin D and promote nervous stability; ◆ Eat less gas-producing foods such as apples, melons, chocolates and other sweets, don’t make milk too thick.

Give your baby a moderate amount of warm water or tea, and gently massage the abdomen. Generally, it can relieve the flatulence.

As long as there is snoring, farting, defecation, etc., the gas is discharged and the inflation is stopped, which can improve the baby’s discomfort.

Talent competition, carefully lose in hidden rules

Talent competition, carefully lose in “hidden rules”

Soon after the Spring Festival, the army joined the job-hopping team and left the original IT company.
Theoretically, Dajun is engaged in software development, with an excellent working environment and good remuneration. His work is also consistent with his major.
Given the oversupply of the talent market, we shouldn’t jump ship.
But he insisted on “waving his hand and not taking away a cloud.”
In fact, the army was just tired of the unspoken rules prevailing in the unit and left angrily.
At the beginning, when this company introduced the army, it hinted that the army: if you want to stay in the unit for a long time, you must give up family visits.
The reason for abandoning family visits is that the IT industry is highly competitive and long breaks are not conducive to work.
At the same time, companies have already given employees annual leave, so they can no longer enjoy family leave.
  Although the army at home has reservations about this, he believes that as long as he makes his own achievements, companies will definitely open up.
But three years later, the army has become the backbone of the company’s technology and has created a lot of benefits for the company, but he still can’t get past the hurdle of “abandoning family visits”.
The army feels that this hidden rule of the company not only violates the relevant state regulations, but also carries obvious regional discrimination.
Fighting for such a company is an insult to your own personality.
So he took a decisive action — jumped to another unit.
  As market competition intensifies, more and more companies pay more attention to efficiency, and the improvement of efficiency depends on the optimization of talents, and the optimization of talents depends on the scientific management of the enterprise, and scientific management depends on the internalRegulations.
In order to protect the interests of enterprises and improve market competitiveness, some enterprises quietly use imperfect and incomplete rules behind the rules and regulations of the “wall-board” to formulate latent rules unilaterally, thereby harming the interests of employees.
At the same time that the interests of employees have been damaged, due to the loss of talent, the initiation of labor disputes, and the opposition of labor and management sentiment, it has also objectively caused low efficiency.
  Hidden rules have become a stumbling block to corporate efficiency.
  ”Separation of husband and wife” caused labor disputes. Wang Gang worked as an electrical engineer in a high-tech unit.
Soon, I met a girl he loved, fell in love for a few years, and came to talk about marriage.
However, just when they were preparing to take a wedding photo and obtain a marriage certificate, they found that a stumbling block was in front of them in real life.
The company has a hidden rule: spouses of employees must not work in the company at the same time. If this happens, one of them must terminate the labor relationship.
Should I choose “couple break up” or “one party leave”?
  After considering left and right, Wang Gang chose the latter.
However, he filed a complaint and appealed the company to the labor dispute arbitration commission.
Wang Gang believes that China’s Marriage Law clearly shows that every citizen with independent capacity has the freedom to marry.
Spouses working in a unit will not have any adverse impact on the development of the enterprise. Such format clauses in the Labor Contract obviously violate national regulations and should be invalid.
  After appealing, Wang Gang obtained the support of the arbitration commission, which was a relief.
However, his relationship with his fiancee and the unit deteriorated, and he finally chose to leave the company in the gloom.
It may seem that Wang Gang won the lawsuit and lost the job, but in fact, this is a typical double-lost ending. The Wang Gangs lost their handy work, and the company lost its talent and support.
  Relevant experts believe that reasonable rules and regulations will help improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Reasonable rules and regulations should meet three criteria.
That is legal, sound and humane.
Legitimacy is the prerequisite for the existence of rules and regulations, and soundness is the specificization of specific laws and regulations to meet the actual needs of enterprise production and operation.
In today’s fierce market competition, humanized management is particularly important.
Therefore, humanized management should also become the inherent attribute of enterprise regulations.
The hidden rules prevailing in some units now seem to be a supplement to the rules and regulations.
As a result, the labor disputes that have arisen have led to losses for both the company and its employees.  ”People by appearance” is contrary to wish. Miss Wang is still plain, but she is a sales expert and has many years of experience in the department store industry.

Not long ago, Miss Wang was unemployed due to layoffs in the enterprise.

After careful preparation, she came to a cosmetics company to apply for sales.

After the interview, she was defeated.

Unwilling Ms. Wang asked the examiner: Why does an experienced person like her not use it, instead hiring some inexperienced girls.

The examiner inadvertently found that, due to the special nature of the cosmetics industry, the personnel to be recruited must be good-looking women. Ms. Wang was in all aspects of good conditions, but lost on the face given by her parents.

  Facts show that in some industries, the phenomenon of “obtaining people by appearance” and “sex discrimination” does exist in a hidden way.

For some jobs, both men and women are clearly qualified, but the company is afraid that female employees will have “too many things” such as reproduction in the future, which will affect the efficiency of the enterprise and only recruit men.

In some industries, such as shirt sales counters, men and women can be employed in the military, but some companies only recruit women.

  Relevant experts believe that the phenomenon of “sex discrimination” in the hidden rules of enterprises has led to the loss of outstanding talents, especially women.

So, does “sex discrimination” bring good efficiency and benefits to enterprises?

The answer is not necessarily true.

A private gas station in a certain place stipulated that only beautiful young gas workers would be recruited.

Business owners believe that to get more drivers to cheer, you must increase eyeball attention.

During the launch, the gas station was indeed overcrowded and the business was surprisingly good.

But over time, many drivers are reluctant to leave after refueling, or jokingly talk with female fuelers, or sitting in a small mall to brag, leading to quarrels and fighters, causing too many drivers to prefer to bypassRefuel at this gas station.

Eventually, under various pressures, the petrol station had to relinquish to others.

  Experts believe that unless special industries, certain modeling industries, etc., general enterprises should pay more attention to the capabilities of employees, rather than gender or appearance.

The reason why the “sex discrimination” in the hidden rules appears to be that companies pay attention to improving efficiency is actually the lack of high-quality corporate cultural connotations when companies formulate game rules, and companies that want to rely on “outside moves” to win are difficultLin’s market competition is based.

  ”Indigenous people” violates the legal bottom line. Kelly works in a foreign company. After getting married, the business executive is extremely enthusiastic about her new life.

Because the company’s unspoken rules stipulate that once female employees have ample growth, the company will be terminated from labor relations.

Under “high pressure”, Kelly felt annoyed and took the initiative to release the labor relationship.

In fact, the phenomenon of “breeding and leaving” like Kelly is by no means a single case.

It is just that some companies’ hidden rules stipulate that once they are regenerated, positions will not be retained; others imply that once pregnant, they will “take care” to logistical work.

Nowadays, a large number of women are worried about breeding “unemployment”, leading to a period of growth that is already a common phenomenon.

  Experts believe that unspoken rules like “indigenous people” must have violated the legal bottom line and are acceptable.

Therefore, some companies formulate such latent rules. It seems that in order to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, it is actually a lack of humanistic spirit.

Because it is impossible for a company that only reflects its own will and ignores the interests of employees to retain talents.

The lack of talents ultimately leads to low efficiency of the enterprise.

Moisturizing tips for female air-conditioned rooms


Moisturizing tips for female air-conditioned rooms

The summer is hot, the heat is unbearable, and the scorching sun is daunting, hiding in air-conditioned rooms and not willing to go out.

But do the beauty OLs know?

The air conditioner made us feel comfortable and took away the water from our body. We managed to avoid the hot attack but got into a dry trap. What should we do?

Do n’t worry, here are some tips to teach everyone how to lock the moisture while enjoying the coolness in the air-conditioned room, so that the skin is always hydrated.

  The first trick: morning and evening skin care should be done in the air-conditioned room, the skin is easy to dry, this depends on whether you are lazy in daily skin care.

Daily morning and evening, moisturizing milk, cream or gel, absolutely based on personal skin moisturizers.

Don’t stop doing it in time to save time or to save trouble. For our “face” project, it can’t be sloppy.

  The second trick: eye moisturizer should pay attention to the facial care is done, have some details been overlooked?


Our young eyes have good lip skin and neck.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, but the skin of the eyes is as fragile as glass, and it is dry in summer. Especially in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the eyes will have fine lines due to lack of water.Make good eye moisturizing care!

  The third trick: bring a moisturizing spray with you for a long time in an air-conditioned room, why not have a moisturizing spray?

Moisturizing sprays should be kept in the office and / or home. It is best to use it every two or three hours to replenish the moisture lost to the skin at any time.

In addition, cleansing cloths and wet tissues can also come in handy at this time. Use wet tissues to gently wipe the skin of the hands and face to keep the skin fresh and clean at all times.

  The fourth trick: do n’t care about facial oil control. In summer, OLs who have been in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, if they do not control the oil, they will easily become shiny, their skin will lose color, acne, acne, and large poresIt is easy to follow, so in addition to moisturizing, oil control can not be ignored.

Teach you to make acne marks while making a mask


Teach you to make acne marks while making a mask

Many people do not know about acne when they are young, so that they leave acne marks in the process of removing acne.

Acne marks have become a regret on many people’s beautiful faces, but it doesn’t matter. Today, Xiaobian will bring you some masks that can remove acne marks. I believe that these acne mark masks can restore everyone’s face to its former beauty.

  Acne print mask removes acne without knowing acne, and often leaves acne marks after acne.

Because this is your improper acne treatment, these bladder marks are left in your bladder, so many people will cause it and regret it.

But if you know the acne mark mask, I believe you will find a way to remove the acne marks on your face.

Why do you say that?

Let ‘s take a look at why this is!

  1. The whitening and hydrating mask is used to bind the face with the remaining milk foam mask paper, which can dilute the soybean marks and also can be used to repair after sun exposure.

It’s fine for 15 minutes, but it’s better to skim the milk, so as not to grow aunty tablets, the brand is not limited.

  2. Honey double kernel mask, winter melon kernel contains dilute oleic acid, citrulline and other ingredients, which has the effect of light printing.

Peach kernels are rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. In addition to helping skin to resist oxidation, it can also reduce UV damage.

The moisturizing effect of honey makes the effect of the mask better.

  Method: Dry the melon seeds and peach kernels into fine powder after drying, add an appropriate amount of honey and mix to form a thick paste.

Put it on the bed every night before going to bed and wash it the next morning.

After three weeks, the seal will fade gradually.

Pay attention to sun protection during treatment.

  3. Red wine honey mask The wine acid in red wine is fruit acid, which can promote keratin metabolism, lighten the pigment, and make the skin whiter and smoother.

Honey has moisturizing and nourishing functions.

People who are allergic to alcohol should pay attention.

  Method: Add a small glass of red wine with 2 to 3 spoons of honey to a thick state, and then apply it evenly to the shells.

  Do you have confidence in how to remove the acne marks on your skin?

If you feel that there are too few acne masks on it, and you don’t know how to choose, then read on.

Xiaobian will introduce some homemade acne masks for everyone, you can try it at home according to this method.

  Homemade acne-repellent mask 1. First material: Kumquat root powder 10g, used for honey.

  Make and use: Take a clean container.

Add soil root powder, add honey, and stir well to make a paste.

After cleansing, apply it on the face for about 30 minutes and then wash it.

  Cosmetic effect: The root of the sweet potato has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and dissolving, and can completely remove skin toxins. It is effective for skin problems such as facial black spots, acne and acne scars.

  Second, banana olive oil mask material: a banana, half a spoon of olive oil.

  Self-made and use method: Peel and mash bananas into mud, put into a clean container, add half a spoon of olive oil, stir well, apply on top and keep for 10 minutes, then wash with water.

  Cosmetic effect: Olive oil has the effect of moisturizing the skin. Banana can make the skin firmer and restore skin elasticity. The self-assembled mask of the two also has a good effect on preventing acne.

  Third, red bean puree detoxifying mask material: 100 grams of red beans, Qingshuili.

  Self-made and use method: Wash and boil the red beans, add to a blender and stir into a mud.

After cleansing, evenly apply the red bean paste to the face, leave it on for 15 minutes, and then wash with water.

  Cosmetic effect: It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, can make the skin quickly expel oil, effectively control acne, make the skin healthier, smoother and clearer.

  Fourth, glutinous rice firming mask material: 50 grams of glutinous rice, 1 potato, 1 spoon of honey, 100 ml of cold water.

  Homemade and use method: Peel and wash potatoes, add glutinous rice to the steamer for 30 minutes until crispy; cut the potatoes into small pieces and put them in a blender, pour glutinous rice, honey, cold water, stir well; cleanseAfter that, evenly apply on the face, leave it on for 15 minutes, and then wash it with warm water.

  Cosmetic effect: It has smooth scars and makes skin firmer and more delicate.Honey can promote skin metabolism and enhance skin elasticity, which is a good product for detoxification and beauty.

The above methods have the effect of moisturizing the skin, can make the skin firmer, restore skin elasticity, and the self-made mask is also very effective in preventing acne.

  I believe that many people have realized that in addition to acne, it will affect their image and affect their love.

At the same time, some serious acne marks left after removing acne are even more unbearable.

But now everyone should have their own way of removing acne.

Then feel like trying it, I believe you can get the effect you want.

  Acne is very important for most people, especially for those who love beauty.

Because of your incorrect freckle removal method, maybe you will leave acne marks, and acne marks will greatly reduce your beauty.

If you have acne marks on your face, you can try it as described in this chapter of this film.